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Wednesday 30th March 2011


As I arrived this evening I saw Genevieve walking down the road towards the club so I waited and we went in together. She had already changed using the room in Taurus and was just calling in to leave her bag before going back up to Paddy's Goose for a drink with Mandy.
We were a bit shocked to find that the changing room was completely stuffed with the heavy wooden chairs that are usually spread around the room. This meant that before I could get started we had to empty them out back into the main room and I am very grateful to Genevieve for her volunteering to stay and help with this as they are extremely heavy and working up a sweat is the last thing either of us wanted at that time in the evening. Nonetheless, we managed to clear the room still leaving time for Genevieve to go off and meet Mandy.
It appears that a few weeks ago the same thing had happened and Vanessa had moved them all herself before I got there, so she deserves our thanks as well.
Later in the evening I mentioned this to Wayne, our Barman for the evening
and he went off and informed Tracey who came along to sort out what had happened. It appears that the Gay Gordons dance group used the room on Monday evening and it must have been them who cleared the room without telling anyone and without putting them back afterwards. Now that she knows Tracey has promised to stop it happening in the future, so hopefully all is well that ends well. We also took the opportunity to talk over with Tracey the final things we would like done to the changing room so that it can be left locked in future with only us and the management having the key.

Fernanda and Suzi

It was lovely to see Fernanda back again getting dressed before our meal and also Suzi who was a bit later so she came and ate as she was and got changed into this fantastic pink outfit when we got back. It is lovely to see our newcomers enjoying themselves so much.
I was also pleased to see Linda back for the second time having come on the bus by herself so she will now be able to get here more often in the future as it is not costing her so much in taxi fares. A big thank you to her carers for helping her get so organised.


Jayne and Sue

Margery and Tara


Sue, shown above left with Jayne, moved away from Manchester to the coast about two years ago now and we only see her very rarely when some kind friend brings her along, so it was great to see you Sue, I am glad you were able to get here.
Tara, shown in the middle picture has been to the club before and she brought along Margery for the first time this evening, so welcome Margery, I hope you will both be back shortly.
Milli, on the right, couldn't resist buying these Miss Oroblu tights and I dont blame her I must get myself some as well.


Vanessa and Marieanne



Cindi and Pauline



This evening I managed to get a longer chat wth Amy and was very sorry to hear that she has been having problems with her insides and has had several polyps removed recently. She gave me fairly graphic details of watching the op on tv while it was being done. Unfortunately there is still one left and she is now waiting anxiously for it to be removed as it is causing her great pain. We can only offer our best wishes Amy and hope it is done very soon.
The earring shown on the right was found at the club during the evening of wed the 23rd of March. If anyone recognises it then I will have it in my handbag available any wednesday for the next few weeks.
Finally, next week we are having a BLING theme evening so lets see you can come along with the most outlandish jewellery. There will be a prize waiting for someone.

Lost property


Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Elaine and Astrid

Today we held our 3rd Annual General meeting to enable us to formally present various reports about the activities of the club, including the Treasurer's report and to offer the opportunity for the members to have their say in who they would like to be on the committee.
There are three reports now included under the Link AGMreports at the top of most pages. These do not include the Treasurer's report which we went through at the meeting. This is because I do not feel that we should make it as public as this website is. It was then decided by a show of hands that we would in future make it available in the members only section of the forum so that all our members can examine it in detail if they wish. I will do that when I have finished writing this blog.

Last year we had a seven member committee, Mary, Frances, Vida, Elaine, Astrid, Tina and Vanessa. But at the end of this year three of the members, Astrid, Elaine and Vida declared that they no longer wished to serve for different personal reasons. I would like to thank them all for the work they have put in to help make the club the success it is. I would especially like to thank Astrid for setting up the Club's Forum and looking after it since we began in 2008. It has allowed the club members to be able to communicate with each other and I believe has been successful in doing that. I know that Astrid has been disappointed because it has not been more used than it is and many members do not contribute in any way to it, but I still think it is a valuable asset and we should continue to have such a facility. It is especially well used by people like Paula who has provided many useful and amusing restaurant reports. These are slowly encouraging others to emulate her, each providing their own unique reports on various different activities. Long may it continue.
Elaine has done an excellent job in setting up the membership list and keeping it up to date. She no longer wishes to be on the committee but it happy to continue looking after the list.
Vida has been the treasurer for two years but has now had to move back to the Isle of Man to help look after her Parents so she feels that she can no longer continue with this job. She was also instrumental in producing the displays that we use to publicise the club and is happy to continue to do this if asked.
The remaining members of the committee decided to give a bottle of wine as a token of the clubs thanks and the photo above shows Elaine and Astrid with theirs's. Vida was not able to attend but the wine is waiting for her when she can get here again.
We started asking at the club from January, if any members would we willing to join the committe and 4 people have now agreed to it. They are Chloe, Danni, Helena and Karen. The constitution allows us to have eight members so it was decided that rather than have an election we would just raise the number to eight and accept them all. This was agreed by a show of hands at the meeting with no one disagreeing.
Pictures of the new committe members and some words about them will appear on the appropriate page very soon.
I would like to welcome the new members to the committee and look forward to some interesting meetings in the near future.

