Manchester Concord

Wednesday 6th July 2011



Saskia and Emma

This week, just before the Sparkle weekend, Saskia and Emma brought along their goodies to celebrate the official opening of their shop.
They very generously also brought along 6 bottles of Champagne to allow us to drink to the success of their venture which is now up and running near the Apollo theatre which is on the Stockport road/Hyde Road roundabout.
I would like to wish them every success in their venture. See their link here

View of their stall

Ami with Lisa in background

Sheree with Gemma seated

Nicky and Genevieve

We had a few new people come along this week and I have shown three of them here. On the left is Ami who came along by herself having seen us on our website. In the middle is Gemma who was brought along by Dee from Dee Selecta along with a few friends including Sheree shown with her. Finally Nicky shown above with Genevieve, who used to come to the club several years ago. Nicky has decided that she would like to restart the social life she had with the club, so welcome back Nicky, I hope we see a lot more of you from now on.


Blaq Ivory at the stall

Part way through the evening I couldn't help noticing this girl on the left who was looking around the stall.
When she was free I asked her if I could take another picture and here it is on the right.
She is called Blaq Ivory and she works as a DJ in Baa Bar, opposite Napoleons, every wednesday evening from 10pm to 2 am and she would love to see more "T" girls in there to enjoy her music. What can I say, give it a try, we are always looking for somewhere different.

Blaq Ivory

Helena and Danni

Simone and Paula

Lisa, Paula and Katie


Fernanda and Millie


Petra, Sue, Ami, Hanna and Martine

Towards the end of the evening we were getting more visitors into the club, perhaps because we were coming up to Sparkle. The friends on the left all came in together and were willing to have their picture taken, so here it is. I hope they all enjoyed the weekend.
Then finally it was a joy to see Donna come into the club after a long gap and here she is ready to make Sparkle a really enjoyable occasion. Lovely to see you Donna, dont make it so long next time.
Finally I apologise for the lateness of this blog entry but Sparkle really took it out of me and I am now just catching up, Mary


Wednesday 29th June 2011



Danni, Tina, Pauline and Millie

When I came through the door after our meal this evening, this vision on the left is what greeted me. So I was at least sure that we would get some people following our evening White Dress theme.

Sam, Millie, Pauline, Lisa, Tina, Mandy, Paula, Pamela & Mary

At about 7:45 we took the picture on the right, so we were building up to quite a lot of support for the theme, even though I am told that it is not an easy colour to wear.


Mary, Gill and Pamela

As you can see, we also had Gill Springay with us this evening giving help and advice on make up suitable for white dresses. She had also brought along some videos that she had made showing some of the girls that she made up last time she was here. We had a lot of trouble getting them to work as there was something wrong with the format, but Joan put in a lot of work and managed to help sort out the problem, along with Gill's partner, by re-downloading them down the internet. They were very artistic so we will show them again at various times.
Gill is also going to be available to do people's makeup by appointment on Sparkle saturday at the LGF from 10pm to 4:30 pm. She can be accessed on her mobile phone at 07845 910712 and the charge will be £15 for a half hour session. Or email her here

Genevieve and Gill


Lisa, Paula and Mandy

Millie and her shoes

Emma and Saskia

Michaela and Tina

Danni, Helena and Simone

Jeannie and Julie

Tina and Beverley

Mandy and Tina


Jeannie, shown above left with Julie came along for the first time this evening and joined the club straight away. She is now member number 399 so hopefully next week we may sign on member 400, I think a bottle of wine may be appropriate for whoever that is.
Tina above had those split trousers specially made, she always manages to look amazing.
Next week Emma and Saskia will be back selling more of their gear from the shop and then this coming weekend is Sparkle so I hope you are all ready to come and really enjoy yourselves.
Our Ball on the Saturday is now officially sold out but I do have two tickets available at present.


Wednesday 22nd June 2011




This evening was going to be a first for us as we had arranged to have some auditions for people hoping to take part in our entry for the Pride Parade at the end of August. But that was planned to begin at 9 pm so lets start the evening before then.
I was delighted to get an email earlier in the week, from Caroline, shown here on the left, to say that she would be up in Manchester again this week and we would see her again at Eden. It was good to see you again Caroline and your kind words about being among friends in Manchester are greatly appreciated.

