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Wednesday 13th June 2012


As you can probably tell from these photos, we had a red dress theme for this evening. I am delighted to see the response we get as most people seem to have red somewhere in their wardrobe.
We should thank John for taking the two photos above. I asked himk to take them as he was one of the few of us not in a red dress. He is shown in the photo below having come straight from work to the club. I am really pleased to see him making use of the club as his social outlet. Being a Transman from a foreign country can make for a lonely life which John fills by working very long hours.

Genevieve, Kate and Mandy

Kayleigh, John, Kate and I'm not sure, sorry.

Julia and Danni

Mandy, Milli and Genevieve

Sheila and Kelly

It is very pleasing to see supportive partners here at the club who are also willing to take part and allow me to put their photos on this website. Thanks Sheila, Kelly you are a very lucky person.
As soon as they came in the door this evening they got asked to join in the group photos above and happily took part.
For whatever reason, not everyone can take part in the colour theme but this doesn't stop their photos appearing here when they look this good.



Jane has been a member of Concord for a long time but we dont see her very often these days so it is good to see her when she can make it.
She was her usual cheerful self even though she had just come back from a holiday in the Canary islands where just about anything that could go wrong did go wrong. It started with her knee swelling up as she was getting into the taxi to take her to the airport. She didn't let this stop her from going, using a wheel chair to get to the plane. Once there she hired a motorised vehicle to help her get around and at some point succeeded in crashing it. There were several other things that went wrong and I cant remember all the details but they all failed to stop her enjoying the holiday. If you get a chance have a chat with her and I am sure she will give you all the details.

Finally next week we are having the girls from NSHR with us to advise and help with your wigs. Holly cant make it next week so Sheila will be accompanied by someone else to help out.

Wednesday 6th June 2012

Danni and Gill

Make up area

Mischa and Elaine

Group photo at the end of the evening

This evening we had Gill Springay with us to give makeup advice accompanied by Mischa and her friend Elaine. Unfortunately Sian was not able to appear this time but hopefully will be available when they come again on August the 8th.
Gill will be available during the Sparkle weekend to do makeovers for people, either in the LGF building or else in the park where she will be supported by Mischa.
See the Sparkle website for details of the LGF timetable and booking arrangements.

Sorry I cant remember your name


The previous Sunday evening I attended the "Sparkle party" organised by Liz, shown here on the left in conjunction with the "Knitting and Crochet club" in Stockport who provide the burlesque entertainment.
It was a fabulous evening attended by nearly 100 people and they raised well over £200 for Sparkle.
It was an ideal testbed for the Friday evening party being organised by Liz for the Sparkle weekend on July the 13th. I look forward to being there, make sure you are too. Below are a few scenes from that evening.


Chloe, Mandy, Frances, Genevieve and John

One of the other jobs that falls to us for Sparkle, is sending out advisory letter to all the people that live in the flats round the park where the event is held. There are almost 200 so the easiest way to get all the letters prepared and labelled etc is to have a working party to do it. So here we all are, hard at work, getting the job done in just over 20 minutes. It is amazing what can be achieved when there is enough labour available.

Lynn, Phoebe, Joanne, Joanne and Chloe

Two of the people working with us this evening had only joined us for the first time tonight, so I hope being coerced into helping with this job has not put them off.
They are Joanne, shown here at this end of the table on the left and Phoebe on the right.
As they both subsequently paid their membership fee to join the club, it doesn't seem to have deterred them. Welcome to you both, I hope this is just the start of your new adventure into our world.
My thanks to all who took part in the working party, it does make such a difference to get this help.

Paula and Lisa


Cate and Cate


John and Haley

Haley and Mary

Haley and Kirsten

Haley, our student member from Asia, came in this evening with Kirsten, having just come back from a visit to Germany. This will also be a rare visit as she is just off to Paris and then going on a cruise before returning home for a few weeks. She plans to be back in September for her final year at university.
Nicola amd Lisa, here on the right are rare visitors to Manchester and had popped in to get tickets for our Sparkle Gala dinner. I was sorry to have to tell them that the event is now sold out, but I have their names down on a list just in case any tickets get returned.
Finally next week we are having a RED DRESS theme evening so I hope many of you will come along and give us a real splash of RED.

