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Wednesday 22nd Dec 2010



Steffie, Debbie and Stella

The week after our Christmas party and just before Christmas, you never know how many people to expect, but, even though it was cold, we still had a good turnout.
I was very pleased to see Debbie and Stella come in as we dont see very much of Debbie these days. Stella had persuaded her to come along and they stayed most of the evening even though it was chilly. We moved their seating next to the radiator as debbie's glam outfit wasn't keeping her very warm.

Michelle, Vanessa and Kirsten


Kirsten, shown on the right with Michelle and Vanessa is moving into a new flat so we are unlikely to see her for some weeks while she gets her flat and finances sorted out. I hope thing go well for her.


Emma and Estelle

Michaela sans coat plus Michaela and Brydie

Susan and Cheryl


Joanne and Susanne



The above are a selection of the girls who came in during the evening. I was very pleased to see Estelle here again just proving that there is quality life after getting treatment for cancer. She seems in good spirits so lets hope this continues.
Michaela loves finding new outfits to wear for our evenings and Brydie couldn't resist getting into the picture as well.
Louise, on the left, is shown sitting in our new dressing room, which is now useable, with freshly painted walls and a new carpet. It has some very expensive mirrors still to be fitted up and the lighting is not yet as we would like it, but it will get completed in the new year when Pete gets back from his honeymoon. He has done all this work at no charge to the club so we owe him a debt of gratitude for all his efforts. It is very apparent that Tracey and Pete really want to have us as a regular part of NewYork NewYork as they are making every effort to make the experience enjoyable for us. Thank you both and all the staff at NewYork NewYork for your friendly helpful attitude to us all.





Wednesday 15th Dec 2010



Food ready for the start

Mary and Lisa


Millie with her Champagne

As you can probably tell, tonight was our Christmas party night. The room had been decorated and all the food provided by Tracey, Zoe and her staff at NewYork NewYork. I would like to express our thanks to them all for their hard work to produce the magnificent and very tasty spread they laid on for us. I would also like to thank Pete, Tracey's partner for all the effort he has put in to create our new private dressing room in time for this evening's party. He promised to have it ready and delivered on his promise, so thanks Pete it is greatly appreciated. Tracey and Pete are getting married in around two weeks from now so can we also offer them our very best wishes for the future. Tracey, very understandably, didn't want to be included in the photo with the food as she had been working so hard all day, so Milli volunteered to stand in for her. These photos were taken very early in the evening before the crowd arrived.



For the past year, after our committee member Alison decided that she had done her stint at looking after the door, we have been trying to encourage more of the non committee members to take a slot so that the job was more evenly shared by everyone. This has worked well, but one member has stood out as being willing to take far more than her fair share of the load, so as a way of saying thank you to Millie we presented her with a bottle of Champagne this evening. At Sparkle earlier this year Millie befriended Pauline, shown here with her on the right, who comes from quite a distance away, so she offered her a place to stay this week and here she is enjoying our party due to Millie's hospitality. Pauline does not have a computer of her own and she tells me that when she looks at our website on her local library computer, she can see this blog but without any of the pictures. I can only conclude that the library are trying to save money by not downloading pictures as they should all be visible. If this is so it does seem to be very penny pinching.

Millie and Pauline

Claire, Loretta and Sophie

Fairly early in the evening we had a new couple come in who had found us on the internet and decided to come along this evening without realising that it was our Christmas party night. Their names are Claire and Loretta, shown here on the left with Sophie who is a member who gets here when she can. Claire is a Goth and is therefore well used to dressing but Loretta has only recently told her about her own need to dress. They are now really enjoying shopping together and I hope we now see a lot more of them.
On the right we have Rachel, shown with Alison and Jeanette. We laid on a free raffle for a bottle of Champagne this week and it was won by Rachel so she left very happy at the end of the evening.

Alison, Rachel and Jeanette



Danielle with Mask

Christine looking relaxed

Christine with Paula and Steffie


Helena and Danni

Amber and Michaela

Julie and Julie

Sam, Dawn and Elaine

There were many more people at the party than I managed to get a picture of, so these pictures shown here are just a small sample of the approximately 100 who attended. Luckily for us the weather held off so that people did manage to get here, but even so, there was snow on the motorway and several people were held up, for nearly an hour, by an overturned lorry.
As ever it was great to see so many people who dont manage to get here very often but made the effort tonight.

