Mary's Blog

Wed 17th October 2012


This evening we had a fantastic musical entertainment from one of our newer members Kelly. This was the first time she has performed for us but I hope it wont be the last. She sang a great variety of songs right through the decades and as you can see below, some of them were great to dance to as well. It is difficult to get good pictures of the dancers but here are Danielle and the sister of Mary (not me, the owner of Villaggio's) dancing away and really enjoying themselves.
The show not only went down well with all of us, but most of the staff at Villaggio's came up to enjoy the music as well.
Thanks Kelly, you are a star.



We also had a few new people join us this week. On the left we have Jennifer who came along with her partner Rosie for the first time.
Then on the right we have Kate and Chrissy who both seemed to spend an enjoyable evening talking and getting to know each other. I have since had a very nice thank you letter from Chrissy saying how much she enjoyed her evening. I am sure we will see them both again in the near future.
The sweets shown in the picture with Jennifer were a very kind gift from one of our members who prefers to remain anonymous. They are appreciated, thanks.

Kate and Chrissy

Lesley and Mary

I am always glad to see Lesley, shown here on the left with me, as she is now semi retired but is still managing to keep herself well occupied.
Also it is very encouraging to see Erin, shown below with Paula and Lisa coming along looking so relaxed and making new friends.
Linda shown below on the right always has to go before we draw the raffle at 10:30 but this week she won, so the prize is waiting for her next week.

Lynn, Sabrina and Marishka


Paula, Lisa and Erin



Steffie and Danielle

? Mia and Joan

Next week we had arranged to have a sale of clothes donated for Sparkle, but we have had to cancel it as we cannot now organise transport. It has been decided that it will be easier to sell the remaining clothes on EBAY. It will therefore be a normal club evening on the 24th.
Wed 10th October 2012

Linda and Victoria

This evening we had Linda and Victoria with us again selling their wigs and a large quantity of jewellery at very reasonable prices. It really is worth coming along when they are here to get some bargains. I noticed that even partners were buying the jewellery as there is such a variety available.
We had a few new people come along this evening. Among them was Jennifer pictured here with Lynn Yvonne and Milli. It is always a pleasure to welcome newcomers as they are the lifeblood of the club that has kept us going for all these years. It is also great to see members coming along with their partners

Lynn, Yvonne, Jennifer and Milli

Lucy and Erin

Michelle and Louise


to support them. Above we have Erin who is new to the club who came along with her friend Lucy this evening. We have Michelle who is almost always supported by her partner Louise and Pippa who was here for the first time with her partner who I haven't shown but who is very supportive of Pippa and enjoyed her evening. We also had Sheila who always come along with Kelly as she really enjoys the atmosphere of the club. They will be here next week giving the entertainment so do come along and join in with Kelly singing and playing her guitar.


Georgina and Emily


Danielle, above has just returned, looking very brown, from a holiday in the Canaries with her boyfriend. She had a wonderful time and is very happy with life.
It is always great to see Georgina and Emily here. They come from afar so cannot get here very often, but they are always so appreciative of the club and they liked the new venue.
Dee, on the right, has been coming to Concord when she can for many years now, but has not managed to get here for over two years, so it was a lovely surprise to see her walk in this evening. Welcome back Dee and I hope you can make it sooner next time.

Pamela and Debbie

Pauline and Millie


Yvonne and Genevieve

Kate and Tina


Helena and Sophie


Lisa and Susan

This was another very busy week so thank you all for making the effort to come along. I hope you can make it next week as we will have a musical entertainment from Kelly. She will start at approximately 9pm so make it by then if you can.
Wed 3rd October 2012
This evening we held a "Rock Chick" theme night and it was pleasing to see so many people getting into the spirit of it. I tried to get an overall picture of everyone who joined in but it was difficult to do everyone justice. These two pictures were taken with different people at the front each time but I still think some people didn't get a fair crack of the whip. Next time we will have to give ourselves more space. Below there are a lot more separate pictures but I have still probably failed to get everyone in, so I am sorry if you were missed.
I have enlarged these two pictures because the smaller versions just dont do everyone justice.


