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Wednesday 13th March 2013

Vivienne, Casz and Alana

Vivienne, shown here on the left with her friend Casz, used to be one of our most regular members when we met in the old Hollywood bar. She has not been able to get here very much since then, but I am glad to say her friend Casz seems to have encouraged her to come out earlier, so she can get here. It is good to see you here again Vivienne.
Alana shown in the picture as well, has also not been at all since then, so I am delighted to welcome her back and she has now joined Manchester Concord as a new member


This evening we also had some visitors from Manchester University who had asked if they could come along and interview several of our members about any experience they have of "Hate Crime". They had approached us through Lisa, our police liason officer so we were very happy to let them join us here.
They spent over two hours talking to many of our members and seemed to be very happy with the responses they got.
They were four very polite and charming students who we enjoyed having with us.

Pauline, Phoebe and Lynn


We were also joined this evening,for the first time, by Nicky, shown here on the left. She has finally decided that it is time she got out and met other people like herself. So, having been reading our website for several months she just turned up here at the club without emailing us first, found the changing room upstairs, introduced herself to the people there and got changed. Just a little bit of confidence is all it takes and she did herself proud. She has now joined as well so welcome Nicky we look forward to seeing a lot more of you in the future.

Paula, just before going off on
a jaunt in the village.







Pauline and Danielle

This coming wednesday, the 20th we were going to have a racing evening organised by Karen but unfortunately she has a business committment the following day which means she will be unable to do it, so it will be a normal evening.
The following week eight of our members are going to "The Rocky Horror Show" but will call in before and after the event to hopefully add a bit of colour to the evening.
The week after we will hold our Annual General Meeting to report on the past year and elect our committee for this year. We will also lay on a small buffet to try to encourage some more of you to come along plus Linda and Victoria will be here selling their wigs and jewellery.
The AGM is the chance to air any ideas you may have for future meeting, that might encourage more people to come along, so please give it some thought and let us know on the night.

Wednesday 6th March 2013


Well, here I am again after a three week break in sunnier climes. I expected to be rejuvenated and I was, but I very quickly succumbed to a cold and have been feeling wretched for the last week which is why this blog is so late appearing. I would like to thank Genevieve for standing in for me and producing her excellent blogs over the last three weeks. They can still be seen at the links shown below.
This week we had the pleasure of a musical performance from Vida which was very enjoyable and certainly made for a different kind of evening. I am glad I returned in time for it.


During my holiday the camera I have been using at the club got damp and no longer works, so I reverted to my old one this week. I thought I had found what was wrong with it but it appears not, as most of these pictures do appear to be slightly out of focus. I am sorry about this and will use a different camera in future.
Millie was away on holiday this week and I am sorry to say that Tina has torn a ligament in her leg and is in a plaster cast, so she will not be able to drive for about three weeks. We wish you well Tina and hope to see you back with us some time in April.

Sam, Vanessa and Frances

Meanwhile Frances, shown here on the left, stepped in to look after the door for most of the evening after it was started off by Genevieve.

This week was the final week for nominations for this years committee and Frances tells me that we do now have enough names to fill the required places.

Genevieve, Yvonne and Lynn


Anita and Mia





Cindy and Mary




Finally, I would like to thank Genevieve again for standing in for me so well. This included answering email queries from new people and encouraging them to come along for the first time. Thanks Genevieve, I hope you enjoyed it as well. Mary
Wednesday 27th February 2013
The blog this week was written by Genevieve and can be seen at this LINK
Wednesday 20th February 2013
The blog this week was written by Genevieve and can be seen at this LINK
Wednesday 13th February 2013
The blog this week was written by Genevieve and can be seen at this LINK
Wednesday 6th February 2013

Pauline and Sylvia

It is always good to start with a bright note so here is Pauline on the left with her wonderfully colourful hair along with Sylvia. Pauline is already on our committee and Sylvia has just offered her services to be a new member this year. So thanks Sylvia. I wonder if there are any others out there who would be willing. Nominations have to be in by the 6th of March so there is still time to put your name down.
On the right we have Rosie and Jennifer who always come together to the club. It is great when partners are so fully supportive of each other as Rosie is to Jennifer. Rosie enjoys the socialising that you get here just as much as Jennifer and we enjoy having her with us.