Karen, Lisa, Paula, Milli and Helena

Anne and Michael

Karen, shown on the right had proposed that we put an entry into the Pride parade this year and has been very pro-active in getting it organised. The Parade theme is "Best of British" and the idea she put forward is to have up to 10 different people on our lorry representing 10 well known British female singers.
Each person being asked to dress like and then mime to, one of their well known songs. The idea of this evening was try to encourage as many of our members to have a go at it and Karen had invited Anne and Michael from Napoleon's to come along and act as judges and give some advice.
It was lovely to welcome them to our club as I think this is probably the first time they have been even though we have been going to Nap's for over 25 years.



Joanne and Karen


For this evening we hadn't asked the entrants to dress in the correct costume and as there is no sound on this blog it is not very easy to show how well they did. The four people above who took part all did well and showed that it could be done. We had Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Kate Bush and Petula Clark. Anne and Michael suggested that rather than having each singer miming on their own we should have hopefully 10 different singers dressed the part, but all the singers should be miming each song so that people are not expected to be doing it on their own. This is almost certainly what we will do but we do need up to 6 more people willing to take part.
We have planned a second audition evening for July the 20th and we would like people to try to dress the part by then as well so that we can get a better impression of what they will look like. If anyone needs any help with this then please let us know.


Elaine and Milli



Mary and Cindi

For next week we are having a White dress theme night and Milli shown on the left with Elaine told me that she cant come then so she has come in her white outfit this week instead.
As well as the white dress theme we are also having a visit from Gill Springay again to show how to get the best from your make up when wearing white.
Also we are still hoping for a few more volunteers for the Sparkle Saturday so if you can spare an hour please let me know.



Wednesday 15th June 2011



Vanessa, Liz, Lee and Karen

Today we were having a musical evening and when I arrived soon after 5 pm to get changed the place was already a hive of activity with all the amplification gear having been set up. Vanessa, Liz, Lee and Karen were all busy rehearsing and tuning up their instruments.
As I was getting dressed later on I was regaled by some beautiful singing from Liz which encouraged me to think that we were going to have an enjoyable evening.
The club now owns all the amplification equipment that they were using so we do wish to encourage more of our members to make good use of it and have a go at providing some entertainment for us all. If you have any musical skill then please do volunteer to have a go next time we have one of these evenings. You wont find a friendlier audience.


Meanwhile, before the music got going at 9 pm we had a task to carry out on behalf of Sparkle. One of the conditions that Manchester Council put on the organisers is that they must write to all the residents who live adjacent to Sackville park and inform them what is planned for the park on Saturday the 9th of July when there will be music playing for a large part of the day.
Manchester Concord took on this task a few years ago now, but it involves sending out 195 letters in total to include all the flats.
I brought in all the letters, envelopes, printed labels and stamps this evening and you can see here the dragooned working party we set up to get them all folded, enveloped, stamped etc. It only took just over half an hour and I think they all enjoyed mucking in, so thank you girls, job well done. The letters are now posted.

Judy, Genevieve, Mandy, Michelle, Miranda and Liz.

Judy and Miranda

Judy, shown here on the left with Miranda, wrote to me earlier this week to ask if she could visit us as she was over here from Northern Ireland on a visit. I suggested that she came along at 5 pm and joined us for our meal in Eden which she duly did. I was also delighted to see Miranda back with us again after many months when she has not been able to get out and she also joined us to eat. Then during the meal Chloe brought another visitor, Beverley, to join us from London on a visit, so welcome to you all it is always enjoyable have new people with us.


Lee, Vanessa and Liz




The entertainment got started around 9 pm with Lee and Liz giving us some songs accompanied by Vanessa on the guitar. I understand this was the first time they had performed in public and we would certainly like to see more of them.
This was then followed by Vanessa with her guitar giving us a number of songs which she really got into. I was very impressed seeing her relax and enjoy herself which immediately gets the audience going.
Karen then gave us a session on her guitar and I am sorry but I was distracted and didn't get a photo of this session, so I took her photo later on in Napoleons just to complete the set.
Finally our stalwart Marieanne sung us out with a few of her favourite songs. All the participants deserve a huge vote of thanks from us all for making such an effort to give us a show. These things dont just happen. Next time we hope that more of our members will have a go.