Lynn, who had the word Angel on her front was pleased with the tee shirt she found that also had wings on the back.

Lynn, Cate and Joan

Mary and Lisa

Lisa, Dawn and Jessica





Pauline and Daniella

Paula and Milli





Sarah Louise


The girl in the middle, Sarah Louise, moved to Blackpool some time ago now, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her back with us again this evening. Welcome back Sarah, I hope you can get back here more often in the future.
This coming wednesday, the 10th of October, we have Linda and victoria back with us again selling their wigs and jewellery so do come and see what they have to offer.
Wed 26th September 2012

Sue with Rachel

Wow, when around 50 people turn up during the evening it does make an enormous difference to the atmosphere at the club. This was a great evening.
We had Sue from "Glitz and Glam" with us this evening for the first time with her glamorous handbags and lots of excellent jewellery, plus she was also offering a Glamorous Brows service to give semi permanent brows if people wanted make up that lasts longer than usual.

Sue with Rachel


We had several new people join us this evening. I will try and mention them all but I haven't got all their pictures yet so you will have to wait to see them. Our furthest visitors were Ami and her partner Vicki and sister Sereena all the way from Alberta in Canada. They are over here on a three week holiday having emigrated to Canada several years ago, so they knew where to shop, as Ami bought her clothes in Affleck's Palace. How many people would know where to find that? They were delightful people, very supportive of each other and I hope they enjoy the rest of their holiday.
The other new people were Pippa, from Liverpool and Erin who have both written to thank us all for their welcome so they surely enjoyed their evening.

Sereena, Ami and Vicki

Laura and Melissa

The last new person to come in was Melissa, shown here with Laura who is also a rare visitor. Melissa says she is very unconfident but has already made friends with people in a normal beauty Salon and went there this evening to have her make up done before coming here. So congratulations Melissa you look fantastic and I hope we see you again soon.
The two girls on the right, Sarah and Jenny have been a few times already but as they come from Blackpool it is not easy for them to get here very often. Their claim to fame is that they have recently opened the "Tranny Lodge" Hotel in Blackpool so we are all welcome to visit them and make use of their facilities. they have a website at where you can get further details. I will add this to our links page.

Sarah and Jenny

Pauline and Jessica

Jessica, shown here on the left with our very colourful Pauline, has not been for some time so I was glad to welcome her back looking as good as ever. Pauline is looking great as well with her jeans nearly matching her startling hair. Good on you Pauline.
Mya brought Isabelle out this evening to celebrate as it appears that Isabelle has now successfully changed her name. Here they bot are looking fantastic as usual.
Please dont forget that next week we will be holding a "Rock Chick" theme night so lets get as many of you here as we had this week to make another successful evening.

Isabelle and Mya

Joanne and Millie

Leslie and Yvonne

Genevieve and Lynn

Haley and Kirsten

Didi, Sabrina, Milli, Marishka

Paula, Paula and Lisa

Wed 19th September 2012

Mary and Michael

Yvonne, Genevieve, Paul, Michael and Tony

Tony and Mary

This evening we had Micheal, who is the manager of the Oldham branch of the dress shop BonMarche come along with two rails of clothes from the shop to sell to our members. He is shown above with the two friends he brought with him to help out, Paul and Tony. They also brought a good quantity of jewellery with them which proved popular. Even though it is a lot of work for them, carrying all that stock, they enjoyed their evening and are happy to return on another date if the members would like it.
We enjoyed having them and I would like to thank them all for their efforts.
This visit was arranged at short notice because they where able to offer a %20 discount on all the clothes but only for this week, so it was now or never if we wanted that advantage.

Joanne and Joanna

We also had Joanna, shown here on the right with Joanne (Coincidence). She was showing her make up and perfume products here for the first time and giving away samples of the make up for people to try out. I am sure she will be willing to tell anyone who asks, about these products in the future. You can recognise her from the picture so just ask if you are interested.
Christine, shown here on the right cannot get here very often as she comes from a distance. I think this was her second visit so I hope she enjoyed her evening and she manages to come back again soon.