Rosie and Jennifer

A newcomer who joined us this evening was Jena. She had emailed me a few times beforehand to get her bearings and confidence before deciding to come along. She turned up soon after 5 pm to join me in the changing room to get ready, before coming down to the restaurant for a meal. This was her very first time out anywhere so she was a bit nervous, but she very soon relaxed and started to enjoy herself. After the meal we went upstairs to the club where I introduced her to the people who were there. It is always quiet at the start of the evening so it is easier to be able to sit and talk and get to know people without feeling overcrowded. I have not included a picture as she did not want me to at present, but she obviously enjoyed her evening as I received the following letter the next day.

hi Mary.

thank you for a wonderful evening i was really nervous about it almost having second thoughts in the car on the way over but i am so glad i saw it through, if you talk to any of the girls that i was mainly speaking to could you please pass on my thanks to them for making me feels so comfortable.
i will deffo be coming down again soon (well after pay day) it was rather refreshing to know that i am not alone in what i do.
once again thanks so much for everything


I wrote to thank her and asked her permission to reproduce the letter on this blog and here is her reply.

That is absolutely fine please do feel free to include it in your blog. And yes if you would use Jena that will be fantastic.
You all really gave me confidence within myself and that there was nothing wrong with me, to the point that I kept fully dressed on leaving although covered with trousers and coat and de wigged but when I got to the car I removed those and put the wig back on in the street driving home fully as Jena and walking to the house.
I will deffo be coming again and hopefully on a more regular basis

Many thanks once again


I hope this will encourage others who are thinking about it to make the decision to come out of their shell and meet others like themselves.

Genevieve and Milli


Paula and Lisa


Milli and Mary

Genevieve and Yvonne

Louise and Genevieve

Gill Springay, The Makeover Girl, was due to be here this evening but was unwell so we would like to wish her well and hope to see her here again very soon.
Louise shown in the picture on the left with Genevieve is a rare visitor to the club as she can only get here very occasionally from down south, but she has been coming for some years now and it is always good to see her again.

I am going to be away for the next three weeks so in the meantime Genevieve will be the hostess doing her best to make everyone feel welcome and writing this blog. Her blog will not appear here, but she will put a link into the forum to take you to where it is. So do have a look for it there.

Next week we will have Kelly entertaining us again from around 9 pm so do make the effort to get to the club as she is superb.

Wednesday 30th January 2013

Joan and new Joan

For me the evening started while sitting having my meal in the restaurant downstairs. Pauline from Transtastic came in with a potential new member Joan, who was over here in Manchester for the first time. She is shown here on the left along with our regular member Joan who had also brought Cate along as usual. For some unknown reason I have failed to picture either Pauline of Cate so I appologise for that ommission.
The new Joan very much enjoyed her evening and became a member to support the club before she left. So thank you Joan it is appreciated.
On the right we have Paula, showing off the tattoo on her leg which is why I took this sideways view.

Lauren and Paula

Milli and Danniella

Soon after Pauline and Joan came in, they were followed by another newcomer, Luke, who had written to me a few weeks ago saying that he would like to come along for a chat. Luke is Female to Male so he was interested in finding out as much as he could about any help that could be available for him. I gave him a number of contacts that are relevant for him to follow up but I also tried to encourage him to keep coming to us as well and hopefully bring some other similar friends with him as they are all very welcome here. I have not included a photo as that seems inappropriate at this stage.
We haven't seen Danniella for a few weeks so it was good to see her back looking very happy. Here she is with Milli. Danniella lost her job a few weeks ago and so far she has been unable to find a new one, so if anyone has any ideas I am sure she would welcome them.