Amber and Karen

And then there was none

Rather than use some of our own members to entertain us, we decided to try the evening with a profession DJ and Tracey recommended Garreth who she uses very regularly. He proved to be an excellent DJ with a great range of music that people were dancing to, so thank you Garreth we enjoyed the atmosphere you managed to create. We had arranged to be able to continue till 1 am if people wished but as it is still in the middle of a working week most people had to leave and we finally finished at around 11:30 pm.
As you can see by the picture on the left there was very little food left at the end.

We are continuing to meet each week without a break this year so I hope to see many of you at the club next week and the one after.

Finally can I take this opportunity of Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Mary


Wednesday 8th Dec 2010




This week when I arrived at NewYork NewYork and made my way upstairs I found that much more work had been done on our new changing room with most of the walls now plastered, so hopefully it will be ready for next weeks's party as planned. Pete assured me that it would so I am crossing my fingers as I am sure we will need it for next week.
It was great to meet Gemma, on the left, early in the evening as she is a confident good looking girl who is already out to the world and working at Asda, where she tells me she has volunteered to be the T girl visible person available to help any of their employees who have problems, or need advice in this area. She joined the club this evening and I hope we see a lot more of her.
I was also pleased to see Helena here again this week along with her girlfriend Elaine for the first time. It is good to see people supporting each other in this way.

Elaine and Helena


Millie and Cate


Penny and Anne

Penny, Anne and Elaine



Penny, shown above, with her partner Anne, is the landlord of a pub and therefore gets very little chance to get out as Penny but she tells me that she does dress behind the bar on occasions. She has been coming to Concord when she gets the chance for nearly as many years as myself and it is good to see her when she can make it. I took the two photos on the left, but a few days later I got a letter from Penny telling me a bit more about herself and enclosing the picture on the right, so I have included it here as well.

Next week we are having our Christmas party so I hope the snow keeps off until later in the week to give more of us a chance to get there.


Saturday 4th Dec 2010

Christmas meal at the Shanghi Restaurant


Mary and Elaine

Sarah, Jan, Kathy and Vanessa

Jan, Kathy, Vanessa and Chloe

Ruby and Lisa

Frances and Lisa

Frances and Steffie

Helena, Elaine and Mary

Lisa and Mary

Ruby and Lisa


Just for the record, here are some photos of the people who came to our Christmas meal at the Shanghi resaurant. I guess Chinese food may not be to everyones taste as we only had 14 people booked to come to the meal in the end. But, no matter, all those who came along enjoyed an excellent meal provide by Fiona and we really could not eat any more by the end. Sadly, Cate was booked to come but did not manage to make it. We found out afterwards that she had had a puncture in Olham and had waited four and a half hours in the cold for the emergency service to rescue her. The only good thing was that the restaurant did not charge us for her meal, so we were able to give her money back, but this did not really compensate for the miserable evening she had.





Wednesday 1st Dec 2010



Tina, at the back, Brydie, Elaine, Helena, Mary, Danni,Vanessa, Michelle and Mandy

This evening we were experiencing the first snow of this winter, rather earlier than usual. We decided to take this picture of all the people who were there at half past seven, as we were thinking that this would probably be a rather quiet night. The picture was taken by Steffie who had come in drab this evening for reasons best known to herself, so we decided she should take it. The heating had been on all afternoon so the room temperature was tolerable.
Soon after we took this photo we were joined by Kristina, who hasn't been for several months. She is hoping to be able to come more often in the future and paid her renewal membership for next year to reinforce that wish. Welcome back Kristina. we were then joined by a new student from Manchester University who had found us via the website, about which he was very complimentary, as he had noticed that it was being kept up to date with new events. This gave him the confidence to think that it was worth coming along to meet some real people that he felt he would be comfortable with.



I wont say any more about him here as I dont wish to identify him to anyone reading this casually, but he stayed for most of the evening enjoying meeting all the girls here that night and before he left signed on as a member and has promised to come dressed next week. He has not yet decided on a femme name but I am sure we will be able to sort that out next week and I look forward to meeting her.



Helena, shown here on the left, only came along for the first time last week, but since then has been out and bought these boots from Evans and the wig from the internet. She joined us again for our meal in Eden and went out for the first time as Helena, with a group of the girls to go to Napoleon's at the end of the evening. This photo was one of a set taken by Michelle which Helena sent me, along with a very nice thank you letter saying she had had one of the most enjoyable evenings of her life. For any of you out there who would like to do this as well, please dont leave it too long, we are here to help you and you will wish you had come out sooner..
Heather, on the right, came in late in the evening so I decided to include her here as well, but I didn't get much chance to talk as we were just finishing for the evening.