Dee, Steph and Sally

We are always pleased to see Dee and Alice come in with a new girl out for the first time. They are here with Steph and I hope we get to see more of her in the future.
On the right we have Mintra and Alice. Alice comes all the way from north Wales so doesn't get here very often. She first came when we met in the Rembrandt and I introduced her to Liz who ran a shopping service at that time. They became good friends and used to come together but now Liz has stopped providing the service. so this time Alice came with Mintra who she met locally to her in North Wales at a business Mintra runs.

Mintra and Alice

Genevieve and Yvonne


Nicky and Lynn


Helena and Milli



Here we have one of our most regular members Lisa and behind her you can see Joanna's make up etc laid out for inspection. Lisa was quite proud of her subtly patterned tights so here is a better view on the right. Unfortunately she couldn't tell me where she had bought them.

Next week we have a new lady Sue from Glitz and Glam in Liverpool coming along for the first time with her Designer bags, jewellery. She also has a semipermanent eyebrow product which she will demonstrate for us.

Lisa's Tights

Wed 12th September 2012

Victoria and Linda

This week we again had the pleasure of Linda and Victoria's company with their wigs and jewellery sale and advice. Here they are with their stall set up. They seemed to be busy for most of the evening so this is a service that is appreciated. They have agreed to return on the 10th of October.
On the right we have Rachel and Lois who came along last week to introduce themselves. Lois is a documentory film maker who is looking for a T girl to possibly make the subject of her next film. She is going to bring in an example of her previous work to show her approach to this work.

Rachel and Lois


Earlier in the week I had an email from Anita, shown here on the left, who hadn't visited Concord for about 12 years. She was planning to visit Manchester for a few days this week and was thinking of calling in at the club to renew her acquaintance with us and pick our brains about where to go. She came along with her wife and they spent most of the evening with us. It was great to see them again and I have had a letter of thanks since, saying that they enjoyed the meeting and spent a good time in the Richmond tea room on our recommendation the following day.
I also had a very pleasant surprise when I saw Sam, shown here on the right as I knew that she


had retired to Spain and doesn't return to the UK very often these days. She is really enjoying her retirement out there and is welcomed as Sam in various places around her locality, so she is getting the best of everything. It was good to see you here Sam, do come again when you are next here.

Soumis and Andrea

I was also pleased to welcome Soumis and Andrea who were visitors from "down south". They are both quite extrovert characters who brighten up the place wherever they go. Thank you for dropping in, you are welcome anytime.
It was lovely to see Haley again after her long summer break. She had only flown in from Singapore a few hours before coming out this evening so was probably a bit jet lagged. I had a problem with some photos I took of her when she was last here and was gobsmacked when she came over and presented me with a panasonic camera that she no longer needed and she was happy to give it to me for use at the club. Thank you very much Haley that is very kind of you.

Kirsten and Haley

Emily and Mary

Joanna and Mary

Yvonne and Genevieve

Karen and Emma

Lynn and Kira

Paula and Lisa

That is it for now. Next week, the 19th of September we will Have Joanna Dale here with some make up and perfume samples to show and sell, PLUS people from the shop BonMarche will be bringing some of their stock to show us. It will be on sale at a %20 discount so do come and see what is on offer. Please see our coming events page for more details.
Wed 5th September 2012

Dominique and Lisa

This week we had several members come along who we haven't seen for some time. For instance, Dominique shown here with Lisa and Rachel on the right pictured with Michelle, who comes all the way from Kent whenever she can. She tells me that her work pattern has been changed and now she cant make it every three weeks like she used to. Even so we are glad to see her when she can make it, so welcome back Rachel. Dominique has other distractions that keep her away for most wednesdays but it is good to see her when she can make it.
Sarah shown below on the left is an even rarer visitor from the North east but it is good to see her especially when she manages to look as stunning as this.