Lisa and Mary


Sylvia and Millie




Emma, shown above left, has recently bought a small house in Stockport so is now able to get here more often without all the travelling that her visits used to involve.
Gillian, shown above right, has been visiting the club very rarely over many years, but it is good to see her when she manages to make it. She first came when we used to meet in the Rembrandt before we left there in 1996. We had to leave then, because they needed to shut for three months, while they built the large bay window overlooking the park.

Next week we will have Gill Springay with us, The Makeover Girl, giving advice and helping anyone who would like a makeover during the evening.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013


I was not able to attend the club this evening so Genevieve stood in for me at short notice. She has also produced these photos and the rest of this weeks Blog for which I am very grateful. Mary

Genevieve's Blog

Hi from Genevieve, I am pleased to say that the evening was a success. Being host at fairly short notice was not a problem, but suddenly I had a date as well.
So I was nervous about my date, & admit to the distraction.

Tony and Genevieve

Frances, Lisa, Vanessa, Tina, Millie

Millie was really keen to get going & helped by bringing most of the stuff into the function room.
On a freezing night the evening started slowly. A certain well known police lady (Lisa)visited & had a good chat with Tina & Millie. The police are doing a "hate crime week" at the moment.

The link to the event is HERE

I was not the only girl with a bf because I noted Paula & Milli had brought guests. As usual I did not take everyone's picture but some girls are just in too much of a hurry.

Richard and Paula

Emma and Karen

Jennifer, Alison, Rosie, Yvonne and Lynn


We had quite a reasonable turn out & some girls wore very colourful outfits.

Millie won the raffle & has decided to have a voucher instead of the wine.

I must note that some members were taking too long in the changing room, even though they had started getting changed in good time. We need to be out by 11pm please. Genevieve

Danielle and Pauline

Wednesday 16th January 2013


This evening we had a SILVER theme but it became apparent that this is not a very popular colour and very few people were able to do it justice. I think Tina, on the left here, takes the prize as she managed to have everything in her outfit silver.
The two girls on the right did very well. Kira, pronounced Kyra, is our newest member having only joined two weeks ago.
The weather was pretty miserable, cold and icy, so it is not surprising that fancy outfits were the last thing on most people's minds.
Most people managed to have a bit of Silver on their outfits as you can see from the following pictures.

Yvonne and Kira

Mary and Sylvia




Milli and Sylvia

Pippa and Lisa


Paula in Silver coat

Nikita and Pippa

I took the picture of Paula above and then she remembered that she had come wearing a Silver coat so here she is again all silvered up.
Nikita, shown on the right with Pippa last came to the club when we met in The Hollywood Showbar which is over 5 years ago so it was good to see her again. She is involved with the LGBT group that meets in Salford and is trying to get them to take more of an interest in the "T" part of the name. If there is any support we can give her then we should do it.
Next week we are scheduled to have Martin Cooper to entertain us on his keyboard. This is something new for us so should be good.

PS apparently Victoria was not well last week with a bad back pain, so I hope she is a lot better now. Mary

Wednesday 9th January 2013

Linda and Cate

Linda was with us again this week, without Victoria this time as she was otherwise engaged. They have arranged to come to the club every 5 to 6 weeks in the future so her products are obviously popular enough to make it worthwhile for them and we enjoy having them here.
As you can see Cate was with us again this week, thanks to her good friend Joan who fetches her and takes her home each time she comes. Cate has been in hospital for the last few weeks but is now back in her old flat again. She has been offered a new electric wheelchair but it wont fit in her flat, so she

Joan, Cate, Lynn and Genevieve

has now also been offered a different flat. But this new flat is more remote from the town and a long way for her mother, who lives nearby at present, to travel. This puts her in an almost impossible position as her mother is one of her major carers but she really does need the new chair. It would be so much better if her existing flat could be modified to take the chair.