Immediately following the formal meeting we had a short presentation from Pam who runs the Beauty Nail & Tan Factory in Bury. She had come along to explain all the services that they can provide, which include the IPL hair removal process that she has successfully used on one of our members, Mercedes, who is shown on the left of the picture on the right. It was Mercedes who suggested that she contact the club to offer her services to all our members. Pam came with two of her friends who also work there and they gave out goody bags to everybody at the club to encourage them to go along. Unfortunately I didn't take their photo so the square on the left is blank.
For more information they are on Facebook here

Mercedes, Tanya and Helena

Lisa, Paula, Katie and Rachel

Karen, Emma and Suzi

Michelle, Genevieve and Joan

It was very pleasing to see so many of you at the club by 7:30 in the evening ready for the AGM, Thank you all for making the effort as it really does make the committe feel appreciated.
It was also fantastic that Six new people came along during the evening to visit the club for the first time. At this stage I cannot remeber all the names as some of them only stayed for a short time as they had not come dressed but I think rather wished they had. I hope we see them again soon. Meanwhile each of the pictures above contains one new person amongst them. On the left it is Rachel, in the middle it is Suzi and on the right it is Michelle( I hope I have her name correct).
The girl in the middle, Suzi, came along to the club at just after 5 pm and joined us for a meal,(in male mode) before coming back and getting changed for the rest of the evening. I bumped into her much later in the evening at Napoleons still accompanied by Karen and Emma who are with her in the photo. She accompanied me back to her car at the end of her evening ready to drive home, still dressed as Suzi, so I guess she is hooked already.

Libby, Sammi and Kirsty from behind and from the front

I first saw the girls on the left standing at the bar while I was talking to someone else and couldn't resist taking this back view, so I then went over and asked for the front view to complete the picture.
We do have some really good looking girls at this club and this includes Kate shown here on the right in another stunning outfit.


Rachel and Mandy

Paula, Jayne, Mandy and Kate

Frances, Trixie and Pipit


After the evening was all over at the club I went to relax for an hour or two at Napoleons and there I bumped into Rosemary who was quite excited to tell me about her recent job. She went for an interview as Rosemary, got the job and has now appeared in an episode of Coronation street that was filmed in Velvet. It was not a speaking part, but she was one of four TV's taken on to appear in the episode and two of them did get to speak. The episode will be screened some time in April and she has promised to let me know when it will be. I will let you know.
Finally, Pipit, shown in the picture above on the right is aking for some others to join her at the next Salsa class in NewYork NewYork on thursday the 7th of April. She would be delighted to have some TV company there so give it a try.
Wednesday 16th March 2011

Linda(ex Billy)

Linda and Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise

When I came up the stairs into the bar at NewYork NewYork this evening I was delighted to see Billy sitting there with a big welcoming smile on her face. She hasn't been to the club for quite a long time now so I thought maybe we had lost her as the Taxi fares down from where she lives were getting too expensive. I am very glad to see her brought back by her two very nice carers who have helped her organise her trips down to the club by Tram to get here and a Taxi home. She is planning to come once a fortnight so this should make the finances OK. I hope so. As you can see from the picture she has decided to call herself Linda from now on so we all need to try to remember this.
Sarah Louise also came along from Blackpool, where she now lives, for the first time for many months so I have shown the two returnees first. Welcome back.

Gill Springay

This evening we were meant to be enjoying the company of Gill Springay who loves to do make up for the girls. I was able to make contact with her on Friday and found that she had been ill and still did not sound very well when I spoke to her. She sends her sincere apologies for not being able to come. She had sent me an email on the previous monday but I never received it so we were in the dark.
She is very anxious to come along when she is better so we will look forward to fixing another evening later on. I do now have her mobile number in my phone.