Marilyn and Kate

After the music was over I noticed this very attractive couple at the bar and went over to introduce myself and ask if I could take their photo. Afterwards I got talking to Marilyn and found that she has been dressing since she was 14 when she told her mother that this is what she wanted to do. Her mother was very supportive and encouraged her. She taught herself to do her own makeup by watching other people, especially while she was working at Funny Girls in Blackpool. But now she would like to move back to Manchester and work in her home town again. So welcome Marilyn and Kate, I hope we see a lot more of you in the future.


Lisa and Julie

Kristina and Genevieve

Kirtsy and Simone

Karen, Suzi, Simone and Fernanda

Towards the end of the evening member Hayley came for only the second time since she joined in December last year. I had been hoping she would come back as she is a student at the university as is Fernanda shown here with her on the right. As they are among our younger members I had wanted to introduce them to help encourage them to bring in more people in their age range. So I did introduce them and they seemed to hit it off brilliantly and went off to get to know each other at another pub. They returned later on and Hayley told me that she is just about to return home until september

Hayley and Fernanda

when she will be back to continue her studies. She also told me that the reason she had not been able to come before now is that she has always had other engagements at the college on wednesday evenings that she couldn't get out of. So she was getting very frustrated as she always wanted to return, but couldn't manage it until now, so we will have to wait until september before seeing her again. I think Fernanda was quite disappointed as Hayley is like a breath of fresh air, very cheerful and enjoys life.

Finally, dont forget that next week we are holding our first session of auditions for our Pride parade entry so I hope some of are all prepared to show us what you can do.

Last week I asked for volunteers to help with looking after our stand in the park at Sparkle and I already have a dozen names so thank you to all those who have given me their names but we do still need a few more so that we dont have to ask people to do too much. We want you all to enjoy Sparkle as well.



Saturday 11th June 2011



Frances, Vanessa, Diana, Marianne and Bev

Some weeks ago now, Marianne suggested that a group of us should go to the Ladies day at Chester races, so here are a few pictures of our day out. We had wanted a nice sunny day but as you can see from the cloudy sky it was not to be. The rain did hold off for most of the day but it definitely wasn't warm.
We were very lucky with our time of arrival as our cars finished up one behind the other right on the

Frances, Diana, Marianne, Vanessa and Mary

Marieanne and Bev

end of a row so we had plenty of space to set up our picnic tables before heading off to the course.

Bev was the brave one, ignoring the cold but Diana and Marianne couldn't face lunch without their coats and neither could the rest of us but I have no other pics.


We had tickets for the county stand, which is where all the posh people go, so naturally that was for us. We felt very superior while we were sitting in the stand to see the stewards challenging a man who wasn't wearing a jacket and tie and sending him packing for not being properly dressed. We fitted in perfectly and had no trouble with the stewards. Some of us found ourselves sitting in front of a group of people, mostly ladies, who were on their annual office outing from their council jobs in Manchester who were very friendly and really seemed to enjoy our company as we did theirs.
Just to prove that we really did go to see some horses, below are a few pictures from the stand showing the very large crowd and the last part of one of the races. I dont think any of us finished up ahead of the bookies, I know I certainly didn't. Towards the end of the afternoon we decided to accept Marianne's invitation to fresh scones with cream and jam, back at the cars so we strolled back and had a very enjoyable tea before leaving before the last race to try to avoid the crowded exodus from the course.
We had enjoyed our time so much that we decided to make a full day of it and all met up in Villagios later that evening for an excellent meal. A very pleasant day which we all agreed we should repeat.


Wednesday 8th June 2011



Pauline, Chloe, Christopher and Genevieve

The visitor we had this evening was Christopher, shown here on the left with some of the girls. Christopher is a Holistic therapist who runs a local fitness centre called
Room to Relax @ Fitness First
The Premier Inn
7-11 Lower Mosley Street
M2 3SW. Phone 07815 672235
He came along and spent some time showing different groups of people what services he had to offer so the people who were there this evening now know what is available.
I had sent out an email to advertise this event and was pleased when Courtenay on the right told me she had come in response to that letter as she wished to know about the laser treatment that is also available there.