Paula and Lisa

Zoe and Katie


Paula, shown on the left above and with Lisa, had come in with a friend and they were planning to go out for a meal later. If you look on our forum you will see that they had a very good evening as she has written another of her restaurant reports already.
I was pleased to see Katie again so soon after her last visit and she tells me that she is applying for a new post which includes a lot more travelling than she does already, so we may starts to see her even more often. I know she finds it hard to keep away.
Zoe, is shown with her wearing her fake fur top and then by herself without it to show the very smart belt underneath. She tells me that the fur tops are available at a very reasonable price in Liverpool at the moment so it would be a good idea to get one while stocks last.

Dont forget, next week is a normal club night and then the following week we are holding our Christmas party with a free buffet for all our members. Do come along then as it will be very enjoyable meeting lots of our members who always come out for this event.


Wednesday 24th Nov 2010



Marieanne with her son behind

The band with Vanessa, Marieanne, Jenny and Vida

This evening we held our Music and Quiz night organised by Marieanne with the Quiz questions written by Bev, shown below with Diane

Vanessa solo

Bev and Diane

We had advertised this event for a few weeks and this had the desired effect of bringing many people along who wouldn't normally have made the effort. It made for a very enjoyable evening with over 60 people attending overall. The quiz, with every question somehow TRANS related, was enjoyed by all those taking part and the winning team finished with 24 out of the 25 questions correct. The fourth member of the team, Vida's partner not shown in the photo, told me afterwards that it was a real team effort. Each member of the winning team received a £5 token to be used at Transfixed. Vida's partner donated hers back to the club to be used as a prize at a later event. Thank you.

Quiz winners, Vida, Sam and Chloe with Marianne who had presented them with their prize


Elaine and Mandy


Millie and Tina

Brydie and Cindi

Lisa and Mary

Julia and Amy




The above photos are just a sample of the people that attended. I was pleased to see Haley shown in the middle above as she hasn't been to the club for some time. She comes with her daughter Alison who tells me that she now has a new lodger staying with her, who is one of our members, Sky. They met at the club when we were at the Rembrandt and she was able to offer Sky a room when she needed it. It is always so much easier for crossdresser to be living somewhere where they know the other occupants of the house are sympathetic, so thank you Alison, it is good to hear of people helping each other.

Next week is a normal club night but there are still places available for our Chinese meal on Saturday the 4th of December. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to come.

Finally I would like to give a vote of thanks on your behalf to Marianne and all those who took part with the band and to Bev for producing the quiz with such relevant questions for us all.



Friday 19th Nov 2010

Trip to the Rocky Horror show



A small group of girls organised by Jenny had an evening out at the Rocky Horror show this evening. The following is a letter I received from Jenny with some photos taken that night. The photos dont show everyone who went so if there are any others I will be happy to include them here. Mary


Sorry its taken while getting these photos, Frances took these shots, I forgot my camera (doh!)....I got the OK from Susan County and Frances for you to put these up on the web site.

We had a great time at the Rocky Horror Show, there were five of us, we met another another couple at the theatre. As you can see we were quite conservatively dressed. The audience was a real cross section of people, of all ages and all decriptions, but everybody was there to have a great time, as they all certainly did.

The story teller in the play was Ainsley Harriott, he was really good, he had plenty of one liners, and he needed them ....... there was an awful lot of audience participation!

We were sat in the Grand Circle..... when the dancing started for the Time Warp the floor started to move... we were sat at the aisle end ... so imagine what it was like in the middle!! A girl in the row in front of me was looking very nervous, don't ask me how I knew!.... so I told her it was quite normal for this to happen, the circle at the Apollo does the same! She said thanks, that she understood, that she was in fact a building surveyor, and that even though she knew it should be OK, she was still very nervous, and carried on gripping the arms of her seat!!

We all had a great time, the show does go very quickly...all too quickly, I think I will go again next look out I may see you there!

Take Care

J xx



Jenny, Frances and Susan


Wednesday 17th Nov 2010





As you can see this was our RED DRESS theme night. We took these photos fairly early in the evening so not everyone in red appears here. I then went on to take some other individual and smaller group photos as the evening progressed.


Danni, Lisa and Nikki

Julia, Paula, Gina, Kate and Brydie

Julia, shown on the left above, was up here from the south for a few days and hoping to get to know some girls to go out with later in the week. I hope she was successful and enjoyed the rest of her time up here in Manchester.