Julia and Samantha, Geena, Emily and Georgina

Genevieve and Geena

Millie and Pauline

Steffie and Kristina


Libby, Lucy, Sammi and Kirsty

Sammi, shown here with Libby, Lucy and Kirsty is a girl who likes organising events. She has booked a number of seats at the Palace for Mama Mia on wednesday the 4th of May at £35 a ticket, so if you fancy going with a group of girls then come along and have a word with her, or ask me and I will give you her email address.

Dont forget that next week we are holding a short AGM starting at around 7:30 to get the Business side of the club out of the way for another year. After that we will have Pam from the beauty Nail and Tan factory in Bury to talk about their IPL laser treatment along with Mercedes who is undergoing the treatment.

Wednesday 9th March 2011

Ryan, Benjamin, Vicky and Emma from Gloss 360 studios

This evening we had a visit from most of the staff of the Gloss 360 photo studio in Stockport, who came along to tell us about their process that enable them to take a full 360 degree set of pictures of any person or article that can stand on a large turntable. These pictures can then be supplied as a set of 36 separate stills or combined into a computer animation and given to you on a disc.
They came along this evening to invite our members to a social evening they are having at their premises on the evening of Friday the 18th of March. There will be drinks and snacks availabe and each person will be able to have two different sets of pictures taken at a cost of £25 in total. We are asked to take along two different outfits that we would like to see photographed from all sides so that we can see what we look like from behind. If you were not here this evening and would like to attend then please email Vicky at for an invite.


I was delighted to see Kirsty come in to the club later in the evening on a visit back here to England from Bangkok, where she is now working as a teacher. It was great to see her back and she spent most of her evening talking with some of the many friends she has made here at the club since she joined us many years ago.
In contrast it was nice to welcome Debs and Lexie who were visiting us from Yorkshire for their second time. They met on the internet and then discovered that they lived fairly near each other so were able to share a lift over to Manchester, which is a much better way to travel if you have to come any distance as they did. I got the impression that they enjoyed their evening and we will see a lot more of them in the future. So Welcome girls.

Debs and Lexie


I saw this tall girl standing at the bar with her back to me and didn't recognise her until I approached her and then realised it was Tina. Changing wigs is a real problem for me as it often changes people enough to make them anonymous again. Tina hasn't been for some time as well so I do think I have a small excuse.
We also had Karen here again this evening selling her Avon wares and she tells me that she has done much better since she started bringing actual stock with her rather than just the catalogues. I suspect we are much more prone to impulse buy when we can see the actual product in front of us. She was scheduled to have a meeting with her superviser on the following day so was hoping to do well this evening to make a good impression. She told me later that she did very well, so now she will have to tell us how the meeting went.

Sarah and Karen

Michelle, Jenni and Mandy

I took the picture on the left fairly early in the evening and then when I spoke to the girls afterwards I got told off for getting their names wrong in earlier blogs so I hope I have now got them correct. I am sure they will tell me if not.

I couldn't resist taking this extra picture of Mandy as I thought this dress looked really well on her especially with the contrasting black tights. She tells me that the dress was bought from an Oxfam shop so she really does know how to spend her money.


Milli and Vanessa



Millie and Lesley



We had an introduction from Benjamin who runs the Gloss 360 studio and then an illustrated talk from Ryan their photographer who showed off, on the computer screen, the way that the 360 degree system worked so that people could see for themselves what is on offer. Vicky and Emma then collected names and email addresses of anyone who was interested so I think there was quite a number of people who may attend.

Meanwhile next wednesday we have Gill Springay, The Makeover Girl, who visited us about a year ago, coming along to do some makeovers as a way of demonstrating what she can do for people. If you would like to have one done then make sure you are here next week.


Wednesday 2nd March 2011


Jenny, Marieanne and Vanessa

This evening we had a Music night organised by Marieanne with four members taking part, ie Jenny, Marianne, Vanessa and Mel. It was a very enjoyable session and they deserve all our thanks for the hugh amount of work they put in with two rehearsals at Marianne's premesis plus all the effort involved in getting all the necessary equipment in and out of the bar. So thank you all very much.
Mel's evening was made even better for her when we were visited by her ex wife and her new partner who both seemed to greatly enjoy the event.

vanessa and Mel


When Elaine and I got to Eden at 6 pm we were pleasantly surprised to find Cate and Joan sitting waiting for us at the table. Joan had called in to the nursing home where Cate is recuperating after her Op and brought her out for the evening to join us. Joan lives north of where Cate is staying so she was able to divert her journey to pick up Cate and take her home again afterwards. Even so I would like to express my thanks to her for doing this and giving Cate an enjoyable evening.
When I was about to leave at around 11:30 I noticed that there was a case and clothes carrier sitting on the chair by the door and it turns out that Joan had changed and then left her stuff behind as she helped Cate out to her car. This meant that Joan had to come back the following day to collect her things as she needed some of them before next wednesday. She has put an entry in the Forum about this.