Milli and Mandy

It was good to see Mandy with us this week, shown here with Milli. Mandy used to come every week but recently her shift pattern at work was changed and this has meant the wednesdays are difficult to get free. Hopefully, if her shift patteren changes she may be able to come again more often.
Milli was pleased with the tights she had on which are ORBULU tights. As you can see on the right they have portraits printed on them and I believe there are quite a variety to choose from.

Milli's tights

Milli and Linda

Here is Milli looking relaxed with Linda, who has to leave us by 21:30 each time she comes to be picked up by taxi to get her home safe. This week she won the raffle so has a prize waiting for her next time.
On the right we have Millie and Tina doing their regular duty looking after the door with Genevieve there for a chat wearing her new long skirt.

Genevieve, Tina and Millie





Kate, Vanessa and Frances



Cindy amd Joanna






It is always nice to welcome new people to the club, so here is Erica who joined us this evening looking very confident. Welcome Erica, I hope you find what you want from us here.
Next week we are having a SILVER theme evening so I am hoping for a sparkling time.
Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Welcome to the new year 2013. I hope it is successful for you all.

When I got into the changing room this evening the first thing I saw was this necklace that has been hanging on the coat hooks for sometime now. It comes complete with the two earrings you can see as well. If anyone thinks it belongs to them could they please let me know.
The colourful picture on the right is our welcome back to the club after our weeks gap at Christmas.

Lisa, Paula, Mary and Paula

Jennifer, Rosie, Kira and Yvonne.

We always thought this would be a quiet week so soon after the new year celebrations but we still managed to get 25 people through the doors.
It was especially nice to welcome our newest member Kira on our first week in the new year. We were able to have a long chat and I was very pleased to hear that she is well supported by her family. She has already introduded herself on the forum which is great. Welcome Kira.

Rachel, Didi and Lynn



Lynn and Joanna


On the right we have Pauline, our extrovert committee member who has a collection of different coloured wigs and has now even gone for a multicoloured one. Good on you Pauline, they look great.
Next week we will have Linda and Victoria back with their wigs and jewellery and the following week we have a Silver theme night so I hope you have started to give that some thought.

Wednesday 19th December 2012

Lynn and Dee

As expected after the buffet last week, we had a much quieter time this evening, but no matter, we still had two newcomers join us and it is good if we can spend more time with them.
On the left we have Dee, shown here with Lynn and on the right we have Karen who was venturing out in public for the very first time.
Dee was staying in the Brittania so was also able to stay after the meeting and accompany us to Paddy's Goose for more chat. She was then taken in hand by Milli, shown below left, who escorted her to Napoleons where she had a good dance before returning to the Brittania around 2 am. She has already sent me a charming thank you letter which is always greatly appreciated



Karen also enjoyed her evening. She has already joined the club and with Joans help registered on our forum as a member and added her thank you note to it. Thanks Karen, what a great way to start you membership of the club.
I am always pleased to see Louise, shown here on the right, who is a rare visitor to the club, mainly because her chief enjoyment is going out in public and blending in with the population. Whenever I see her she always manages to look very elegant and exceedingly passable. Good luck to you Louise, keep on as you are.



I just managed to catch Paula before she left to go for another meal that she can subsequently report on. She was well pleased with the new shoes she had bought which beautifully matched the dress she was wearing so here they are enlarged on the right. Mind you, it shows off her legs very well, as well so I'm sure she wont complain.
She tells me that she has about three reports written ready to go on the forum so keep an eye out for these.
If you haven't seen these reports then go to the main index of the forum and look at the entries under the heading Bars & Restaurants outside the village. They are a good read and show that she is accepted wherever she goes. More of us should follow her example.