Frances, Jenny and Vanessa

Sarah Jane, Janet, Julie and Julie

Joan and Cate

Sarah, Fiona and Michelle


Joanne, Mary, Millie and Joanne again



It was a fabulous turnout of girls in red, thank you all for making the effort. Carol, on the left came along on one of her rare visits and paid her membership for next year plus a generous donation, so thank you Carol. Katie, on the right, is becoming quite a frequent visitor, even though she comes from such a long way and always manages to show off her amazing figure to advantage.
Joanne, up above shown with Mary and Millie, is a new member and it is great to see her joining in so quickly with a themed evening.
Lucy, shown below on the left, had recently bought the dress she is wearing from Ebay and really wanted to show it off this evening. It was actually a size too small so she had great difficulty


Lucy with and without coat

getting it on, but once that hurdle was overcome, it fitted her like a glove and looked great on her.
Dont forget that next week we are having a quiz night, with the quiz starting at around 9:15. The quiz will only take about half an hour and can be tackled in teams of up to four people so come along early and make up your groups. There will be a prize for the winning team. It will then be followed by some live musical entertainment from Marianne, Vanessa and I believe Jenny.

There are still plenty of places available for our Chinese meal on Saturday the fourth of December so please try to book your place with your £22 on wednesday if you are going to come to it.





Wednesday 10th Nov 2010




It was good to welcome back Tina after a four week gap. We were begining to wonder what may have happened to her, having forgotten that she was going on holiday to NewZealand and therefore it was bound to take a little longer than usual. She appears to have had a very enjoyable time on the railways down there doing her usual thing of riding on as many train lines as possible. She bought this dress shown on the left very recently and was very pleased with the way it fitted her.
Millie, on the right, our other most reliable door person is shown with another of her very attractive dresses of which she must by now have hundreds, but she is not alone in having a large wardrobe.



Susie, on the left, looking very smart with her matching shoes, does not get here as often as she would like, but this evening she brought along a very nice couple for the first time. Unfortunately they didn't want me to include a photo in here, so if you want to see what they look like you will have to come along to the club for a chat.
On the right you can see Lisa and Mandy with, I notice, Rachel sitting at the bar in the background.
Mandy has been spending more time with our media student Radka, showing her the environment where she was brought up, including the school she went to, also telling her life story so that Radka can produce a complete illustrated story about a TV as she grew up into the boy/girl that she has become. I think Mandy has quite enjoyed the whole process.

Lisa and Mandy

Libby and Zoe




I had received a letter from a lady called Cath a few weeks ago asking if the club would be interested in having a fashion show arranged especially for us. I wrote back and said that it sounded a very interesting suggestion and would she be interested in coming along to the club one wednesday evening so that we could discuss the idea more fully. We eventually agreed on the wednesday the 10th of November as being the best date for them and Cath and her business partner Chris came along this evening at around 7:30, having got a bit lost in Manchester's one way street system before getting here. They are two very charming ladies who are looking for ways to make life a bit easier and a bit more interesting for us T girls as well as provide a service for us. I talked to them for a short while and then introduced them to Paula and Lisa and left them to continue the discussion. I had to leave before the end of the evening so I will be interested to hear what other people thought of their suggestions to see if we can take the ideas further.



Milli, shown here on the left, got the opportunity to take part as an extra in a film several months ago and she tells me that it is now going to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival next year and she has been invited to go there and take part in the publicity. She is quite excited by the idea. On top of this she was asked if the Magazine called Chat could publish an article about her and this has now been done and it is appearing in the 2010 winter special which is now available in W H Smiths, among others. The concord has a favourable mention and it even includes a photo of Milli and Myself together for which I did give my permission. I have a copy which will be available on wednesday the 17th for people to see but you can also now buy your own as well.

Please dont forget that we are having a RED DRESS evening on the 17th as well.


Wednesday 3rd Nov 2010




This week was a normal club evening, but when I arrived at NewYork NewYork at just after 4 pm to get things ready, I was pleased to find Pete, one of the owners, busy working away in the back room starting to convert it into a proper changing room for us girls. I spoke with Tracey and Pete last week and we changed our minds about the space Tracey had offered us as it still meant that we had to go through the room containing the ice machine. Pete said he would rather move the machine and then convert that room into a dedicated space for us to use. He then agreed to have the work all done before our Christmas party on the 15th of December and we shook hands on this. He has now started the work which is very encouraging.
I had also come early so that I had time to go down to the ShangHai restaurant and pay a deposit for our meal there on the fourth of December. As Vanessa was also here we both went down to the ShangHai before going on to have our normal evening meal in Eden where 5 other people joined us before we had finished eating. We always go and eat there between 6 and 7 pm so anyone coming to the club is welcome to come and join us.