Michelle, Mandy, Genevieve and Helena

at the Bar

Mandy, plus Mary, Helena and Genevieve in Eden

Tina, Millie and Elaine



Sam and Elaine


Later in the evening we were joined by Sammi for the first time and she came and asked if she could join the club, so welcome Sammi. I hope we see you here often in the future.

Please note that Vicky, Emma and Ryan from the Gloss 360 studios in Stockport will be here next week, the 9th of March to explain what they do and give out invites to their Friday evening event on the 18th of March.


Wednesday 23rd Feb 2011




Fernanda, on the right, came along for the first time last week as her other self and got to know a few of the girls. On tuesday this week she went and spent a few hours with Dee at Dee selecta and bought the clothes, wig and make up she has used here to get this fabulous look. She really enjoyed the experience at Dee's and it gave her the confidence to get started, so thank you Dee, you are doing a great job. See the link on our links page if you would like to go there as well.
As we were returning from our meal at Eden just before 7 pm we were asked by a young man carrying a ricksack, if we knew when Napoleon's opened so that he could go and get changed there. I asked him if he knew about Concord and he said that he didn't, so we told him he could get changed with us if he liked. He then said that he hadn't yet booked into a hotel so he would come back when


Fernanda and Milli

he had. A couple of hours late she reappeared as the lovely Angela on the left and spent the rest of the evening in the club. I hope it was a nice surprise for her.
I couldn't resist showing this second picture of Fernanda with Milli.
Haley, shown on the right with Helena and Danni, often comes with her daughter Alison but this evening she was here on her own as Alison was otherwise occupied. I hope she still enjoyed her evening and as you can see she was already with some friends willing and able to keep her company.
Rachel, shown below on the left, had written to me a couple of weeks ago to say she was coming, having last visited us at the Rembrandt in 2008. Her partner was coming with her but she still needed to persuade her that she needed a new dress.

Helena, Haley and Danni


It appears that she got the new dress and here she is in all her finery looking very confident. Her partner was with her but I normally never include partners in these photos as it does remove peoples anonymity. She became a member of the club this evening as did Zoe, shown on the right, who also came along with her partner for the first time. So welcome to you both, it is very encouraging when new people come along with their partners as it shows such a good level of support and we also enjoy their company.
This week was a normal club evening, but please dont forget that next week we are having a music evening with the entertainment starting around 9 pm so do come along and enjoy the atmosphere.


Mandy and Michelle

Louise and Sam

Kim and Mary


Rachael and Millie



Julia, Amy, Kim and Milli




Wednesday 16th Feb 2011




It was lovely to see Chloe back here again after several weeks absence. We were begining to wonder if she was OK, but it turns out that she has recently had so many visitors staying with her, one after the other, that she simply hasn't been free to get out. On top of that she has been back to the ski slopes for another holiday so we can safely assume that her leg is now back to normal after breaking it last year.
Karen was here again this evening with her Avon products and she is finding that she does much better when she brings along stock to sell, rather than just taking orders from her catalogue. So we will probably see much more of her at work this next year. If there are things you need she is still available to take orders for things not in stock.

Susie and Karen


Genevieve, shown here on the left, is one of our newest members and she is getting great enjoyment out of the adventure. Going shopping and getting all her new stuff together. She has already joined the forum and has contributed some entries.
Dominique, shown on the right first came to concord many years ago but has not been for at least 6 years so it was quite a surprise when she came through the door and even more of a surprise when I managed to remember her name. So welcome back Dominique, she is now member number 373 so we are creeping up.