Paula's new shoes

Kirsten and Joanna

Alison, Genevieve and Milli

Sophie and Didi


Genevieve and Yvonne

Cindy and Mary


We decided to give Millie a different background to the pictures I usually take so here she is in her christmas finery with the twinkling lights outside in Canal street behind her. I think it makes a better picture. Millie is is one of our most loyal attenders and she looks after the door with unfailing politeness almost every week. Thanks Millie.
That's it for another year. There will be no meeting next week on the 26th of December so we will reopen again on the 2nd of January.

Can I wish you all a very happy christmas and a good new year. Mary

Wednesday 12th December 2012

Pauline, Frances, Pauline, Liz and Millie

Today we had our Christmas Buffet party with the food being provided by Lauren and her wonderful staff at Villaggio's.
The door was looked after as usual by Mother Christmas Millie and a few of her friends.
The food we had is shown below, before it was attacked by a hoard of hungry people. The piece de resistance was the wonderful Christmas cake shown below, baked by Sheila shown below with her partner Kelly who sang for us a few weeks ago.
Thank you very much Sheila it was greatly appreciated.


Sheila and Kelly

It was a very enjoyable evening with over 90 people attending and I was pleased to see that the room was able to hold that many without being too crowded. This was the first time we had had that many people so we were wondering how we would manage, but it all worked out OK.
It was lovely to see Gwen, shown here on the right with Chloe. She has been on the scene for many years but does not get out as much as she would wish these days. Gwen, Chloe and another girl called Fiona spent a week on the Norfolk Broads during the summer this year so they are quite adventurous, visiting the local pubs etc as they toured around.

Gwen and Chloe

It was so busy that it is difficult to pick out anyone else, so I will just include as many photos as I managed to take. There will be many who I failed to photograph so I can only apologise to anyone else that wanted to be included.

Genevieve and Mandy

Kristina, Genevieve, Mandy, Louise, Michelle and Kate

Emily and Lisa

Cate, Anna and Rosemary

Jennifer, Rosie and Suzanne

Frances and Michaela

Millie and Lynn

Joanne and Joanna

Vanessa and Sam

Mary and Lynn

Lisa, Anna, Paula, Kristina and Cate



Kristina and Andrea

Rose's stockings

Fiona and Lynn in background

OK, that is nearly the end of a very successful year for us. There will be a meeting on the 19th and then no meeting on the 26th. So we will start again on the 2nd of January.
Renewal memberships for 2013 can be paid anytime from now as we have next years cards already.


Yvonne and Genevieve

Wednesday 5th December 2012


This week we had Linda and Victoria with us again with their excellent range of Jewellery and wigs. It is good to see the response they get with quite a few people spending time with them being helped to choose the wig that suits them best. I am sorry that I never got round to taking a picture with them both in it so here is Victoria holding the fort while Linda was busy looking after various people.
It is good to see Helena back in circulation again. She has been working so hard lately that she simply hasn't been able to get out much, but now she thinks she has got over the worst.

Victoria and sale table.

Helena and Mya

Mya shown with Helena is progressing really well with her transgender journey. She had a nose job only 10 days ago and whoever did it has really done her proud. Even close up it looks completely normal and has made her look much more feminine. She is very pleased with the result with good reason.
Tina, on the right, never fails to look good and here she is again with those fantastic legs on show for all to see. Some people have it all and she makes the most of it. Keep it up Tina, we like to see you enjoying life.



Lynn and Alison

Kristina, Mary and Paula

Jennifer, Rosie and Yvonne

Vanessa, Frances, Tina and Millie


Mary, Cindy and Katie

Cindy was back with us again having just returned from another business trip to foreign parts. It had meant that she couldn't come to our Christmas meal last week which she was sorry about, but business takes precedence.
And on her left is Katie who we are always glad to see when she manages to visit us from Kent.
On Sunday we had a committee meeting here in Villaggio's having decided that we should sometimes meet more socially than just in my house. We needed the meeting to organise the program for the next three months and we