Nicola and Lisa

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Linda, victoria and Caroline

This evening we had Linda and Victoria with us selling wigs, jewellery and other accessories. Shown here on the right with our newest member Caroline browsing their wares.
They also run a stall one a month in Churchills bar on a wednesday evening. See their website for further details itsglitzamdglam
They said they enjoyed their evening and have booked to come back again on wednesday the25th of July.

Victoria and Linda

Marieanne and Jenny

Marieanne and Jenny are shown here on the left with Marieanne having had her own hair styled for the evening looking superb.
All the girls shown on the right came into the club early in the evening but later went as a party to sample the delights of the Cloud 23 bar at the top of the tallest tower in Manchester. They had an enjoyable time there getting the full view of Manchester at night but I am told that the bar prices meant that they did not stay the whole evening.

Jenny,Sam.Marieanne, Pauline and Vida

Joan, Karen, Helena, Mandy, Genevieve and milli

Here on the left is another group of girls who were all here early in the evening and I was able to marshal them for a photo.
It was a very warm evening so I decided to wear my new multicoloured top that I happened to see in the Bon Prix catalogue last week while I was buying a new red dress for our evening in a couple of weeks time. This top fits me very well so I was very pleased with it when it came. I hope it is not too over the top.


Lesley and Lynn

I was delighted to see Lesley come into the club this evening as she has not been for several weeks and I was wondering if she was OK. She has now given up her job cleaning the trams at night and is having a few weeks rest before she decides what she will do next. She is shown here with our newest member Caroline, who joined this week .
On the right we have Lynn who joined us two weeks ago and is now starting to find her feet with us and enjoying the experience.


Isabelle, Sabrina and Mya

Michaela and Fiona

Milli and Elaine

Lisa and Pippa

Kayleigh and Nicky

Helena and Danni

Kate and Genevieve

Millie and Paula

Cindy and Mary

Next week we will have Gill Springay here with us again along with Sian and Mischa so do come and make use of their services. Also both Millie, shown above, and Tina who normally look after the door for us will both be on holiday for the next two weeks, so we will be needing volunteers to help look after the door during that time.
Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Chloe, Tina and Millie

This was a normal club week with nothing special laid on but still it is keeping busy, with a good atmosphere keeping going right up to 11 pm.
On the left we have Millie and Tina doing their duty, as always, looking after the door while being chatted up by Chloe and on the right we have them both standing up to show off their dresses. The variety they both have is amazing as they hardly ever seem to repeat on a wednesday evening.

Tina and Millie

Michelle and Louise

Michelle now always comes along with her new partner Louise and I was delighted when they both stood up and asked me to include them as a pair in this blog. Louise has always been very accepting of Michelle and it is good to see how happy Michelle is with her support.
John, on the right with Kira, joined us a couple of weeks ago, and I am glad to see him come back and enjoy another evening with us. He spends nearly all his time working as he has few friends, so a bit of socialising like this is just what he needs. Long may it continue.

John and Kayleigh


Vanessa and Frances



Lisa and Paula


Karen, shown above on the left, is taking lots of responsibility for Sparkle this year, so it is good to see her relax in the club. We all owe her our thanks for organising the Sparkle Gala Dinner including all the entertainment that is planned, plus she is providing the stage for both the Friday and Saturday evening events and it will have to be moved and re-erected with a different height on the Saturday ready for the Gala Dinner entertainment.
This coming wednesday we will have Linda amd Victoria with us selling lots of goodies and also providing a wig rejuvenation service, so do come along and make use of them.
Wednesday 16th May 2012

Karen and Helena

This evening Karen came along to sell some more of her remaining stock of Avon cosmetics for the benefit of the club. She raised £51 during the evening which has now gone into our bank account, so thank you Karen, you are a star.
On the right we have Paula with her friend just before they headed off for another meal so that she can report on it for our benefit in the forum. What a sacrifice she makes for her friends.

Paula friend and Lisa

Lisa and Lynn

We had three new people come along this evening but I have only got a photo of one of them so far. Here is Lisa with Lynn who was here for the first time already relaxing in our company. Welcome Lynn we are glad to have you with us.
It is always good to see Catherine and Joan come in and here they are again after a very short time. I think the gaps away rather depend on Joan's work pattern as she cant make it every week.