Lisa and Joanne

At 9 pm this evening Lisa from the Greater Manchester Police came in to give us a very interesting and useful talk about SAFETY and as you can see above she had a large audience. There was a lot of questions and answers happening during the talk which shows that people were taking an active interest in the subject.
She is shown here on the left with Joanne, who was involved in an incident in Canal street a few weeks ago along with a group of her friends, where a young guy threatened to remove one of her friends wig. The incident was resolved peacefully but it raised questions in her mind about the correct way to react and deal with such events. This discussion was useful and also Joanne went on to praise the police about the way they dealt with her report and how they followed up to make sure she was OK with what they were doing.
The police do want us to report EVERY "Hate" incident so that they can build a more accurate picture of how often and where these things happen.



We will get some of our committee members trained so that they can use the computer in the club to also report any incidents you tell us about. So, thank you Lisa for coming in and giving the talk and we hope we see a lot more of you here in the future.



Thursday 10th Feb 2011

Brydie's Funeral



Today four Manchester Concord members, Frances, Lesley, Mary and Vanessa attended the funeral of Brydie who had been a member of Concord for many years and we wished to pay our respects to her and celebrate her life along with her family, most of whom we had never met.
After the very moving Humanist ceremony we went outside and tentatively introduced ourselves to the family. We were greeted very warmly with hugs and kisses and they all thanked us for making the effort to come. We were immediately invited to come back to the house of Brydie's ex wife Elaine where she lives with one of their daughters. Their other daughter lived close by, but all the family gathered together in the one room. I had met Elaine the day Brydie came over to Concord, when they came together the first time and she still remembered me after all those years, but I did not know anything about the rest of her family. During the time we were with them they all came across as a wonderfully close and tolerant family and it is a very great shame that Brydie had felt the need to seperate herself from them in order to live the life she wanted. Her family still loved her and it should have been possible for her to find a way to stay more in touch with each other. Brydie talked with Elaine by phone over the years but she had not spoken to either of her daughters since she came to Manchester. I dont understand why not as they are two lovely people who I would never be able to abandon if they were my daughters. I wish she had told us more about them so that we could have tried to help her more.
The family members were anxious to know more about Brydie's life in Manchester so Lesley, who was one of her closest friends, was able to fill in some of the details outside the club and we were able to talk about her life with us at the club.
They were very interested in the club and the way it runs and maybe in the future some of them will visit us to see for themselves. They are all very welcome, I hope we do see them again.
All of us really enjoyed the time we spent with the family and I am very very glad we made the effort to go. The family couldn't have been more appreciative. We will miss Brydie as she was one of the Characters at the club.


Wednesday 9th Feb 2011



Danni, Jane and Pam

This evening we were visited by two of the new His2Hers team, Jane and Pam who are shown in the picture along with Danni. Hayley, who is the third member of the team was unable to come because she had to go to a funeral that day and there was not enough time.
They are still running their shop in Warrington but intend to try to expand the his2hers business to include outings to special events and they plan to run a ball in May for all us girls, so we will let you know about the events as they get going. Jane is a new partner with them who was running an independent business but they are now combining their efforts. Jane makes lots of excellent accessories that will add to their product range.
Paula and Lisa came in Black this evening as a mark of respect to Brydie but they both managed to look their usual elegant selves as well.

Paula and Lisa

Alex, Pauline and Sam

Kate and Lucy

Joan, Danni and Helena

Jayne Maybe and Kay Denise

Amy and Karen



Kathy and Ashley


Kerry and Jane Maybe

This was a relatively quiet evening but as you can see here, there was a large variety of outfits. I am also glad to say that quite a number of people came in just to give a contribution to the collection we held in memory of Brydie. Over the course of the evening and including some contributions that had been promised to me by email we collected £150 in all. £50 of this was spent on sending a wreath from the club to be there at the funeral which left £100 which I have given to the family in the form of a cheque made out the the British Heart Foundation at their request.
Many of you also signed a card and this was handed to the family when we attended on thursday.

Please dont forget that next wednesday the 16th of Feb we are having a talk given by Lisa from the Greater Manchester Police starting at 9 pm.

If you look at the Forum you will see that Cate has had a successful operation and is recovering well.








Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011



Elaine and Genevieve

Genevieve, shown here on the left with Elaine, had contacted Elaine via her entry on TVchix and they had met up in the village on the previous saturday. This meeting had encouraged Genevieve to come along this wednesday and she duly appeared at our table in Eden where we were having our evening meal. She joined us for the meal and then came along to the club and got changed. Elaine helped her with her make up and even gave her a wig so that she could have everything she needed. She stayed the whole evening and obviously enjoyed herself as she has already joined the forum and introduced herself there, so welcome Genevieve, I hope this is just the start of a big adventure for you.
Cate, on the right, was visiting for the first time for a few weeks as she had an accident with her car and it is written off. This is restricting her life at present



and she was very kindly brought along this evening by Mel, who is also going to provide some transport and visits while she is in hospital for her operation in the coming week. It was great to see her again and I wish her all the best in the coming weeks as she is recovering in hospital and at her home. After that she is hoping to get another car to give her back her independence and I very much hope she is successful in this.