Your committe enjoying a Sunday lunch together

now have more events planned that will appear very soon on the website. These two photos were taken by Lauren and we thought when she took the first one at this unusual angle, it would look rather odd, so we asked her to take the second one. I have shown them both as I think that perhaps we were wrong and actually it looks rather good. What do you think?
This coming wednesday we are holding our Christmas Buffet so I hope we manage to get the usual large turnout as it makes for a very enjoyable evening.
Wednesday 28th November 2012


It is very easy to take people for granted, so every now and again we should give credit where it is due.
Millie, on the left, looks after the door for the club from 7pm to 10:30 when we draw the raffle.
Tina on the right helps her every week she is here until she has to leave us to get home around 9pm.
I would like to publically thank them both for their loyalty to the club and the effort they both put in to keep things working smoothly.

Tina and her new shoes

Casz and Vivienne

When we were meeting in the Hollywood, we used to have a member, Vivienne, who came every week almost without fail, always sat at the end of the bar and chatted to anyone who came and sat next to her. For reasons of her own she stopped coming when we moved to the Rembrandt and I used to meet her occasionally in Napoleons. Imagine my surprise when she came in this evening with her friend Casz who I have also known for many years. It was great to see them and I hope this is the start of a renewed attendance at the club. ( I think I may have got Casz's name wrong but I am sure she will correct me).

Casz and Mary

Jouiselle and Alison

A new visitor to the club this evening was Jouiselle, shown here on the left wih Alison. Jouiselle was from Down South, here on a business trip for one evening only but making the most of it. She tells me that she invented her name which is why it is so unusual.
Alison is a fairly new member of the club and is the girl who went and bought all Alex's clothes, wigs etc when she advertised them on our forum recently. Alex then came along and donated a significant sum to the club as a thank you present to us, which was a very nice gesture. Thank you Alex.
Julia, on the right only manages to get here very occasionally so it was good to see her looking so good. She has been working in Africa recently and really enjoying the experience.


Helen and Suzanne

Rosie, Jennifer and Yvonne


Yvonne and Lisa

Milli and Frances


We also had two other newcomers join us this evening, Rose and Fungi. It is too early for photos but Rose really enjoyed her evening and even booked to come along to our Christmas meal in Villaggio's on Saturday so she made the most of her first venture out.
Fungi is from Zimbabwe and had come to England many years ago to get away from "Antigay" prejudice in that country where he was made to feel unwelcome, even by his family. Fungi has only recently come to Manchester and had been given our meeting particulars by a telephone helpline as a place to come to find like minded friends. Fungi is on the F to M path and needs all the support he can get. Frances and I spent some time talking with him and hopefully gave him further contacts that will be helpful.
There are many FTM people in Manchester who would be very welcome to use this meeting place each week if they would like a regular place to come. I hope we see Fungi back here again soon.

Next week we have Linda and Victoria coming with their Jewellery and wigs and then the following wednesday we will have our Christmas Buffet here in the club. I hope to see many of you here.


On Saturday we had our Christmas meal out, downstairs here in Villaggios, which was very enjoyable with 26 people attending. I have included a few pictures below as a souvenir of the evening.

Wednesday 21st November 2012
As you can see, we had a GOLD theme night this evening and a good number of people took part. I hadn't realised until I saw these pictures that both the floor and the ceiling are also managing to look gold as well. The meeting room doesn't lend itself to taking large group photos so we took these two pictures instead with different people at the front each time. It is fun to try these different themes as each person can try have a go at finding some part of their outfit to fit in. There are more individual pictures further down showing individual people, some of whom were not in the room when we took these pictures.


Not everyone can manage a full gold outfit but even a little bit like the trim on Frances's indian outfit shown here is enough to show willing and Lynn above is weraing gold shoes so she fits in as well.
Below are those who were not available for the photo.