Michelle and Rachel


Caroline, Cate and Joan


We were also visited today by Lois Perry and her friend Rachel. Lois had written to me earlier saying that she was a documentary film maker studying at university for her MA. She has already made films about Transgender issues and would like to find someone who would be willing to be the subject of her next project. She asked if she could come along and meet the members at the club and I said she was welcome to do that so here they were. They were two very sociable ladies who happily spent most of the evening talking to a group of members, including Caroline, Cate, Joan and Fiona pictured above plus Yvonne who for some unknown reason I failed to photograph this week. I also didn't think to ask Lois and Rachel if I could include them in the pictures but as they are coming back next week we may be able to rectify this, if they are willing. I have a copy of Lois's letter which will be available at the club if anyone is interested in getting more detail about what she has already done.

Joanne and Milli

Milli and Mary

Nicky and Pauline

The chap with Milli is actually Joanne and Milli then went off and got changed so here she is again.


Sabrina and Pippa


Andrea and Mary

Millie and Genevieve


Joanna Dale

Later in the evening we were joined by new girl Joanne Dale, shown here on the left. She quickly went upstairs and got changed and came down later looking good. At the end of the evening she came round to Paddy's goose with a few of us and got a small taste of life in the village. This may be a rare visit for her as she was hoping to start a course on wednesdays which will prevent her from coming for a few months but at least she now knows what the club is like.

Next week we will have Linda and Victoria here selling wigs and jewellery so do come along and see what goodies are available.

Wed 29th August 2012

Yvonne, Dee, Danni and Chloe

It is always a pleasure when Dee comes along and bring a new client with her to see what the club is like. This time she brought Christine and they stayed all evening getting to know people. Christine was not yet ready to be photographed so doesn't appear here but I am sure we will see more of her in the future.
On the right it was great to see Cate. Unfortunately, she is still waiting to get her electric buggy to give her a bit more mobility. She is finding life frustrating.

Cate, Joan and karen

Genevieve and Caroline

Caroline, who visits us regularly from London , has made friends with Genevieve, so here they are together in the club. Caroline often introduces new members to Concord having met them in other places or on TVchix. So thank you Caroline you make a good honary membership secretary.
Steph and Fiona are very occasional welcome visitors to the club. They both took part in the Pride parade this year as part of the Transgender Citizens group but were disappointed at the low turnout. I hope more of our members will support it next year.

Steph and Fiona


Lynn and Mary



Tina, here on the left, is off for the next few weeks on a holiday trip to America so I hope she has an enjoyable time. Meanwhile Millie will need some help looking after the door so if possible some assistance is required please.
Next week is a normal club evening and then the following week, the 12th of September we will have Linda and Victoria here again selling wigs and jewellery etc.

Susanne and Amie

Wed 22nd August 2012


It was good to see Millie back after her couple of weeks visiting various gatherings round England. She goes everywhere as Millie and seems to manage to make friends wherever she goes. Confidence is everything.
The girls shown on the right were the earliest arrivals at the club this evening. It is great to see Yvonne, who is the newest of the group, starting to blossom into a confident girl enjoying her new freedom to be herself.
Our other Milli, shown below on the right, has now moved into her new flat in Manchester and within the first week she has already managed to find herself a local job, so she is all set up to enjoy life.

Yvonne, Mandy and Genevieve


Julia, Fiona, Amy and Kim


Paula and Kavina

Lisa and Mary



Kaytie, shown here, came along to the club a few weeks ago for the first time but was not ready to be photographed. She came back again this week looking much more confident and was happy to have her picture taken. I hope we can now help her to make some friends and start to enjoy a social life as Kaytie.
This last weekend was the Pride celebration in the village and a few of our members took part in the parade as part of the Trangender Citizens group. Unfortunately I dont have any pictures yet so cannot include them here.


Lynn at our stand at Pride

We also had a stand in the Expo in the village along with TransForum and a view of the two stands can be seen here.
I dont have pictures of all the people who helped over the weekend but I would like to take the opportunity to thank Lynn, shown here on the left who helped every day plus Pauline, who produced all the photographs we used and also removed the stand at the end, Liz and Lee, Nicky and Phoebe with her wife and two children.
We were also helped by Paula Dee and partner Maria who are not even members of Concord but offered their services anyway and enjoyed the opportunity it gave them to help other Transgender people.