Jenny, Vanessa and Marieanne

On the left we have Jenny, Vanessa and Marieanne who I interupted while they were busy discussing getting together to practice for the music night in early march.
It should be a good evening, but Vanessa is still looking for any other people who would be willing to have a go and join in.
On the right we have Cindi over from Leeds with Lisa who make a lovely looking couple.
I was very pleased to see Gwen and Linda here again this evening after a long gap, so I do hope they manage to come along more often in the future. Life is too short to stay at home all the time. I meant to take a photo but I am sorry I got distracted.

Cindi and Lucy


Michelle, Haley, Helena and Sky






We had a committe meeting on thursday evening and had decided, for the first time to have it in the Shanghi chinese restaurant here in Manchester, so I came in and got changed in the facility we have at Taurus. When I got there I found that it was already being used by the girl shown here on the left, Michelle. This made the experience much more enjoyable as we were able to get ready together and have a chat at the same time.
Michelle has been to the club a few times in the past but nowadays she tends to go out during the day as she is now living on her own and is free to do what she wants.
I offered to take her photo and include it in this blog, so here she is.
The meeting we had in the restaurant was useful, but also very enjoyable, so we will almost certainly do it again. Just for your information we each paid for ourselves, so we didn't charge it to the club.


Michaela and Brydie

Finally, I would like to say how sorry I was to hear of Brydie's death last week. When she was well, she actually came to the club most weeks and seemed to enjoy talking to many different people. The picture on the left is the last one I took of her at the end of december last year. She did come in early january but I didn't take any photos because she had been suffering from Asthma and she was still not feeling very well.
We will never know what caused her actual death but we will miss her presence in the club. If you look back through this blog you will see many pictures of her during the past three years but she had been coming long before I started this blog.
We will be having a collection in memory of her this week at the club. Flowers have already been ordered for her funeral on thursday and a few of us will be going there as well. Every member should have received an email giving the details. If you haven't had the email then maybe we have an out of date email address for you. Please let me know if this is the case.





Wednesday 26th Jan 2011



Tina, Millie and Steff looking after the door.

This was an ordinary club evening with nothing special planned, but you all made it special by nearly 50 of you turning out on a cold january evening to come and meet your friends here. During the evening five new people came along who joined the club bringing the number up to 370 who have so far joined us since April 2008. I apologise if I do struggle to remember all the names and faces but it can be difficult with so many. Please dont stop coming.
Karen, shown on the right, is back selling her Avon products, after a bit of a gap. She will try to be here as often as she can to be your reliable source of make up.
Danielle, who has recently restarted coming to the club,

Karen and her Avon products

Joan and Tamsin

very kindly brought along several boxes of chocolates which she put out for everyone to enjoy. So thank you Danielle they were enjoyed by all.
We were joined by Joan and Tamsin at our evening meal in Eden this evening. Joan having brought along Tamsin for the first time so she duly joined up later in the evening.
Kim, shown on the right had seen our website on the internet and had come over from Sheffield for the evening to see what the club is like. She was persuaded to join by me even though she wont be able to attend very often. So thank you Kim and Tamsin it is good to have your support.

Kim and Sky

Cindi and Christine

Michelle and Millie

Laura and Jennifer

Julia, Georgina and Ami

Sammy and Lisa

Milli and Rachel


I talked to so many people this evening that my mind is in a whirl and it is difficult to pick out any more individually. What is pleasing is that so many of you are making the effort to come in and pay your membership dues, so well done to you all.
Michaela, shown on the left has been coming every week for the past few weeks but she told me this evening that she will now have to have a gap as her real life has her committed to other things which she cannot get out of. I am sure we will see her back before too long.
Keep an eye on the coming events page as there are things happening in the next few weeks. It is not yet shown on the calender as the date is not fixed yet, but Marianne is organising another musical evening to take place in march and Bev has agreed to include another quiz on that evening. We will publish the date as soon as it is decided.