Sheila and Kelly

Michaela and Joanna



Pamela and Diane



This week we welcomed newcomers Anna, who is a local girl and Diane who came from down south.
Jane on the right above has been before but has now joined the club as a member.
It was a lovely surprise to see Hazel, on the left here, as she has not been for a year or two now since she started going to dancing classes on wednesday evenings. She goes as Hazel and is really enjoying them.
It was also great to see Julie, shown here on the right, after doing up Joanna's hair. Julie had brought along another newcomer called Jan to help her get started, but no photo this time.

Julie and Joanna

Yvonne, Genevieve and Danyella

Paula and Mary

Genevieve and Millie




Kerry and Fay

I am always glad to see Kerry and Fay come in as I have known them for a very long time but Fay still likes the dark nights before she can get out early enough to come to Concord. Sorry the photo is a bit out of focus, there was too much light behind them.
Next week we have a normal club week but on Saturday we have our Christmas meal here at Villaggio's. There is still room for more people but you would need to let me know by wednesday evening if you want to come.

Finally I attended the very moving ceremony in Sackville Park on Sunday evening where over 600 names of TRANS PEOPLE who have been KILLED around the world for being trans, were read out. It really brought home to me how lucky we are in this country for the level of tolerance there now is for us, BUT there is still a very long way to go. Why should "Tolerance" be necessary, we are all human beings, each entitled to live our lives as we wish, without harming anyone else.

Wednesday 14th November 2012

Lorna and Clare

The two Ladies on the left are on holiday for a week and they are spending it visiting various places round the country. Their first port of call was Manchester so they decided to spend some of their evening with us as they have never been to the club before. I knew I had met Clare somewhere before but wasn't sure where. Clare tells me it was when we both spent a weekend at the MidSummer house party in Oxfordshire about 4 years ago. Time does fly by. They are also going to visit the group in Blackpool next week but may be back here next wednesday before they return home to the Lincoln area on the thursday.
Tina, on the right, tells me that she had bought this dress thinking it would do for our Gold theme evening next week, but then decided it really isn't gold so has had to find something else for next week.



Milli, Helena, Danni, Frances and Millie

Yvonne and Lynn




Tim, Genevieve and Cindy

Paula, Lisa and Paula


Tim and Cindy. shown above, are hoping to come to our Christmas meal, here at Villaggio's on Saturday the 1st of December, but may not be able to, if Cindy has to fly off again at short notice for her work. Let's hope that this doesn't happen. There is still time to book for this meal but time is running out so please can anyone else wishing to come get their booking in asap.
Next wednesday we are having a GOLD DRESS theme night and quite a few people have already said they are making an effort to come so lets hope we have a very glittery evening then.
Wednesday 7th November 2012

Gill and Genevieve

This week it was a pleasure to Have Gill Springay back with us again, ready and willing to help anyone with their makeup.
On the right she is actually working on Alison, one of our newest members and down below on the left she can be seen with Alison after she had finished.
Earlier she had a session with Yvonne shown below as well.

Make up table

Alison and Gill



General view of club room

Tanya, Erin, Alison, Holly-Rayne & Millie

Genevieve, Yvonne, Joanne & Rachel

Above is a general view of the club room showing how light it is with the large windows overlooking Canal street. Then we have two of the tables showing groups of people enjoying a social chat. The "empty" sweet tin on the table in the middle had been generously donated by Gill when she came this evening and as you can see the sweets didn't last long. Thank you Gill, you are welcome anytime.

Milli, Joanne and Genevieve

Frances, Yvonne, Genevieve and Karen

Krystina, Stella and Milli


Millie and Mary

Michelle and Louise

It was lovely to welcome back Cindi again after a gap of a few weeks. She has been off on her travels again to south America and even China this time. One of these days we will get her to give a photo talk about her travels. I am sure it would be very interesting for us all. I asked her several years ago but we are still waiting.


Lisa, Vanessa and Nicky


That is it again for this week. In my last letter I asked people to try to be ready to leave very soon after 11pm and everyone responded excellently without having to be asked again. Thank you all, we were all out by 5 past 11 much to Lauren's surprise and delight.
We were scheduled to have a music night next week, but we have had to cancel it, so next week will be a normal club evening. I hope to see you there.