Lee and Jenny-Anne at TransForum's stand


Paula's job makes attending Concord impossible, but she was glad to help. It was good to be partnered with Transforum as this gave us the company of all the people who helped them plus a much more extensive stand with the dividing wall between us removed .
I spent significant parts of Friday Saturday and Sunday at the stand and greatly enjoyed the opportunity it gave me to talk to many different people including one Tgirl and her partner from Romania who had come over specially for the event as she had been unable to visit at Sparkle time in July. She tells me that being transgendered is much disapproved of in Romania and they would love to move here.
I am sure many of you will remember Giselle, shown here on the left, who came along looking radiant. It was lovely to meet her again. I remember the day she first came to Concord at the Hollywood, many years ago, looking very nervous. What a difference now.
Wed 15th August 2012


Millie was away this week on Holiday so Tina was left to look after the door on her own again until her usual leaving time. This is much appreciated as it is an essential part of running the club. Here she is plus one of myself as I do like the red I am wearing.
Tina has been on the club's committee since the start in 2008 and is always available to give people legal advice during the club evenings if she can be of help to our members.
She is almost always at the club except when she goes of on her railway travels to many different places around the world. This gives her lots to talk about which is always interesting.

Mary and Tina

Karen and Yvonne

It was lovely to see Karen again as she can only get here when she has a break from her job in Aberdeen. She is shown here with Yvonne who is becoming quite a regular after joining us a few weeks ago now.
It is a long way for Karen to come so it says a lot for Manchester that she is happy to make the effort.
On the right, we have not seen Helena for a few weeks but she tells me she is working almost nonstop so is getting very tired. You mustn't let work get in the way of you fun Helena.
Kayleigh is also fairly new but is becoming a regular as well.

Helen and Kayleigh

Amie and Nicky

Jenny and Phoebe

Karen, Lynn and Wendy


Lias and Paula



It was lovely to see Mel come in to the club looking so radiant. She is now working a long way from Manchester so doesn't get the chance to visit very often but it is great to see her looking so happy. She is a great example showing how successful the change over can be. We are glad everything has worked out for you Mel.
Finally, this coming weekend is PRIDE and all the members should now have got my letter saying what our arrangements are. If you have not received it then please let me know.
I still need a few more volunteers to help look after our stand in the EXPO.

Mel and Genevieve

Wed 8th August 2012

Pauline, Genevieve and Karen

This week we had a short committee meeting to discuss the Pride event so here are some of us looking very colourful, while Frances looked after the door in Millie's absence after Tina had gone home. We weren't expecting Millie to be away this week as she had already told us she will be away next week, so I hope she is OK.
We were going to put a lorry entry into the Pride parade again this year but have decided against it due to the amount of work involved. Instead the committe have now agreed that we will recommend that any of our members that wish to take part



should join in with the "Transgender Citizens" entry being organised by Alex Greenwood. I will send an email to all our members giving further details of where to meet etc.
This week we had two people join the club Louise and Denise. Louise is an occasional visitor as she does not live near enough to come often but has been a few times already. Denise is brand new to venturing out but, like most of us has been dressing in private for many years. This was her first outing, which she thoroughly enjoyed, but is not yet ready to appear in this blog. I am sure we will see a lot more of her in the future.


Nicky and Lauren

We have many members who come as often as they can but most cant make it every week. Even so there are always enough to give the venue atmosphere which makes it an enjoyable evening and we always have Lauren behind the bar to entertain anyone who is willing to talk.
It is great to continue to have members like Katie, shown on the right with Susan, who comes up from Kent when ever she can manage it and pops in to say hello each time.
Below, on the left, we have Alice with her friend Lisa. She last came when we were in NyNy and it is lovely to see her again. She had this well fitting dress made for her, it looks great.

Susan and Katie

Anna and Lisa

Donna and Joan

Milli and Genevieve


Genevieve, Mandy and Yvonne



Yvonne, shown above is the girl with the missing shoes I mentioned last week. I am sure they were taken by mistake but she would appreciate having them back please.
Michaela loves wearing unusual dresses so here is one that looks best when it is given a twirl like so.