Sarah and Jayne

It was lovely to see Sarah and Jayne come into the club as I have not seen Sarah for many months and I last saw Jayne when she visited my house with Shirley some weeks ago now.
Sarah is now well on the way down the path she has chosen, living and working full time as Sarah and still with her old job, so that is very encouraging.
Jayne has now moved house since I last saw her and is very happy with her new life. You both look beautiful and are excellent examples of how life can be for girls with the right attitude for life.
Paula came in this evening with a new girl Claire shown with her here on the right. Welcome Claire, I hope you keep coming and making other friends at the club.

Claire and Paula


Cate, shown here on the left, came along for the first time since she had her operation, under her own steam. She has now got a new car with more hand controls since she had an accident with the other one around Christmas time last year.
She has been a few times since then but each time she has been brought by Joan, shown here on the right, holding the weekly raffle prize which she won this week. Joan has been exceedingly kind to Cate going out of her way to visit her and bring her over whenever she was able. I would like to publically thank Joan on Cate's behalf for being a true friend in need.


Emma and Sammi

View of the Bar

This week was very busy with many people here for a lot of the evening. It is difficult to get a full view and this is the best I could manage.

Michelle and Mandy

Zoe and Simone

Pauline and Genevieve

Cindi and Mary


Linda and Fernanda


Next wednesday the 15th of June we are having a music evening and the following week will hold the first auditions for our entry into the Pride parade at the end of august, so I hope some of you have been getting your thinking caps on to organise which British singer you would like to represent. We look forward to seeing the results on the 22nd of June.
BUT, Sparkle is also rapidly approaching so have you all got your tickets for the Ball yet. If not then please get a move on as they will not last forever. We sold out last year well before the event.
Four of us, Vanessa, Frances, Karen and myself went along to the Place apartments last thursday afternoon and were treated to a wonderful taster of the food that will be available on the night. They have a new cook there now and the food is a huge improvement on what we had last year.
Finally we do still need volunteers to help to look after our stand in the park on the Saturday afternoon of July the 9th. We are only asking each one of you to do one hour and you will always have someone else with you so even new people should be able to represent the club that afternoon. We wont put two new people together so anyone can do it and it is great fun talking to lots of interested people.



Wednesday 1st June 2011



Emma and Saskia

This evening we had Emma and Saskia from Manchester Dressing Service here with us. They brought along many items for sale some of which can be seen in the pictures. The evening started off very quietly but soon after eight it picked up with many people coming in creating quite a buzz.
I couldn't resist buying some of their jewellery finishing up with some large earings and a new ring. I was tempted by several other items but decided that I had better stop before spending all my money, so now I will just have to go and visit their shop. See our links page for their link.


Stevie and Gill

Stevie and Gill came along for the first time this evening having come up from their home territory near Stoke to visit Saskia and Emma's new shop and finding that they were also coming to the club this evening, so they decided to come along as well. They are a much travelled pair having visited many other venues round the country so it was good to see them here in Manchester at last.
Tiff, shown on the right with Mandy was also here for the first time this evening and was happy to be photographed so here she is on the blog and I hope we see a lot more of her in the future.

Tiff and Mandy

Dee and Joanne

It was good to see Joanne back after a bit of a gap as she has not been well lately. She has now agreed to act as the Liason between Concord and the local police representatives and will now try to organise a training session for herself, myself and Vanessa to be shown how to help people with hate crime repoting.
Kirsty, on the right, has bee a couple of times before and has now joined concord as member number 392 so I hope many of you will introduce yourselves when you next bump into her at the club.


Lesley and Susie

Lisa, Paula and Sam


Fernanda and Mary



Fernanda has not been for a couple of weeks so it was good to see her back again and willing to be photographed with myself. She has also put a similar picture onto her facebook page so I am flattered. Thanks Fernanda.

NEXT week we will have a visit from Christopher Dunn who is a qualified Holistic Therapist and has a studio local to the club so he would like to encourage our members to use his services. See the coming events page for more details.



Wednesday 25th May 2011



Pauline and Gill have a quiet chat

This evening we had the pleasure of Gill's company again giving advice and demonstrating make up techniques to individual girls. She really enjoys coming to the club and has offered to return again on the 29th of June when we are having our White dress theme evening. She tells me that White clothes need careful makeup to enable you to look your best and she has offered to advise people.