Joan and Catherine


Tany and Kirsten



Isabelle and Mya


I am sorry this blog is a little late this week, but I have been very busy at home. Hopefully it is better late than never. Next week is just a normal club night and the following week we will have Linda and Victoria with lots of goodies for sale plus they are offering a wig sprucing service. See our comingevents page for more details.
Wednesday 9th May 2012

Miguel with Mary

This evening we had Miguel from the thursday evening Salsa group Out2Dance come along and give an introductory lesson to quite a number of girls who all seemed to enjoy the experience.
Miguel is a charming man who knows how to encourage people to give it a go and then keep at it. There were quite a few people who were pretty tired by the end of the session.
I would now value peoples opinions about whether they would like to repeat this kind of activity at the club as this is something that we have not done before.
Below I have included a number of pictures showing some of the people who took part.

I would like to thank Miguel for giving us such an enjoyable experience.

Lee, Margaret, Lucy, Joan and Liz

Liz, shown here on the left, has now been made an honary member of Concord as a thank you for all the work she is doing in the aid of Sparkle and the transgender community in general. This evening she managed to get a working party to help her add information to tickets for a do she is arranging to aid Sparkle.
This information had been omitted in error by the printers. Two members of this party, Margaret and Lucy, were here for the first time this evening but still willingly agreed to help. Lucy has now joined Concord.
I managed to catch Paula and her friend just as they were slipping off for another meal to report on, for the club. They had both chosen their outfits completely independently and were very surprised to find they had such a good colour match.

Paula and her piscatorian friend


Esther last came to the club just before she went back home where she planned to tell her mother about herself. I am happy to report that it all went OK and her mother is very supportive of her. It was great to see her back and look forward to seeing her a lot more in the future.
Karen, shown here on the right, has recently had her own hair cut and dyed in a ladies style as she is now Karen for most of the time. This really suits her and we wish her all the best as she starts on the road to be Karen full time.



Lisa and Julia



Marieanne, Jenny and Frances

Misha and Mandy

Tanya and Genevieve

Pippa and Millie


It is odd how names crop up. As you can see above we now have two Pippa's and they have both joined the club this calender year, but we have had none before that.

This coming wednesday we will have Karen with us selling off more of her Avon stock in aid of the club.

On Friday the 18th the Rem Laser Clinic in Bolton are holding a special evening for us girls to enable us to see the process involved in Laser hair removal. It would be great if quite a number of us could get there as they are making a real effort for our benefit. Please see the coming events page for more details.

Wednesday 2nd May 2012

Sian, Gill and Mischa

Gill and Mya



As you can see we had Gill and her team with us again this evening providing a very helpful service to many of our members, including some newcomers. The three of them make a good team and it is a pleasure to have their company. Sian is a stickler for the matching look and insisted on doing all Mischa's finger nails even when one was bandaged up.
They will be here again on June the 6th so if any of you wish to take advantage of their expertise put that date in your diary and come along to see them.

The nails have to match on all the fingers.

John and Genevieve



We had a number of new people join us this evening and it is a real pleasure for us to make them all welcome. John, shown above with Genevieve, is our first Female to Male to join us for some time, but I am glad to say he enjoyed the evening with lots of good company and has now joined Manchester Concord. I hope we see him here again many times and that he can persuade others like himself to come and spend evenings with us. Villaggio's really is a very acceptable venue for social evenings.
Pippa also joined us, but I failed to get a photo before she left so when I mentioned this she offered to send me her picture from her facebook page, so here it is. Welcome Pippa I hope to see you again soon.
Binky had written to me a few times before coming along as she said she was quite shy and not good at mixing, but having got here she felt so relaxed that all her shyness disappeared and she spoke to many people during the evening and has now also joined the club.
There were also two other newcomers but I failed to get suitable photos so hopefully they will appear here later.


It was really nice to meet Teresa again after a long absence. She was here with her partner on holiday in England as they have now retired and live in Malaysia where they plan to stay for a few years while they explore Asia. It is fantastic to hear about retired people really enjoying life after all their hard work and you really dont look old enough. They hope to be here this wednesday as well.
Millie, on the right, is such a loyal member to the club, happily looking after the door for us each week she is here, even though she doesn't want to be on the committee. We all owe her many thanks for the effort she put in. Thanks Millie.


It was very busy again this evening, with a fantastic atmosphere, which I am sure is helped by the quality of the venue. Here are many photos of some of the people who came.