Wed 1st August 2012

Millie, Mary, Genevieve and Pauline

This evening we had a Schoolgirl theme so here are a few examples of how some of us managed to look. It was quite fun for me as I was wearing a different wig from usual and almost everyone failed to recognise me. It is amazing how just this simple change can make you almost anonymous.
On the right we have naughty schoogirl Lisa with her French mistress, Madame Paula. The mistresses were never like this in my day.

Lisa and Madame Paula

Millie, Pauline and Michaela

Genevieve and Mary

Susie and Pippa


That is the end of the Schoolgirls I'm afraid, pity there weren't a few more, but it is fun to vary things occasionally.
On the right we have Milli, who has, I believe, just moved into her new flat in Manchester. Next to John, who is still working too hard and just called in to the club after finishing work at 8 this evening.
Next to John we have Elaine who has only visited the club rarely in recent months so we were glad to see her back with us for the evening.

Milli, John and Elaine


On the left we have Peta, who only surfaced after a long gap, last week, so it was great to see her back again so quickly, Welcome Peta I hope this will now become a regular visit.
On the right we have Lynn who is a relative newcomer but now comes along quite regularly and is enjoying the experience of trying different outfits each time she comes. This is one of the fun parts of being a member of this club as it gives you the opportunity to learn what suits you and what doesn't. I think this suits you Lynn, you look good in it.



Cate and Tina


We made this a Schoolgirl theme night this evening as we were planning to have a float in the Pride parade this year dressed up as a St. Trinian's Scool Laboratory, but circumstances have overtaken us and we have decided not to put a float entry in this year after all.
There is still time for a group of members to get together and agree to take part in a walking entry but if this is to happen you will need to agree to take part as soon as possible. To this end I suggest that anyone wishing to take part cames along to the club this coming wednesday or emails me now to say they are going to take part.
The group that meets this wednesday will have to agree on any theme that they wish to use so that it will look like a cohesive group and not just random. We would need at least 10 people to make it worthwhile.

Finally, Last week someone went off with the wrong pair of shoes as poor Yvonne was left with someone else's shoes that she had to wear to go home. Luckily they fitted but she would like her own ones back please. They were black size 8 shoes.
In future can I suggest that people who use the changing room put their items back into their own bags after they get changed so that this kind of accidental swapping is less likely to occur.
Wed 25th July 2012

Tina, Millie, Mary and Genevieve

As you can see we had a PURPLE theme evening tonight, which worked really well, it is obviously a popular colour. The evening started off rather quietly so just in case no one else came we took the two pictures shown here on the left and right.
Luckily is was not too long before many other people came along, so just before it got dark we went outside into Canal street and took the two pictures shown at the top and hopefully we did get everyone who came in purple.

Genevieve and Mandy


We did also have Linda and Victoria with us selling their very good value jewellery and wigs. I was very pleased to encourage Linda on the left to get a new, more manageable wig and here she is looking very good in it.
It was also great to see Debbie here with us again having come to Manchester for a few days to meet up with old friends and sample the city life for a bit. I have known Debbie for many years and bumped into her at various different do's around the country. This is one of the pleasures of the trans community that I really enjoy.


Amie and Hannah

The two stunning looking girls on the left, Amie and Hannah are very new to the club, but have made a real effort to join in this evening. Hannah told me that she had decided she wanted a dress like this so she emailed various shops that advertised them and asked if it would be OK if she came in and tried some on. Some were very negative but others were very helpful and she really enjoyed the way she was looked after in the shop she finally chose. Not surprisingly she is delighted with this dress and has worn it a few times now to special evenings. I cant remember the name of the shop where she got it but I am sure she will remind us if anyone is interested.


Jackie and Lisa

Steffie, shown above on the right has recently finished work and is taking a few months rest before she looks for another job. As a leaving present some of the girls at work gave her a couple of wigs as they knew she would appreciate them. She is shown here wearing one of them, which really suits her.