Joanne and Sophie

We tried several poses for the picture of Joanne and Sophie, on the left, but this one looked the best because they are quite different in height and this was more balanced.
Leslie's dress on the right, looked a completely different colour from the purple is appears to be here. In the normal light it looks blue.
Paula, shown below with Christine has been a member of Concord for as long as I have, so we have known each other for nearly 24 years and we are still friends. I hope many of you also make friends that will go on for the rest of your lives as we have managed to do. I am not sure how long Christine has been coming but it could be nearly as long and I still have trouble remembering her name, which is terrible, but maybe I will remember it better now.

Leslie and Sophie

Paula, Christine and Paula's shoes

Paula bought these very unusual shoes she is wearing, from Next, in the big shopping complex in Stockport, so if you want a pair you now know where to go. I think she had to order them to get the right size but they were very helpful in there.
Kate, on the right, really loves dressing up and always manages to make her outfits well over the top, so keep it up kate you do help to cheer us all up.



Brydie and Lisa


Libby and Sammi

Michelle was included in a picture last week, sitting on a stool sandwiched between Lisa and Paula and it did make her look rather small. It was a real optical illusion as here she is, above left, looking very smart at full height. Sarah, shown above left had just bought this dress and really wanted to wear it but wasn't sure if it was OK. I think she looks superb in it.
Sammi, shown here on the left with Libby is new to the club this evening but has been going out for the last eighteen months or so. She is a very confident lady and has already arranged a group to go to the Rocky Horror show later this month.

Vida and Millie

Vida, shown above right, with Millie, has been very busy recently, but made a real effort to come this evening and spent some time helping Millie look after the door. So thank you Vida. She has promised that she will make the effort to come to Marieanne's Music and Quiz night on the 24th. The fantastic long hair that Millie is wearing this evening is actually mostly her own, which exactly colour matched the short wig she bought recently which covers the slightly thinner hair on top. If she hadn't told me I would never has guessed.

Next week is a normal club night but the week after, we are having a RED DRESS theme night so get searching for something suitable and come along and surprise us all.





Wednesday 27th Oct 2010



Judy and Ruby

Wow! I was advised not to mention numbers who come along to the club, when I first started this Blog, but sometimes it is worth saying. We normally average between 25 and 35 people during the evening but some evenings like this wednesday we get around 50 coming in and it really makes the room buzz. So thank you all for your support.
When I send out emails to all the members I get some of them returned without having been delivered. Judy and Ruby, shown here on the left were two of the first people I spotted during the evening so I have now got their correct emails. I got Andrea's a bit later on in the evening so I am now only short of 4. These are members 279 Suzie, 298 Aman, 323 Nicole and 335 Beverley so if they happen to read this blog I would appreciate an email from them to help me correct the list.
Nicky, on the right came in early in the evening and told me she was expecting to meet Vivian, so I was delighted to see her here later on as she hasn't managed to get out early and get to the club for several months

Nicky and Vivian

Steve and Brydie

Brydie came along with her friend Steve this evening so here is a photo of them both as he was quite happy to be included here.
Sophie, on the right, only manages to get here very rarely so it was good to be able to catch up with her after a long gap. But I got a letter from her later in the week saying that she had been verbally accosted by a chap in a car who she realised was trying to pick her up as she was walking alone to her car. He didn't appear to follow her but while she was sat in her car she saw him again making remarks to two other girls as they walked by. I dont think she took the car's number, but if this does happen to any of you I would suggest that you do take the number as this kind of harassment should be reported to the police. It helps them build a picture of possible troublemakers.



Paula, on the left, has been out two nights on the trot this week and written a report about both of them on the Forum so do have a look, she is always amusing.

Jessica, on the right with Alison, is Alison's fiancee who has been living in America for several years but is over here for a few weeks on a visit. She is involved with the Diversity Pride center in Kenniwick Washington state and together with others is trying to start a refuge for transgender people in her home town. She loved the night and has told the DPC all about it. So welcome Jessica, I hope we see a lot more of you before you have to return to the States.