Lisa and Paula at the bar



Misha and Tanya


Vanessa and Frances




This coming wednesday, the 9th of May, we have Miguel from "OUT to DANCE" here to teach some of you a bit of Salsa dancing. Do come along and give it a try. One of our members Pippa is now a regular attender at the classes and really enjoys them but sadly she will be away this week so cant be here to encourage you.
See the Out2Dance website for details of the classes.


Wednesday 25th April 2012

Sheila and Holly

This evening we had Sheila and Holly from NSHR ltd, who came along to sell wigs and also offer a service to restyle old wigs that any of us may have that we are not happy with. They can cut and reset them using steam and they demonstrated their technique during the evening. They have agreed to return on wednesday the 20th of June so you will get a chance to see them again or you can email Sheila at
We were also visited by Saima and Katie, shown here on the right who run the REM Laser clinic. They haven't been to the club since we were at the Rembrandt so it was good to see them again. They are proposing to run a demonstration evening at their clinic on Friday the 18th of May. I will publish more details when I get them.

Saima and Katie

As well as having Sheila and Holly with us we also had a Pink and Black colour theme evening so here is a photo of those who had followed the theme and were in the club at around 20.00 hours. I notice Tina has some green as well but she also had a lot of pink and black so we will let her off.
Pauline, on the right had a nice idea with the pink being in her umbrella instead of the dress.
As they didn't all get in the group photo here are most of the others who followed the theme.


Beverley and Chloe

Karen and Millie


Misha and Genevieve

Misha, Tanya and Kirsten



Bar view


The room we meet in is divided into two parts by a central brick edifice, so it is easy to forget to go to the bar end when taking the photos for the evening. Here is a general view of the bar area at the far end. This is where I found Cate and Joan seated comfortably. It is good to see Cate when she can make it and I do hope that her visits to the club, with the help of Joan, manage to cheer her up, at least for a short while, as life is getting harder for her as the MS progresses.




I have not been feeling well for the last few weeks and have had a sore throat for most of that time. It has finally gone and I am now very much better, so last tuesday I went into Villaggio's and tidied up the changing room, bringing all the tools etc that I had left there, home and taking the large screen round to Karen's for her to put on Ebay as we no longer need it thanks to the generosity of Joan. The screen we had at the Rembrandt was too large for the space at Villaggio's and Joan has donated a smaller one that does the job very well. Thank you Joan you are an Angel.
The one remaining asset that we needed in the changing room was a long table that we could use to put our bags on while we get dressed, but with a shelf underneath that can be used to store our bags during the evening, leaving space for later arrivals, as the room is too small if we let it get cluttered.
So on my way home I decided to call in at a second hand shop in Walley Range that I visited once many years ago to try to find extra shelving for our cupboard in the Hollywood. When I got there I was delighted to find that it is a real Aladins cave full up from floor to ceiling with every kind of furniture imaginable. Quite a fun place to visit if you like that sort of thing. Anyway, just as I went in, I spotted two office tables that looked as though they might be suitable. I walked the full length of the store to see if there was anything better but failed to spot anything else so I asked the proprieter how much he wanted for the two table and was pleased to find that he was happy with £25 for the pair. I took them home and found that they are actually ideal for the job with thin metal legs at the corners taking up the minimum amount of space but strong enough to fix a shelf halfway up, so that we now have the floor and the shelf under the tables to store our bags once we are dressed. The total length of the two tables together is 7ft6" which is ideal for the size of the room so we now have it set up about as comfortably as we can make it.

I would now ask people to please put their bags underneath the tables once they are dressed, leaving the floor area clear so that later arrivals still have the space they need.

Next wednesday, the 2nd of May we have Gill Springay, "The Makeover Girl" coming with her team of Micsha and Sian to give makeup and product advice so do come along and take advantage of this service.

Wednesday 18th April 2012


This evening we had three new people come along and join the club. The first girl Mandy, wrote to me a few times to make arrangements and she brought along a huge chocolate cake as it was also her birthday. This went down very well as it was very tasty, but there was still some left for her to take home at the end of the evening.
Unfortunately she did not want her picture to appear on the internet so I have not included her photo here. But she stayed all evening and made friends with Emma, shown on the right enjoying a meal in the club, as this facility is now available.