Wednesday 19th Jan 2011

Green Dress Theme evening


Lisa, Mary,Joan,Tina and Millie

It very quickly becomes apparent that green has many different shades and variations. These photos show the early birds at the club this evening . Paula's green is the most startling but all these outfits have green in them somewhere. As you can see in this smaller photo, Paula even had green highlights in her hair. These were done by her daughter who has a collection of different coloured hair extensions.
Tina is also shown below in her very colourful dress. She was also displaying her very colourful painted toenails, which unfortunately dont show up well enough in the enlarged photo I took, so you will have to take my word for it.

Lisa, Danni, Paula and Helena

Jay and her friend

She had them done by a lady she goes to in Warrington so if you ask Tina she will tell you where you can get them done.
Very early in the evening three ladies came in to the club for the first time. These were Jay, shown on the left with her friend, who also does her makeup and her wife. They all seemed to be very good friends so Jay is actually a very spoiled lady. They stayed the whole evening talking to lots of different people and Jay joined the club before they left. So welcome Jay I hope we see a lot more of all three of you.



Frances and Vida

Vida, shown on the left with Frances, has finally given up her flat that she had in Manchester and has temporarily moved to a flat in the Isle of Man, where her parents live, so that she can be nearer to them. She is planning to come to Manchester most weeks in the middle of the week for a few days at a time, so we will still see her at the club fairly often.
I was glad to see Kerry, on the right, come in to the club this evening as I knew that she has had an operation on one knee and it is good to see her back on her feet again. She is pleased with the way the knee is recovering and certainly looked very relaxed so things must be getting better for her.




Elaine and Cindi



Vanessa and Mary


Mary, Elaine, Lisa. Joan, Frances,Millie and Michaela

I got a very encouraging letter from Susan, shown here on the right, this week. Below is a part of it.

Just to let you know that my contract-hunting has borne fruit, and I'm now working at a financial institution in London. And I'm out there full-time as Susan. Very interesting - they already had all the diversity policies and stuff, but I was the first T-person that they'd had a chance to try it all out on!

I have a nice contact in HR to look after me, and I'm been in touch with their Diversity/Inclusion people and I've volunteered to help with anything. Turns out there's an Inter-Bank LGBT group that's a collaboration of a number of major banks, and they've just been agreeing that it's time to turn the spotlight on the 'T', so it looks like I've arrived at the right time :-)

It is good to know that firms like these are now doing the right thing. The anti discrimination laws do seem to be having the right effect.








Wednesday 12th Jan 2011



Samples of Anita's Jewellery

This evening we were visited by Anita and Caroline to show us the hand made bead jewellery that Anita makes and sells. Anita had got in touch with me because her friend Caroline, who works in the same building where Anita has her workshop, is also a friend of Marolyn who many of you will know. They are shown below on the left.
Anita designs all the jewellery herself and is willing to make any items required, to order. This is especially useful to us, as bracelets for instance, need to be made a bit longer than normal to fit our wrists.

Marolyn, Anita and Caroline

Catherine and Marolyn

As you can see from the picture, she does bracelets, necklaces and also rings on adjustable ring bases to fit any size. I bought a very elegant black and white ring with a bracelet to match that she is going to make for me.
The details of her website and store are available on our links page, towards the bottom. A big thank you to Caroline and Marolyn for recommending her to us.
Helena and Mandy were the first two girls at the bar this evening and look very happy. They were closely followed by Karen shown below left. Karen tells me that she is still an AVON lady as she has quite a lot of stock still in hand, so come in and talk to her.

Helena and Mandy


Millie and Sophie

Lisa, Paula and Michelle

Kathy and Ruby

Sarah and Elaine

Tanya and Joanne


Michaela, shown here in two different outfits, went in to the sales recently and found that the dresses were so much reduced that she could afford to buy three instead of the two she had planned on.
I especially like the outfit on the left as it really suits her with that wig, as it softens the look, but they are both ideal for her.



Sarah shown here has not been to the club for some time as her personal life has been rather eventful.
She has now separated from her wife and has met a new lady who she helps to run a market stall selling clothes and wigs etc. She is able to get the wigs at very reasonable prices and is happy to them sell on without making exhorbitant profits as she likes to help other members of our community. If any of you are interested then ask me at the club and I will give you her email address.
Finally, dont forget that next week we are having a GREEN DRESS theme night so lets see what you can all come up with.

It doesn't have to be a dress, any green outfit will fit the bill and if you cant manage anything to fit the theme, dont let that stop you from coming, it is only a suggestion to add a bit of fun to the evening.