Wednesday 31st Oct 2012


As this wednesday was Halloween we decided to make this the theme for the evening and we were not disappointed. A lot of people made a real effort, including two of our members partners Cora and Rosie, so thank you very much for taking part.
In the space we have available it is difficult to get a good group picture with so many people, but here are the ones we managed to take.

There are too many people in he pictures above to name them all so you will just have to work them out for yourselves.


Frances, Cora, Susie, Jennifer, Michaela and Mary

Frances, Cate, Rosie, Sophie and Mary

Cate and Cora

Frances and Julia


Rosie and Jennifer

Sophie and Sophie








Fay and Kerry




It was lovely to see Fay and Kerry come in for the first time to our new meeting place at Villaggio's. Fay likes it when the clocks go back as she then finds it easier to leave home early. Otherwise she only comes out too late for Concord.
We also had two new people join us this evening. Amanda, shown here on the left even came with a Halloween dress for the occasion. Well done Amanda you look great, I hope we see you again soon. We also had Alison who I failed to take an individual picture of, but I notice that she is shown seated on the floor in the top picture on the right. She was taken out round the village by some of the girls and had a really enjoyable evening, so I expect to see her again soon as well.
Next week we will have "MakeoverGirl" Gill Springay with us again after a bit of a gap as she has been rather busy lately. Lets give her a busy welcome.
Finally, we are being too successful of late, which is causing people to take too long changing back at the end of the evening. Our agreement with Villaggio's is that we leave at 11pm or very soon afterwards so that the staff can close up and go home after their long day. This evening we took far too long to clear the building. I am going to suggest that anyone that needs to change back before going home must start changing at 10:45 so that we can be out very soon after 11pm please. If we continue to stretch the time then we could easily risk losing the venue and we do NOT want to do that. I thank you all in advance for your co-operation.
Wednesday 24th Oct 2012

Vanessa and Lucy

This week we had intended to hold a clothes sale to sell off the clothes that had been donated to Sparkle, but it has now been decided to sell them on EBAY as the transporting them back here to the club was too difficult. We therefore had nothing special happening but we still managed to have a very enjoyable busy evening.
It was good to see Lucy here seen talking to Vanessa as she is a fairly rare visitor to these parts.
I thought the two Paulas together made a good picture.

Paula and Paula

Caroline, Rachel and Genevieve

Caroline, from Down South, was visiting us again and this time she brought a newcomer from the Preston area, Rachel, who she met on the internet. Caroline usually manages to bring someone new each time she visits so she is always welcome.
Amber and Ami have been staying with Nicky for the past few weeks, but tomorrow they are moving into a flat in Stockport together so I would like to wish them luck in their new home. I hope it all works out OK.


Amber, Nicky and Ami


Jennifer and Rosie

Jennifer came for the first time last week with her partner Rosie and they are looking forward to next week with our Halloween evening . It is great when partners come along to support our members and even agree to have their photos included here. Rosie says that these meetings at least give her a chance to dress up as well, which she enjoys. You are very lucky Jennifer.
Leanne, shown here on the right with her friend Rachel, has not been to Concord for very many years, but managed to find our website and came along to see how the club is going now. It was good to see you, I hope you come back sooner next time Leanne.

Leanne and Rachel

Joanne and Mary

Lynn and Milli





Heloise and Erin

On the left we have Heloise and Erin. This was the first time Heloise has visited us here at Villaggio's. She was very apologetic about not having paid her membership to the club this year and duly paid up to renew it. So, even though it is meant to be paid in January, we do need the support so please dont think it is too late, however long you have left it. Thanks Heloise we do appreciate your support and are always glad to see you.
Next wednesday is Halloween so we have made it a theme for the evening and I look forward to seeing who will creep out of the night.

Erin and Pippa

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