Caroline and Tanya

Our next newcomer was Tanya who had made friends with Caroline from London, on TVchix and she agreed to bring her along the next time she was here which was this evening. They both came in for the evening meal downstairs before the meeting starts so we had a chance to talk over our food.
Tanya is a very extrovert character who is learning to be a professional singer so, you never know, she may try to get some of the rest of us singing as well. Caroline and I go back a long way as she went to the same school as my wife's brother. I wont say how long ago that was.

Our third newcomer was Misha, shown here on the right.. Misha found us by visiting the LGF and asking if there was anywhere that ran social evenings in Manchester for T girls. I am glad to say that she was advised to come along to us and she also joined us for the meal downstairs before the club opened.
I am sad to say that she leads quite a lonely life, as she does not have a job at present, so a bit of socialising is just what she needs.
She is very easy to talk to and I really enjoyed her company so I hope she is able to keep coming to the club and make some other friends.
She came along to Paddy's Goose after the end of our meeting so I finished up taking Genevieve, Kristina and Misha home at the end of the evening as they had all stayed out so late.


Genevieve, Mandy and Pauline

As you can see, eating in the club is becoming quite popular and this has the effect of keeping more people with us for a longer time as they now dont have to go out to find food if they dont want to.The club was busy all evening but I was told by Vanessa that when she went round the village she found that everywhere else was very quiet.
We seemed to be the busiest place around which is very satisfying for us.

Marishka, Mya and Isabelle

Kate and Tanya

Caroline and Chloe

Jane and Kristina


Millie and Vicky



Here we have a selection from all those who attended this week. On the right we have Paula who tells me that she had just bought this dress in Jane Norman's sale in the Arndale. She looks stunning in it but as next week we are having a Pink and Black theme night,it might have been best if she had kept it till than as it fits the theme perfectly. Maybe it will just have to be two weeks in a row.

SO, next week we are having the PINK and BLACK theme as well as having the two ladies from NSHR who are coming with a selection of wigs but are also offering a wig refurbishing service to rejuvenate your old wigs. So do bring some along and we will see what they can do.


Wednesday 11th April 2012

Jess, Susie and Joan

It was great to welcome Jess to the club for the first time this evening and we should thank Joan for making her first visit easier by agreeing to meet her outside the club and bring her in to show her the ropes.
I am sure there are many nervous people out there who would like to come along to the club but are nervous of making the first step. Please just put a guests entry on our forum or write to and we will make sure that your first visit is nothing to worry about.
I heard rumours this evening that there was a beautiful blonde tall girl seen walking down canal street wearing long red tights and lo and behold who should come in soon after we opened but our lovely Milli.


Linda and Milli

Milli then very quickly sat down with Linda where they had a long chat before posing for this photograph.
We are seeing more of Jane Maybe recently which is good. She popped in this evening just before she was due to start work looking very Chic. I had to admit that I had not realised that she has been living and working as Jane for over two years now. It is great that she is confidently working as a supervisor looking this good and holding her own in a mans world. Congratulations Jane you are doing yourself proud.

Jane Maybe

Pauline and Sarah

I am always pleased to see Pauline, shown here with Sarah, come in to the club. She works hard in the background on the Transtastic website and doesn't get out as much as she would like but is always very supportive of the club.
Kavina, shown on the right with Georgina was with us for the first time this evening. She tells me that her name was suggested by a friend and initially she rejected it but then decided she rather liked it as it is unusual.

Kavina and Georgina

Marolyn and Genevieve

Lisa and Susie


Millie, Alex, Jane, Helena and Daniella

The real advantage of Villaggio's over NyNy is that people can sit comfortable round table like this and have group discussions where everyone can see and hear what is going on. This is what being with a group of friends is all about.
This coming wednesday, the 18th, is a normal club evening but the following week, the 25th we are having a Pink and Black theme night and Holly and Sheila from NSHR will be here selling wigs and offering restyling for your old wigs. See the coming events page for more details.
Finally, it was Ladies day at Aintree last weekend and guess who attended. Here are a few pics to show she was there.


Paula feelig very safe

Paula well Guarded

Paula on stage

That was a stunning dress Paula and I notice this year we cant see the tattoo. Probably a good idea to make a change.
I cant imagine what was going on, on the stage, but you were certainly in the limelight and you even picked up the odd celebrity in Captain Slow. When are you going to appear on Top Gear?