Next week we are having a School girls theme evening so I look forward to seeing who comes along.


Wed 18th July 2012

Genevieve and Damsel

Hi from Genevieve, it was my privilege to be the Concord hostess on this rare occasion of Mary's absence.
The evening started slowly but picked up & we got a reasonable gate with two new visitors.
The stylish new girl Damsel is seen here with Genevieve, & all the way from Glasgow on a coach trip is Tina.


On the left is Paula at the bar having a laugh with Lauren & friend.


On the right is the very stylish Camilla, seen here with jet lagged Cindy & her boyfriend.

The very handsome man is Milli seen here with Genevieve & with Mandy, (Milli has got her flat now).




Yvonne and Mandy

Joan and company

Genevieve reflecting

Wed 11th July 2012

Mary and Mandy

Here is my rather belated blog for this week. With Sparkle and a few days holiday immediately afterwards I was not able to do it before now. This will also mean that I wont have too much to say as my memory quickly fades if I leave it too long.
It is good to include Mandy here as she is one of our most regular members, as is Genevieve who has agreed to do the club admin next week and even do a blog for you, so I hope you will all support her.
I had spent an afternoon a few days before, rerouting the cables for the computer display through the ceiling, with some very useful help from Didi who happened to be downstairs in the bar when I needed her.

Genevieve and Mandy

Yvonne and Tina

Unfortunately we seem to have managed to break something as we are now a colour short on the screen, so now we have to find out what is wrong.

Until we do we may not have the screen working.
It was good to see Yvonne come back again this week with more confidence, so here she is with Tina making her look quite small.
On the right we have Ami here for her second week and already seeming quite at home with us. I hope she manages to find a way to keep coming.



Paula and Lisa



Kristina and Joan



Sparkle starts on the thursday evening after this meeting, with a Quiz in Icon bar run by the F to M lads. This will be their first active event as part of Sparkle so I hope it is a great success.
I will not be here next week as I am taking my friends from Brazil on a short tour round various places in the middle of England that are more easily seen by car. I hope we get some good weather.


Wed 4th July 2012


This started off as a normal quiet club evening, but finished up being really busy with 6 new people coming, which is a record for one meeting. They wont all appear here in pictures because some are not yet ready for that, but here is Georgia who came in with Sophie to introduce her to the club. Welcome Georgia.
On the left is Hannah who joined this evening. Then we had Laura, Yvonne and Ami who all stayed most of the evening. Laura was well looked after by Vanessa who gave her a lot of confidence to just enjoy the lifestyle that we all follow. Laura wrote a letter of thanks the following day in appreciation so thank you Laura we are all glad to be of help.

Sophie and Georgia


Pheobe, on the left joined us a few weeks ago but has not been since, so it was good to get a chance to talk to her. I was very pleased to hear that she has recently got a job as Phoebe with the Greater Manchester Police and is really pleased with the way she is being accepted by all her work colleagues.
Our new girl Ami was quickly looked after by Pauline in the changing room and I noticed later on she and Phoebe and a few other were all in animated conversation at a table near the bar. They later all went as a group to take Ami on her first outing into the village. I am sure we will have a photo before too long.
Julia and Louise came in for the first time later in the evening and I hope we see them both again soon.

Julia and Louise


On the left we have millie looking very Chic and wearing her own hair. She told me after I took the picture, that she had been along to see Sheila at NSHR, who came here two weeks ago, demonstrating their hair techniques. She has made Millie a front hairpiece which looks completely natural and Millie is very pleased with it, so well done Sheila this is a good advert for your business.
I will not be at the club next wednesday, just after Sparkle, so Genevieve, shown here on the right, will be looking after the club that evening. With Millie and Tina's help on the door as well of course.


Lisa and Mya

Lisa and Paula

Chloe and Tim


We had a lovely comment about the club from Mya, shown above with Lisa. She pointed out that this is the one venue where she feels comfortable coming by herself without anyone to accompany her when she happens to be alone.