Stevie and Gill

Busy bar in early evening

Early in the evening Beccy came in with two visitors from down south, Sarah and Jennifer. They had not been to the club before but spend a lot of their spare time together travelling the country visiting various venues and generally have a very enjoyable time. This is possible because they are both single and can use their time as they wish. It was lovely to see them here and we hope that they will return for the Sparkle weekend which they have not yet attended.
We had quite a busy evening with lots of people here early on with a good buzz of conversation, so below are some photos of those who were there.

Sarah, Beccy and Jennifer.


Mandy and Mary

Lisa, Helena and Elaine

Julia and Amy


Genevieve and Mandy



Gangster's Moll Millie, with those shoes.



Later in the evening Saskia came in with her friend Sammi and we spent a useful time discussing the club's entry into the Pride parade with them. We are going to have a fun evening on June the 22nd seeing who might be going to take part. See the coming events page for more details.
Saskia has recently started a dressing service only a mile away from here and she offered to set up a stall next week with her partner Emma to show what she has to offer the girls. We have taken her up on this, so do come along next week to see what goodies they have for us. Their link is now on our links page and there are some pictures on the coming events page.

Wednesday 18th May 2011



Kate, Mary, Paula, Millie, Danni, Tina and Rachel


Michaela and Frances


This evening was our Yellow Dress theme night and we had a few who made the effort, but sadly not very many. It would seem that Yellow is not a popular colour.
Even so, thank you to the people that did have a go and I think Millie on the left has to take first prize for her wonderfully old fashioned dress.
The next colour theme we are doing is a White Dress evening on the 29th of June not long before Sparkle so I hope more people will manage to find something suitable then.


Oliver and Aaron

We had a visit from Oliver and his friend Aaron this evening. Oliver is the new manager of Crunch Bar, which used to be called Crunch 2. He was anxious to meet us as he had no idea that the transvestites in the village were upset about the loss of the changing room that used to be in the old AXM. He tells me that unfortunately the room has been completely removed by the old Crunch 2 management when they converted the basement into a new bar area. If possible he would be very happy to reinstate a room elsewhere but at present he doesn't think there is any available space.
We will have to wait and see.
It was good to welcome Suzi here this evening who was brought along by Christine for the first time, although she has been out in the village for many years now.


Libby and Katie

Alex and Lucy

Genevieve and Mandy


This week we also welcomed a new girl, Michelle, who has come out for the first time and had a very enjoyable evening. She was not yet ready for a photograph but I am sure that it wont be long before she is.
On the left we have Pauline who was the raffle prize winner this evening and on the right we have Suzy who came for the first time about 4 weeks ago and is rapidly finding her feet.
Next week Gill Springay will be here again to do some more makeover lessons so come do come along and learn something.
Karen has put an announcement about our entry for the Pride parade on the Forum so do have a look at it.


Wednesday 11th May 2011



Sheree, Caroline, Mandy and Amy

This week it was a pleasure to welcome back Caroline, who visits us from "down south" when she can and Sheree who joined us for the first time last week and here she is back for more. Welcome to you both.
It was also good to see Pauline here again helping Millie at the door. Pauline comes from down in Cornwall but met millie about two years ago and now they are firm friends. Pauline has been waiting for a house to become available in a village near Preston and was here this evening ready to see it tomorrow. If it is OK she will be moving up here very soon to join us.

Millie and Pauline


Tina, shown here, came in early in the evening looking here usual glamorous self, so I couldn't resist taking these photos. The one on the left is quite relaxed but when I took the one on the right it really shows off her height and makes her look like a model in a shop window.
She tells me that she buys many of her outfits and jewellery from a shop called NewLook in Liverpool.
The bracelets shown in detail are all elasticated and came as a set at a very reasonable price, so they would suit many of us.

Tina, the model

Linda, Cate and Joan

Linda is now becoming a regular at the club again after her long absence. She has settled into a pattern of coming along once a fortnight which is financially sustainable rather than the weekly which used up too much of her money.
She has yet another new dress this week along with a new wig which suits her well.
Cate is managing to keep coming with Joan's help which is great to see, but she is still hoping to regain her independance when she gets a new car.
It was good to see Rosemary in the club again after a long gap during which she did appear in an episode of Coronation street. Welcome back.