Paula and Captain Slow

Wednesday 4th April 2012

Sian and Pauline

This evening we had Gill Springay with us again, along with a new friend Sian who has recently started training as a make up artist and wished to come along and gain some more practise.
She duly got plenty of practise during the evening and can be seen here working with Pauline. At the end I said that she was welcome to come along to the club whenever she could so I hope we get the chance to see a lot more of her here.
As usual Gill enjoyed her evening and has booked to come back again on the second of May.

Sian and Pauline again

Chrissy and Felix

Early in the evening we were visited by Chrissy and Felix who just came in for a quick drink and then proceeded to stay for most of the evening. I think they must have enjoyed our company so well done to all those who spent time with them.
Felix is one of the founder members of MORF so I tried to encourage him to try to persuade a few more of the MORF members to come and spend time with us. We will have to wait and see.

Paula and Katie

Mandy and Helena


Katie from the back


Cate, Diane and Paula


Kyrsten and Hayley

Sabrina, Rachel and Nicky


It was a lovely surprise to see Kyrsten and Hayley come in this evening as I have not seen them for quite a long time. But I am glad they are still here in Manchester and hope they can manage to find the time to visit us more often. Hayley is working very hard as a student and does not feel able to get out very often.
In the middle picture we have Nicky on the end who joined us for the first time this evening and was being very well looked after by Sabrina and Rachel, who are both newish members of the club but were very ably carrying on our tradition of helping our newer members to feel comfortable and enjoy their visit.

Finally this coming wednesday the 11th of April will be a normal club evening.

Wednesday 28th March 2012
This evening we held our Annual General Meeting and were very sorry to report that Vanessa has decided to give up her membership of the committee after giving us such a lot of useful and energetic service.
She is shown here with bottle of wine given as a thank you from the club beside Paula who happened to win the club raffle this evening. So they were both winners.
Our rules state that we can have a max of 8 committee members and Vanessa's resignation meant that we were two short. Genevieve and Pauline Sometime had both agreed to be candidates for the committee so they have now joined us to bring us up to strength.
Information about them and their pictures will appear on the committee page in due course, but I have had a really bad chest cold since the meeting followed by Conjunctivits and this has stopped me doing anything useful since then. I think I am at last recovering and still hope to be at the meeting on the 4th of April.

Marishka with Karen in the background.

Marishka, shown here on the left, came in to the club for the first time this evening and valiantly sat through the AGM before we were free to talk to her properly and make her welcome. She was not put out at all and has now joined Concord as a member, so Welcome Marishka, what a fantastic name.
Genevieve, who has now just joined our committee, is shown here on the right with Vicky and Mandy.
For some unknown reason, pure forgetfulness I think, I failed to take a photo of Pauline Sometime so it will have to wait till next week.

Genevieve, Vicky and Mandy

Danni and Julia

Michaela, Frances and Pauline


Didi, Isabelle and Mya

Danni, top left, along with Julia both look stunning. Danni's tights really look good with that dress. Julia has rejoined Concord after a two year gap, so welcome back Julia at was good to see you here again.
Mya and Isabelle have become really close friends since Mya joined the club a few weeks ago and Isabelle has at last moved out of her parents home and is really enjoying her new found freedom. Good luck to you both, it is great to see you enjoying life.

Finally dont forget that Gill Springay will be here on wednesday the 4th of April and she is bringing a friend with her who is also available to do makeovers. Do come and make the most of their talents.

Wednesday 21st March 2012

Kristina and Jennifer

This evening we had the pleasure of Jennifer's company again, from "Changing Faces". Here she is discussing products with Kristina. She is going to open a salon in Salford fairly soon so members will be able to go along and get various treatments there. I will let you know when it opens but before then she is still available to visit you in the Manchester area if you wish.
It was also a nice surprise to see Cate coming into Villaggio's downstairs earlier this evening having been driven in by her friend Joan , without whom she would be completely stuck, as she can no longer drive the distance to Manchester from her home.
She also now needs an electric wheelchair but cannot be given one until she finds a flat with wider doors.

Cate and Frances

Lisa and Lauren

On the left we have Lisa being served by Lauren who is really enjoying serving us and making friends with everybody.
On the right we have Danni and Michelle. Danni has, at long last, finally joined Manchester Concord having been a member of Northern Concord many years ago, but let things lapse as her children and work took over her life. It is good to see you back with us.
We are still working on fitting up this room at Villaggio's with the items we need and for the projector I happened to mention that we could do with some channelling and Michelle immediately came to my rescue by offering to give us some that she happens to have spare. So thanks Michelle, I have now collected it from you and it will get used soon.