Jessica and Alison


Liz and Michaela

Zoe and Joan


Liz, shown above with Michaela, came along for the first time this evening and became a member before she left. She wrote me a very kind thank you letter the following day as did Vicky, shown on the left who came along early in the evening with partner Beth. I spent some time talking to them before introducing them to a few other girls who were about to set off into the village to visit Paddy's Goose. They were persuaded to venture out and later on, finished up in Napoleons so they really expanded their horizons on their first evening.
Julie, shown on the right with her partner, also Julie, were here for the first time as well and I met up with them again later on in Napoleons where I took this photo. It is great when Partners come along as well, to give support and I hope they keep coming with them as it adds to the atmosphere of the club.

Julie and Julie


Finally, it is time to get moving on our Christmas meal booked for Saturday the fourth of December. I wanted to try somewhere different this year so we have decided to hold it at the ShangHai chinese restaurant on the corner of Whitworth Street and Princess Street, just outside the Village. I have ordered a sit down Banquet (in other words we get served the whole meal, not a buffet). The price will be £22 a head NOT including drinks, which should be paid for as you go. It is only 5 Saturdays away so we will need to know the numbers and get the money as quickly as we can before the event as I dont wish to have to handle money on the night. Suggested methods of payment will be on the Coming Events page as soon as I can manage it.








Wednesday 20th Oct 2010




This week we again had the pleasure of Pam and Hayley's company and stall from New Image Fashions in Warrington. Not only were they selling fashion accessories but Pam was doing Tarot card readings and Hayley was helping people with their makeup. Specifically she was helping various people to try on false eyelashes and here is a picture of Cloe wearing some. One or two others also tried them but didn't want their photos taken.
We had a very pleasant first time visitor from Newcastle who loved to dress in Ladies business suits but so far had not tried out wigs and makeup etc. I introduced him to the girls on the right here and they spent a long time discussing the pros and cons of the full dressing experience rather than only wearing the clothes.
He met and talked to several other girls and at the end of the evening thanked us for making him so welcome. I hope we see him again soon. (No photos as he would be too recognisable.)

Lisa, Michelle and Paula

Julia and Amy

It was good to see Julia and Amy here this week. Julia has to come quite a distance so it is not easy. Amy is a lot nearer but finds it difficult to get out very much these days due to too much work and also being responsible for elderly parents who are now not in the best of health. Coming out for evenings like this is a great help to enable her to relieve the stress she is living with at present. We feel for you Amy, do look after yourself.
Heloise, shown here on the right with Elaine, gets here when she can but her work takes up much more of her time than she would like, so we dont get to see her very often. We are glad to see her when she can make it.

Heloise and Elaine

Danni and Libby

Danni and Libby, shown here on the left, are now very regular visitors to the club with Danni also coming to the meal at Eden before the evening starts. Unfortunately this evening she got stuck in horrendous traffic and didn't manage to get here till 18:45 rather than 18:00 which she usually achieves. We suspect a Manchester United football game had something to do with it. They are both computer buffs so they have a lot in common.
I can never resist taking photos of Zoe when she comes along as she always manages to look stunning from the front or the back. So here she is again.

Zoe from front and back


We all owe a lot to Millie who nowadays spends a lot of her evenings looking after the door with the help of Tina when she is here, but lucky Tina manages to take many holidays, so she is not here quite as often as Millie. This week the photography student Radka also came along again bringing her mother with her this time so she could see where we meet and what the club is like. It was lovely to see them and gives us a real buzz when people enjoy the club so much that they come several times and make friends with the girls.
It was great to see Sophie and Jade back again later in the evening having spent the day in Newcastle shopping and rushed back to Manchester by car in order to get some time out in the village. They had bought the matching coats and shoes today, at very reasonable prices and wanted to be able to show them off this evening

Sophie and Jade

Sophie and jade

The shoes were only £5 a pair so you can understand why they were so pleased to have them. Jade and Sophie have a very up and down relationship so I do hope they manage to keep together. They make a very nice couple.

Our next theme night is the RED DRESS evening on November the 17th so you have time to find something to wear before then.

A tangle of feet




Wednesday 13th Oct 2010



Early evening purple outfits

This evening was our purple dress theme night so here is a picture of all those girls who were here before 8 pm with some purple in their dresses. Many more came later on but this is the only group picture I managed to take.
On the right I have shown Millie, who two weeks ago agreed to be photographed by the photography student Radka. She met up with her last week but on Saturday poor Millie had her right foot run over by a car at the camp site where she was staying and Radka was visiting for some more photos. This rather put paid to the photography and Millie DJing that evening, but she still managed to get here today.