Andrea and Katie

Michaela and Genevieve

Sarah and Jenny




Cindi and Mandy

It is always a pleasure to see Cindi come into the club and even more so when she brings Mandy with her for a night out. They both organise the very successful First Friday and Third Saturday nights out that are now happening in Leeds on a regular basis so congratulations to them for helping the community in this way. I couldn't resist having this photo taken to show off our nearly matching tights.

Please dont forget that next week we have a YELLOW dress theme night so do come along and make a splash of colour.

Mandy and Mary


Wednesday 4th May 2011



Danielle, Judy, Paula, Paula, Karen, Dawn, Mandy, Genevieve, Simone and Pauline

Today was a normal club evening, without any special theme and people have told me that they like group pictures, so here are all the people who were here at around 7:30 pm except for Millie who was busy at the door and myself taking the picture.
Steffie had been in and got changed but she went off to watch some sort of football match so wasn't here at the time. She came in later looking very happy so I assume her side won.



It was nice to see Judy back this evening as she tells me that she hasn't been for several months. I knew I hadn't seen her for some time but had not realised it was so long. Welcome back Judy.
As for Julie on the right she hasn't been coming for nearly six years. She had been looking at the Northern Concord website at intervals and was disappointed to see that meetings were no longer being held. She then spotted the Manchester Concord website and realised that the meetings were still going ahead as usual so she came along to join up again. It would be charitable if Jenny would change the front page of her website so that old NC members knew we were still going but I dont hold out much hope.


Megan, Dawn, Dee, Pauline and Sheree

It is always good to see Dee from Dee Selecta come in with her friends and newcomers. Sheree, on the right of the picture, was out for the first time this evening, so welcome Sheree, I hope we see a lot more of you in the future.
Megan and Dee had just returned from a weekend away at Bletchley having attended the Ball at the big house in Bletchley Park where all the wartime code breaking was done. It is a very elegant house with a large ballroom ideal for the ball which they thoroughly enjoyed. Next year we should make up a party and take a group there for the weekend but this could be quite expensive.


Danni and Helena

Cindi and Mary

Genevieve and Mandy




Sue, shown in the middle picture above had come over from Sheffield this evening and has asked if we will exchange links with the club she runs over there so I will do this when I get an email giving me the details.
Sammi, shown on the far right had organised the first monthly Masquerade tour of the village hotspots for this evening, so I hope it was a successful event.
Dont forget that in two weeks time we are having a Yellow theme night so you still have time to find something suitable to wow us all with.



Wednesday 27th April 2011



A few weeks ago I got an email from a student called Lizzy who said she was studying journalism and was involved in a project to produce an online transgender magazine called Alterego. She asked if she could visit the club and interview some of the members for her magazine. I suggested that she might like to join us in Eden for a meal beforehand and she accepted the invitation for this evening and duly came along soon after 5 pm. She is a very relaxed, easygoing, confident girl who seemed very happy in our company and spent the whole evening with us before she had to go and catch her train back to Sheffield. In this time she interviewed many of the members so we look forward to seeing what

Lizzy, Lisa, Paula and Paula

she has written about us and the club. She has since then written me a thank you letter saying how much she enjoyed her visit and promising to send the copy before it appears in the magazine. I have told her that she is welcome to visit us anytime and bring along the other people involved in the project if she so wishes.


Gill Springay at her makeup table

This week we also had Gill Springay with us giving individual make up advice to many of our members. She came along soon after 7 pm and was kept busy the whole evening. Each person was given advice while she was doing their makeup and then given a photograph to show the improvements. Gill really enjoyed the evening and has offered to return quite often if that is what we would like. We have arranged another visit on the 25th of May so do come along then if you would like a makeup session with her.


Joanne and Millie

Millie, shown here with Joanne, was feeling unwell the last time she was at the club about 4 weeks ago. This evening she told me that she has been unwell and off work ever since then and is only now feeling well enough to come back. We were glad to see you back Millie and hope you are now well recovered.
Steffie and Jane came in later in the evening having just been to the theatre together which is something they do quite often. Jane has such a busy social life as Jane, that she doesn't manage to get to the club very much these days, so it was nice to see you Jane, I am glad that things are going well with you.