Wednesday 5th Jan 2011



Jayne and ?

It was lovely to see Jayne, shown on the left, back with us again after her operation out in Thailand, looking so well and confident, but I have to apologise to the girl shown with her as I cant remember her name.
On the other side we have Christine, who has changed her name from Ivy. She has not managed to get here for some time but came along tonight to pay her dues. As it is now a new year, the £6 membership fee is needed again please.
Below, left we have Faye and Pauline. Faye usually comes along with Kerry, but Kerry recently had an operation on her knee so is not yet fully mobile. We wish Kerry well and hope she is able to get out again soon.


Faye and Pauline

Cindi and Andrea






We have been seeing a lot more of Kathy recently and here she is trying out two new outfits that she has just bought.



Joanne, on the left, came in this evening and told me about a couple of incidents that had occurred recently, which caused her to think more seriously about safety in the village and elsewhere, as one of the incidents was in Blackpool.
She had been out in the village on saturday with a group of TV friends and a youngish lad threatened to remove the wig of one of her friends. Joanne managed to prevent this happening without anything serious happening but it caused her to think seriously about what is the best way to deal with this kind of situation. She has reported it to the Police and has been very encouraged by their reaction and the interest they have shown.
I have now been asked by Lisa, our local police liason officer if we would like her to come and give a talk about safety and this will take place one wednesday in February, when she has agreed her working shift pattern. It will appear on our coming events page when we know. I would also like Joanne to tell you herself how the incident went as she raised a number of points that we all need to be aware of.




At the end of the evening, if Andrea shown above is here, then we normally go and spend a couple of hours in the downstairs bar of Napoleons, but tonight that bar wasn't open because they are not getting enough business. They say they are going to review the situation at the end of the month, but it does look as though the recession is really hitting the village as this kind of retrenchment has not happened, as far as I am aware, in the 25 years I have been coming to the village. It will be a sad day if bars like Napoleons cant keep going.
Finally, I have included the last picture to show that our good looking girls are still able to get out and enjoy themselves.
Next week we will have Anita Mistry here showing her own design jewellery and offering some of it for sale, so come along and see what she has.

Zoe, Lisa and Katie







Wednesday 29th Dec 2010



Kate and Mandy

We do start early in the evening, so it can be quiet at the begining, which is nice as it give people a chance to talk . Kate and Mandy shown here were two of the early birds this week. Then soon after I took this photo Michelle came in, shown on the right. Michelle has not been for some time so this was her first time in NewYork NewYork. We chatted for a bit and she told me how complicated her life had been for the past few years, which was why she had not been able to come recently. I then introduced her to Kate and Mandy and after a short while Mandy came over to me and told me that she had never seen Michelle before but she lives just round the corner from her. What a small world it is.
Altogether, we had three new people come in during the evening and I have shown two of them here. Sophie, on the left came in looking very confident, as you can see and she joined the club later in the evening.



Gina, on the right, has not been out dressed before, but got changed here and I think she thoroughly enjoyed her evening and will be back as soon as she can.
The third person called Vicky had found out about the club by talking to Paula in one of the bars in the village and had come along as a man to see if she felt that she could fit in OK. This stops me from including a photo but again she stayed nearly all evening and left saying how much she had enjoyed it and she would be back as soon as she could.
Just to show that we did fill up later on, below I have included a shot of the bar and a couple of groups of people.


Helena, Tanya, Sophie and Joanne

General bar view

Diane, Kate, Mandy and Tina

Alex and Estelle

Tina and Helena


Alex, shown above with Estelle, has recently changed her name from Alice, so many of you may remember her by that name. Tina was keen on showing off the Culottes she was wearing but I am not sure they are very visible in this picture. Helena has only been coming out for about 4 weeks but has gained in confidence very quickly and is really enjoying the experience. Frances had taken over the door after Tina had left. The extra light makes this a slightly unusual picture but I like it.





Kate, shown above left, had just bought this dress in the Sales and wanted to show it off tonight. She suggested that we should have a theme night where everyone came in something they had recently bought in the sales, so we will do that soon and see what variety we get.
Ashley shown on the right came in late in the evening, having fallen asleep after her meal so she was feeling a bit rushed. I took this photo plus a few others with her camera and then she returned the favour by taking this one of me on the left. As you can see the handbag on the floor was actually hers.

Finally can I take this opportunity of wishing all the readers of this Blog a very happy new year and I hope to see you all here at the club very soon.

















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