The day before, ie Tuesday evening, Kristina and I had been given free tickets by Iain at Taurus to see the Ladyboys show here in Manchester. We both really enjoyed it, so Thank you Iain for your generosity, it was a good night out.

Kristina and Mary

Wed 27th June 2012

Millie and Joan

This week we had nothing special laid on for the first time for several weeks but this doesn't stop Cate and Joan from making the effort to get here. Cate really needs an electric wheelchair now but she is having to wait till she is able to get a flat with wide internal doors before they will give her one. She is finding this very frustrating as it severely restricts her ability to get about. I hope this situation is resolved soon.
Meanwhile Millie is getting more and more adventurous with her skirt lengths as you can see in the picture below, left.





Sheila and Kelly

It was great to see Sheila and Kelly come in again this week as they are still fairly new to the club. They were on holiday in North Wales so came over for the evening from their caravan. As they dont yet know many people I introduced them to Nicky early in the evening and was pleased to find then still chatting away together at the end. I caught up with them later, still together in Paddy's Goose so they must have had plenty to talk about.
It turns out that Kelly is a singer and is willing to get involved in an entertainment evening at some point. Perhaps in september.



I enjoyed a lot chat with Lexi, shown here on the left, and a few days later she was the only person who emailed me to say that the website was down. So thanks Lexi, I eventually managed to fix it with the help of Vanessa who was on holiday on Jura at the time.
It was good to see Marishka here again, this time with her partner which is very encouraging for her. I hope she enjoyed her visit. I only photograph partners if they volunteer so here is Marishka along with our two most beautiful members, Isabelle and Mya to keep her company.

Isabelle, Marishka and Mya

Wed 20th June 2012

Sheila and Maureen

This week we had the ladies from the NSHR hair replacement service with us again. Sheila and Holly came last time but this time sheila was accompanied by Maureen as apparently Holly has one arm in plaster. I hope she gets better soon, but meanwhile we had the pleasure of Maureen's company and expertise. I think she enjoyed her evening.
The photo on the right shows them with Jayne who we haven't seen for very many weeks so it was good to see her and catch up with her life. She is enjoying her new job looking after people in the community and seems very happy.

Sheila, Maureen and Jayne

Linda with her new handbag

Linda, on the left, who comes along every two weeks now, was very happy to show off her new handbag, so here it is. It looks a really useful size.
We had two people join the club this evening. The first one was Suzanne, shown here on the right, so welcome Suzanne, I hope you manage to get here often and make many new friends.
The second was Kay who came in later in the evening and I haven't taken a photo yet as she was not yet ready for that. Kay is hard of hearing so I hope many of you will make the effort to talk to her as she a very sociable person with a positive outlook on life and wants to make some friends.


Adrienne and Caroline

Caroline, had emailed Genevieve earlier saying that she was bringing a new girl along this evening, so we were pleased to see them when they came into Villaggio's early in the evening for a meal. So welcome Adrienne, shown here on the left with Caroline. I know you are both from the south but I hope you can get here again soon.
Another visitor we had was the lady on the right who I met last year at Harrogate which gives me even less excuse for forgetting her name but that is no reason to omit her picture. I am sure someone will put me right. She has now written and told me her name.



Mandy and Mary

Millie and Paula

The short skirt competition looked as though it was being won by Paula standing right next to Millie, but you never know, if we all stood together it may not be so clearcut.


Kirsty and Lynn



Milli and Frances

Didi and Tanya

Beckie, Stuart and Karen

Finally, it was great to see Beckie and Stuart come in to the club with Karen. All three of them have been working hard to make this years Sparkle the best ever so we owe them a great vote of thanks. Beckie is from London so can only get here occasionally but this doesn't stop her from really getting involved.
Stuart is the very tranny friendly owner of Icon Bar and has been helping Karen spread the word about sparkle to all the businesses in the village with great success, so well done to all three of you.

Next week is a normal club evening so I hope to see you there, Mary.

PS. If any of you are members of Manchester Concord but are not receiving any emails from me, then it could be that the email address you have given us is now not working or has been changed. Why not check by sending me an email from your preferred address giving your name and membership number.









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