Steffie and Jane

Chloe, Krystina and Marieanne

Helena, Vanessa and Amy

Elaine and Sam


Gwen and Paula


Chrystal and Sophie

It is great to see such a variety of colour in all the outfits that people dress up in, to come out for the evening. Everybody makes an effort which really shows in these photos, so thank you all for helping to create this successful club. Mary

Lisa and Ruby




Wednesday 20th April 2011



Elaine, Helena, Mandy, Genevieve, Vanessa, Michelle, Tina, Michelle and Karen

This evening was very warm and we did wonder whether it would be rather quiet because we thought that more people would rather be outside. So this is just a quick picture taken at around 10 past seven showing those people who were already here at that early hour. Very encouraging at that time and Karen had only just started to lay out her cosmetics for sale. Here is her table 10 minutes later.

Karens Cosmetics

Ruth and Joanne

Not long after I had taken the picture above Ruth and Joanne walked in both looking cool dressed in long flowing dresses. This is very unusual for Joanne as she usually appears in jeans so I think this is a great improvement. It was lovely to see you both.
We had not seen Lisa for several weeks so were begining to worry about her but here she is as large as life bringing a friend Anna with her, here I believe for only the second time. So welcome back Anna and it appears that Lisa has been away for a week on a walking holiday so we are glad to see you back looking fit and well.

Lisa and Anna


We dont get to see Lesley very often because she works night shifts most of the time cleaning the manchester trams. This means that she can only get here when she has a break on a wednesday which isn't very often, but it is good to see you, Lesley.
Estelle is slowly starting to get well following her bout with cancer and comes along when she feels well enough. The cancer treatment knocked out her immune system so she is now having many injections to help her recover, but small infections still knock her for six so it will take time. It is good to see you Estelle.
I am glad to see that rachel is still a regular visitor and she tells me that she will be in Liverpool next week for the Start of the new TG group G'n'G on friday evening.

Estelle and Rachel

Katie showing her hair


Simone and Pauline


Frances and Michaela

Ashley and Mercedes



It is great to see Michaela back with us after an absence of several weeks when she has been busy and then unwell. She says she is better now and hopes to be able to come about once a fortnight. Mercedes came a few weeks ago, for the first time after a very long gap, to help show off the laser treatment she has had and now I see that Ashley has persuaded her to come out again very quickly, so well done Ashley, she needed someone to encourage her to enjoy life more.



Michela, Dee, Katie, Rosie and Sally

I am always pleased to see Dee, on the left, come into the club with all the friends she has encouraged to come shown with her in the photo. You are always welcome.
The group on the right were brought in to the club for the first time this evening by Sammi, on the right of the picture. They tell me that they are almost ready to start their new TV service from premesis

Jemma, Emma, Saskia, Cathy and Sammi

near the Apollo by the roundabout on the end of Hyde Road. This should be very convenient for many people who wish to come to the village after going there as it is not very far from here. As soon as I have more details I will put a link to them on our links page.
Next wednesday we will have Gill Springay with us doing makeovers etc, and on Friday there are two things going on.
From 2 pm onwards Tracey is running a street party outside NewYork NewYork to celebrate the royal wedding and also
a new group called G'n'G are having their first night starting at 7 pm in Liverpool. Several of us are going to both events so do come and join us if you can.

Saturday 16th April 2011



Mary and Kate

Kate and Diane

Kate and Diane

Kate, Mary and Diane

On this Saturday afternoon Kate, Diane and myself met up in the studio flat that Diane had booked in the Bridge Street Apartments on Princess street, to get ready to go out for the evening to the Lowry theatre. The show we were going to see was by "The Trocks" who are an all male ballet dancing troupe from America with a reputation for being very funny as well as being very accomplished. All the female roles also being danced by the men. We were looking forward to our night out.
When we were all glammed up we went for a leisurely meal in Taurus bar to give us enough energy to last the evening. We then drove to the Lowry complex in Salford Quays and walked through the shopping centre to get to the theatre. I was surprised to find that Diane had never been there, so I hope this introduction will encourage her to go again.
The show itself was excellent with lots of colour, skilled dancing and many touches of humour to keep us all laughing.


I will happily go again next year and hope that a few more members of the club will as well. Incidentally, I was a bit surprised to be recognised as Mary from Concord, by one of the other people in the same row of seats in the theatre. She had come to the club with a friend many months ago while we were still at the Rem. You cant hide anywhere these days.