Danni and Michelle


Genevieve and Danyella


Vanessa and Joan



Liz, Sophie, Joanne and Linda

Liz, shown here on the left is organising the Friday evening event at Sparkle this year. Sadly I have just heard that she is ill in Hospital.
I would like to express our good wishes to her and hope you get better soon Liz.

Finally can I remind you that this coming wednesday the 28th of March we are holding our AGM at Villaggio's starting at 7.30 till around 8.30 in the evening.

I apologise for the lateness of this blog entry, I have not been well myself for the last few days but hope to be OK for wednesday. Mary

Wednesday 14th March 2012

Ruby's Stockings & Tights Stall

This evening we had a stall offering many tights, stockings and knickers supplied by our member Ruby. These were very good value at only a fraction of their price in the shops.
Ruby is a material manufacturer and is working on getting some tights made that she will package into very small bags so that ladies can easily keep them as an emergency pair in their handbags.
Hence her trade name SOS Nylons, watch this space.

Close up showing Ruby and Sally

Lauren and Leanne

Linda and Lauren

Linda, Paula and Leanne

Mandy and Jessica

Last week I forgot to take any photos at the other end of the room next to the bar, so here are a few, including a couple showing Lauren, our very helpful manageress who is currently looking after the bar for us.
Let us hope she is able to continue doing this as she is really enjoying doing it and she tells me that she is now working on remembering everyone's names and what drinks they like. With this amount of committment she will go far, but we already dont want to loose her. Thank you Lauren for helping to give us such a pleasant environment. I noticed that she was also serving food to some of our members upstairs here during our meeting, so that is a new extra as well.



When Ruby arrived this evening she was accompanied by several ladies including Sally, Louise and Rachel who were very useful to help her carry all her stock from the car as it is not possible to park very near Villaggio's because Canal Street is pedestrian only.
For Louise it was her first time here and she spent the evening getting a feel of the club which she thoroughly enjoyed and I hope we will see her back here again shortly. I didn't get a photo of Rachel as she went earlier than the others but I hope she also comes back again soon.
I took Sally's photo behind the bar with Ruby but I thought her tights warranted and extra picture.



Joanne and Tina

Steff and Linda


It was good to see Beckie with us again, up from London on business but raring to have a good night out.
Vida, our ex treasurer has now got her parents settled in a home together, so she is able to visit us more often now.
Everyone who has so far visited our new home has been pleased with the venue so things are looking good for the future.
I was out last friday evening in Taurus and couldn't help noticing Marolyn and Wayne out together parading up and down Canal street, so when I met them a bit later on I took the photo below.

Joanne and Georgina

Wayne and Marolyn

Marolyn came into the club later this evening and told me that they are now running a late evening club in NewYork NewYork starting after 11pm and giving out free sandwiches at some point. So why dont some of you go and give it a try one wednesday evening after we finish here.

Finally next week we have Jennifer and Tasmin from "Changing Faces" coming back and this time she is going to show how she does eyebrows having got a volunteer this evening. See our Coming events page for more details.

Wednesday 7th March 2012

Tina, Pauline, Alison, Frances, Pauline and Millie

WELL, what can I say, we have emerged into the light again. The atmosphere here in Villaggio's is bright warm and comfortable. The room is split into two halves and so far I have failed to take any pictures in the half where the bar is so I will remedy that next week. We had around 60 people come along during the evening and everyone agreed that this was a good move. As you can see from these two pictures people are able to sit and talk in comfort, including those looking after the door

Jessica, Sabrina, Didi, Mya and Rachel

It is always nice when new people come along and join us so it was great to welcome Kelly and her partner Sheila who had found us on the internet and decided to give us a try. Kelly is now member number 445 so they obviously enjoyed the experience and we hope to see them again very soon.
Liz, who is running the friday evening event at Sparkle, had brought along the new Sparkle badges she has had made. On the right we have Karen and Emma who are loaded up, ready to go out round the bars in the village distributing them for sale by willing landlords who have already agreed to help us raise funds for Sparkle.