Sarah, Stella and Carol

It was lovely to see Sarah and Carol back here again after a long gap and they tell me that they are now going to get married quite soon. There may be a party in this. They are also going to the Rocky Horror show that Jennifer has been organising via the forum. It was also good to see Stella shown with them, who only manages to get here occasionally, but still came with a purple scarf to show willing.
Rachael, on the right, came along with her partner Lottie after a very long break, but she has been off work for some months now suffering from depression so it is very understandable. Lottie was delighted to say that Rachael is now much better and is going back to work on monday. I hope she manages to keep up the good progress and starts to enjoy life again.



We had a new girl come in during the evening called Joanne along with her very supportive partner Jenny. She came along in male garb but we persuaded her to change and here she is all ready to start a new life with us. Welcome Joanne.
Sofie and Lorraine came in to visit us having been round the village over the last few days and found out that we meet here on Wednesdays. Sofie is a School teacher now living in Norway and Lorraine is her girl friend who she came over to visit here in Manchester. They are a charming couple and hopefully we will see more of them whenever Sofie can get over here.

Sofie and Lorraine plus Sofie again

Amber and Elaine

Paula Storey and Katie

Framces and Joanne


Jenni and Cate

Amber and Sky

Libby, Sky, Danni, Amber and Kate

What I really like to see are groups of girls like this, who have only known each other for a short time, so obviously enjoying each others company. It makes the whole concept of this club worthwhile and I hope it keeps going long after I fade away.
Debbie, on the right with Leslie can only get here very occasionally as she lives a long way away. She has known Leslie for some time now and was last here at Sparkle but still likes to get here when she can.

Leslie and Debbie

Milli and Carol

Sam and Libby


Melanie and Mary

Melanie, shown here on the left with Mary, used to live here in Manchester with Gigi, but some months ago now they decided to split up and Melanie went back to live in Liverpool where she came from. She has been semi retired for some time, but more recently has stopped even doing the part time work and she finds that she is much happier without the pressure of being on standby to fill in for other people at short notice. She recently went and spent a week in Blackpool without taking any male clothes with her so she really enjoyed living as Melanie for the whole week.
Mandy, shown here on the right, couldn't resist buying this Tee shirt/dress when she saw it for sale the other day. I am sorry that the photo has a reflection partly hiding the words but it says GIRLS KICK ASS and she is proudly wearing it.


Paula, Ashley, Diane, Emma and June

The girls show here, left and right, had all been for a meal organised by Kate for the Angels and only managed to get here by about 10:45. Even so it was lovely to see them so I am glad they managed to join us even for a short time. I had not met Sue before so we had a long chat and this is the first time June has been to the club in this venue.
I asked her if it would be suitable for holding one of her dancing evenings and she said she thought it would, so we will probably try that out as an activity idea in the new year. It will appear on the coming events page when we decide to hold it.

Sue Kate and Kay Denise

Lisa, Ana, Sue and Elaine

Finally, I am sure many of you remember Ana who visited us for several weeks earlier this year, while she was working on her Phd. She returned to her home in Brazil at the beginning of September and I have just had a lovely letter from her saying how much she enjoyed our company. She says that she spent a very special time with us all and learned a lot, we are in her heart. Thank you Ana we enjoyed meeting you and your lovely sisters.
Next week we will have Pam and Haley back with more things from their shop in Warrington, plus Pam is going to do Tarot Card readings if anyone would like that and Haley will be doing makeover tasters. Please see the coming events page for more details.


Wednesday 6th Oct 2010



Brydie and Mica

Mica, shown here with Brydie, came into NewYork NewYork for the first time this evening early on. I introduced her to Brydie and they seemed to hit it off as they spent a long time talking together. It is fairly unusual to find someone smaller than Brydie but as you can see here she makes Mica look tiny. This is great for Mica as it should make it very much easier for her to pass as a woman.
Mandy, on the right, has been coming for a few weeks now and is gaining in confidence all the time as she gets more used to being able to be Mandy much more often than she has been used to up to now.



Kate, on the left, really loves to dress up in exotic outfits and here she is really making the most of our freedom to be who we want to be. Keep on enjoying yourself Kate, I know you do.
At the other end of the scale, Lisa and Michaela, shown here are both wearing elegant outfits that they could go to work in if they wished. It is good to see Lisa when she manages to get here and that goes for Michaela as well. Michaela has not been able to get here for some months due to various happenings in her family which include her Father dying a few weeks ago. So please accept our condolences Michaela and I hope you keep managing to get here when you can.