Wednesday 13th April 2011



Dawn and Vanessa

Dawn, shown here with Vanessa, came along for the first time last week and this week she decided to join Manchester Concord. As she did not have a suitable email address I asked Vanessa if she would set her one up and this she duly did, using the club's computer which is always available to help in this way, as well as allowing any visitors to give an illustrated talk. When not in use, for these purposes, it randomly goes through the clubs large collection of photos, so there is always the chance, if you come along, that you may see either yourself or some of your friends up on the large screen.



Last week I mentioned that Paula, shown here on the left had been to Aintree and we put some of her photos in this blog. When talking to her about it this week, it appears that her picture appeared in several of the papers and no one appears to have spotted that she is a Transvestite. All the comments just related to what she was wearing as compared to many other girls whose pictures were also shown. This really is quite a compliment to how she looks, so well done Paula you do us proud.
The girl on the right is also called Paula and this is always one of our problems. It is easy to get confused as some names are very popular. Paula on the right is a rare visitor, but I hope we manage to see her more often in the future.



Genevieve, shown here on the left is a fairly new member of the club, but is now here almost every week and has shown an active interest in the clubs activities and is trying to get to know as many people as possible.
Mandy, has been coming for quite a lot longer but she is also here almost every week and enjoys finding new outfits.
Simone, shown below left came along for the first time this evening having emailed me beforehand to say that she was coming. I hope she can come again soon.



Michelle and Mary



Katie, who I have shown here on the right came along for the first time this evening and got dressed at the club. She has never been out before but tells me that she has been practising doing her own makeup using a book to show her how. I couldn't resist taking this closeup shot as she has managed a very professional look that she should be proud of.
Millie, who nomally does the door these days along with Tina has not been for two weeks and was not well when she was here last so I hope she is getting better and we see her again soon.


Mel had her operation earlier this week and Cate tells me that she was in touch with her the following day so it sounds at though she is progressing well. Best wishes to you Mel and we hope to see you soon.



Wednesday 6th April 2011




We had advertised this evening as a "Bling" evening but I had not realised that not many of you have very much. I should also apologise to Tina who had suggested this idea but she was away on holiday so could not make it. We will do it again at a later date. As you can see I have quite a lot but dont normally wear so much at one time.
I brought some of my collection to lend out and here is Fernanda showing off some very OTT earings which went well with her outfit. Below I have shown some other girls modelling some more.






This evening I was sorry to hear that Dean, who has been our Barman here at NewYork NewYork for most of the time since we have been coming here, has now left and found another job so we wont be seeing him again. I would like to wish him success in his new venture.
But, his replacement, at least for this evening was Leanne, shown here, so lets welcome her aboard and hope that she is able to stay and look after our bar.
I was delighted to see Mischa come in to the club this evening as she lives a very busy life and can only get here very occasionally. She told me at the end that she had thoroughly enjoyed the evening and hoped she would be able to return soon.


Alison and Jess

Alison is shown here on the left with her friend Jess from America. Jess is going back home next week and Alison is planning to follow when she has her Visa and then they will get married and live over there permanently. We will be sorry to see Alison go but wish her all the luck in the world for her new life.
Joanie, shown on the right, brought Tracey along with her to the club for the first time, so welcome Tracey, I hope you will come again soon.

Joanie and Tracey

Karen and Suzi

Sarah and Sam







At the end of the evening I often go on to Napoleon's just to relax before making my way home. This evening Zoe came in having just come out very late in the evening to say goodbye to any of her friends that she came across. On Monday she is flying out to start a new life in Grand Canaria helping the girl she is going to marry to run a club in Playa del Ingles. She will be popping back occasionally as she still has one or two engagements to fulfil this summer and we may see her at Sparkle, but after that she will have less reason to come back. She did tell me the name of the Club she will be working in but I have forgotten it so I will have to email her to get it. I am sure any of us will be welcome there if we are ever over on holiday. We will miss you Zoe. You always manage to look so attractive when you come out, but I would like to give you our best wishes from us all for your new life.



Just as I was finishing off this Blog, I got an email from our shy and retiring Paula who has just spent an enjoyable day at Aintree. If you are going to do it, then do it in style and I think Paula has it in spades.

Finally, I would like to wish Mel all the best when she has her op this Tuesday. We look forward to seeing her back here very soon. Mary











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