Lucy and Helena


Jeannie and Rachel


Kate and Pauline


Milli and Lisa



Above are a small selection of those who joined us for our first evening here at Villaggio's. I just managed to catch Paula before she went out for another meal. I dont know where she put the food, I think it must just go to her bust.
Our reliable door lady Millie is never one for the shy and retiring look and here she is wearing another matching outfit with shoes tights and dress all co-ordinated.
Next week we have our member RUBY coming along to show her new range of tights etc that she is now selling so do come along and see what she has to offer.
Wednesday 29 February 2012
This evening was our final meeting at NewYork NewYork so we had decided to hold it as a Ladies at the races day to help raise some money for Christies Hospital which is the charity being supported by all the Staff at NewYork NewYork.
Here are some of the ladies who came with hats including Karen who was wearing a Fascinator the same colour as the background so you cant see it in this picture.
Karen organised 10 races shown on videos and these managed to raise £132 for Christies with the very active help of Wayne, our barman, who loved it.
Some ladies wearing hats were not here when we took the group photo so they are shown here plus a few of the group taken as individuals. But interestingly, Caprice shown below was only visiting the club for the first time and had no idea of our theme for the evening.


Kate and Rachel


Kate and Mandy



Genevieve and Gill

Above is Karen just getting ready to start the next race and we still cant see her hat but no matter, she worked really hard this evening and deserves our thanks for her efforts.
As well as the theme we also had Gill Springay with us shown here with Genevieve and she can also be seen doing someone's makeup in the background of the larger group photo. She has booked to come again on the 4th of April.

Jane and Anne

Genevieve and Carla


Ann ,shown with Jane above was new this evening as was Carla shown with Genevieve. Carla got taken out this evening and appears to have really enjoyed herself as she has written a much appreciated letter of thanks on the forum earlier this week. Jessica on the end has recently changed her name to Jessica from Carla. I am glad she told me and will try my best not to forget it.





Katie and Lisa


Isabelle and Mya

Kathy, Marolyn, Jo and Fredwina

Jo and Fredwina

Changing room at Villaggio's

So now we move on to Villagio's starting on wednesday March the 7th. We have been working to get the changing room ready to use so here on the left is a picture of the mirror unit that as you can see is now fit for purpose, to allow three people to do their make up at the same time. There will be a table in the middle of the room to put you bags on while you get ready and then please leave them under the table out of the way while others use the room.

I look forward to seeing many of you there on wednesday.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Nia, Jenny and Rachel

Right at the start of the evening we had a new girl Rachel come in with her partner. She is shown here on the left with two other new girls who came in very soon after them, Nia and Jenny.
It is always great to welcome new people so I hope we see a lot more of you all in the future. Rachel came from quite a distance but has joined the club straight away so that is a good sign.
Pippa, shown on the right, came for the first time last week and this week she has not only come along wearing an outfit that followed our Black and White theme for the evening but also joined the club, so welcome Pippa. I saw you out in Paddy's Goose later in the evening with several other members enjoying yourself so it looks as though your confidence is building very quickly.


Black and White Group

As we had a Black and White theme this evening I took a photo at around 8 pm to try to include all the people who had come dressed in the theme at that time, so here they are on the left. This was bound to leave out all those who came in later so I have just included the here as individuals as they appeared. I just managed to catch Paula as she was dashing off for another meal out to report for our delectation in the forum.
I some of you haven't seen Paula's reports you really should go onto the forum and have a read. They are amusing as well as giving ideas on where to go and eat that many of us could follow.


Pauline and Millie

Millie's Shoes



Christine and Mary

Anna and Lisa

The above photos are just a few individual ones that either didn't appear in the group picture or I picked out cos I felt like it.
Below are a few more of people who were not dressed for this evening's theme but still got their photo taken.
Kate, hasm't been to the club since we left the Rembrandt for various reasons, but is now hoping to get out more often. Sylvia was new this evening but has also joined straight away, so welcome Sylvia and I hope I manage to remember your name the next time you come.




Paula and Jeanie



Lost property

As I was clearing up I came across this make up bag lying on the dresser in the changing room, so if you have lost it, you now know that I have got it and will bring it to the club next week. After that it will be kept in the cupboard in the new changing room so you can collect it next time you come along.
Finally, dont forget that we are having a "Ladies at the Races Day" next week as it is our final evening at NewYork NewYork and we will be raising money for the Christie Hospital using a video race game for a bit of fun. This is being organised by Karen so do come along and help make it a success.











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