Lisa and Michaela


Cheryl and Caroline


Paula, Marolyn and Jenny

Cheryl, shown above with Caroline, has not been along for some time, but has managed to make this evening, bringing her friend Caroline along for the first time, so welcome Caroline, I hope we manage to see you both again soon.
My friend Paula, shown here with Marolyn and Jenny, has been around on the scene for as long as me and still manages to look stunning. It is great to see Marolyn when she can get here from the big city down South bringing Jenny with her to encourage her to get out more often.

Please dont forget that next wednesday the 13th of October is our PURPLE DRESS theme night, so make the effort to give us a Purple evening.





Wednesday 29th Sept 2010



Funky Pieces trade stand

This evening we had Chris from Funky Pieces, based in Sheffield, come over with her husband to show their wares that they are currently selling through Ebay. Soon they will have their own website but it is not ready yet. When it is we will put a link on this website. She was selling lots of attractive Handbags and jewellery at very reasonable prices and you can see a selection in these photos.
The following day I got a very nice letter from Chris saying how much they had enjoyed their visit and asking if they could come again in the new year.
It also turned out to be a very busy evening with around 50 people coming in so it really was very enjoyable. Below is a general view showing some of the crowd around the bar.

Tina with Chris from Funky Pieces

View of Bar

The previous week I had an email from a Polish student of photography, Radka, who is studying here and she was asking if we could help her to find a TV who would be willing to be photographed in both female and male modes for her next college project. I suggested that she put and entry into our forum and also come along to the club this evening to meet as many people as possible to help her quest. She came along early in the evening with her boyfriend and they both stayed all evening talking to many of the members.

Millie and Radka

When she explained that she would like to find a TV who also spent quite a lot of time dressed during their normal life and that she would even like to photograph them at work we said that this was a much harder request than we had originally realised. But looking around the club it occurred to me that Millie, shown above with Radka, was possibly an ideal candidate as I know that she also does a lot of other outside activities as Millie, including things like DJing at her camping club evenings. So I went and asked Millie if she would like to have a chat with Radka and she fairly soon agreed to help her. It will be interesting to see the results of her work if Millie is agreeable and knowing her, I think that is very likely.



Pauline, on the left, was last here at Sparkle, but she lives in Cornwall so cannot be a frequent visitor. She made friends with Millie so this time she was staying with her just for a few days. She is hoping to be back for the christmas party if the finances allow.
Alison came in early this evening accompanied by Pauline from Bolton, not the girl on the left. She was still looking a bit fragile after having had her operation a few weeks ago. When she got to the hospital she found that Steff, shown here on the right looking really well, was in the next bed, having just had the operation, so they were company for each other while they were there. Pauline, then went down to fetch Alison back when she was discharged and has spent some time at her flat helping her to recuperate. This is what friends are for, so well done Pauline.


Vanessa, Susanne and Lee

Sarah and Cindi




Lin and Sophie, on the right, come up occasionally from Reading where they work, so it is good to see them back again tonight enjoying an evening out in Manchester.
Tina, shown below with Danielle came dressed as she is shown here, but Danielle came wearing a very similar dress but also wearing jeans. Their dresses were so similar that she was persuaded to remove the jeans so that we could get this photo of them as a pair. I hope they are pleased with it.

Lin and Sophie

Tina and Danielle

We have now been in NewYork NewYork for seven weeks so it was time to assess whether we are happy to stay here. I set up a meeting with Tracy, the owner for Friday afternoon and came along to talk with her accompanied by Vanessa. The aspects that trouble us at present are the rather dim lighting and the use of the ladies as a changing area. She has immediately agreed to supply some more lighting to brighten the place up and also to clear out and set up the rear storage room so that we can use that to change in rather than the ladies. The access to this room is lockable so that will also make our property more secure during the evening. There will be space in that back room for a larger cupboard so we will be able to keep all the bits and pieces we need each week. It will be fitted up with mirrors and better lighting so that we can see what we are doing.
If all goes to plan this may even be in use by next wednesday so we will cross our fingers and hope for the best.
For the future Tracy is actively planning to completely refurbish the bar and this is planned to include some window area, so for next summer we should even get some daylight during the evenings. While this refurb is going on we will be able to use the downstairs bar.

















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