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Wednesday 9thDec 2009




Debbie, Lisa, Samantha & Tanya

Catherine joined us in Eden for our meal bringing Amber, shown on the left, with her for her first night with us wearing this fabulous outfit. So welcome Amber you made a wonderful first impression.



The other girls shown, Debbie, Lisa, Samantha and Tanya were also eating in Eden in preparation for going to the Rocky Horror Show at the Palace later in the evening. Daniella joined us back in the club later on that evening so I have included her picture here.


Pat and Millie

When we got back to the club at 19:00 Millie was already there with her new friend, who I will call Pat but I am not sure if I have got that right. Pat is on a visit from Cornwall so she is joining us just for this evening as she doesn't get the chance to travel very often.
Steffie is shown on the right with her new daughter Gina who is with us for the second time this evening. She came last week and was given some make up advice by Janice's daughter and this week she helped Gina with all her makeup, doing a fantastic job.

Steffie and Gina

Pauline, Petra, Eloise and Sally

Our next visitor was Eloise from Italy who managed to find us by writing to Jenny Baker at Northern Concord. She answered her second letter telling her about this club on wednesday evenings, which was a great help. Eloise really enjoyed her evening and has written to say thank you, she will be back soon.
Eloise enclosed this photo in the letter she sent to me.
Christine, on the right had been out shopping today for, I think, the first time and really enjoyed herself. She has joined Manchester Concord this evening.



Paula and Dawn

Most of the current members probably dont know Paula and Dawn, shown on the left. Dawn is probably the second person I spoke to when I joined Northern Concord back in 1986 as she was almost a permanent fixture at the club for many years. Unfortunately she could never stay out late as she used to have to start work very early in the morning. She has at last given that up so we may see more of her. Paula joind the club about two weeks after me and they have both hardly changed in all that time. They also go together to Benidorm fairly frequently and are well known in the bars down there. Get to know them if you get the chance,.
It is also good to see Cindi here much more often these days and I am pleased to hear the club in Leeds is doing so well. See the TGevents page.



Zoe, on the left, always manages to find stunning outfits and this is no exception and Michaela on the right looks good in this red outfit with a well constrained figure.

Finally I should say that my Conjunctivitis is slowly getting better so I should be OK for the party on wednesday evening even though the NHS have arranged my next hospital appointment for soon after 9 am on thursday morning, so a late night will not be a good idea for me.

Dont forget this wednesday we have a free buffet all arranged, incuding a chocolate fountain for the sweet. The bar have also promised to have more chairs available so it should be possible to sit down to eat.
Marieanne and Vida are getting prepared to sing their hearts out and we also have some surprise entertainment from Mario.






Saturday 5th Dec 2009




This was our Saturday evening Christmas meal out in Villaggios where 42 people sat down for an excellent meal together. We filled up almost the whole of the back of the restaurant on one long table where we were well looked after by all the staff at Villaggios. It is very difficult to photograph such a long table but here is my attempt at it from each end and one in the middle.


Wednesday 2nd Dec 2009





I am sorry that this blog is a little late this week, but I have not been feeling up to doing much. My right eye started feeling sore last tuesday evening. I decided to try to ignore it until Thursday morning, by which time I felt a real need for a doctor to have a look at it. I saw her mid morning and she diagnosed probable conjunctivitis, gave me some eye drops and antibiotic pills and told me it should start to clear up within 48 hours. I decided not to go to the Burlesque show with Astrid and many other friends on friday evening as I really didn't feel up to it, but did make the effort to go to our Christmas dinner in Villaggios on Saturday evening, which I really enjoyed so I am glad I went. We had one long table with 42 people sitting down to an excellent meal. Villaggios looked after us really well.

A sad note to add in here is that Susie, who has arranged the outing to the "Rocky Horror" show this wednesday will not be able to go. She has been in hospital over the last two weeks with heart problems and they have now sent her home with an Oxygen bottle to help keep her going. Because she had tickets and money to give people, she made a supreme effort to come on Saturday but was not able to stay for the meal. She gave me her ticket for the Rocky Horror and the one remaining spare and these have now been given to Petra and Lisa so there are none spare now. Susie deserves a huge vote of thanks for the effort she has made in arranging this outing. I do hope we manage to see her again soon as she has been a loyal supporter of Manchester Concord and a good friend to every one that has got to know her.

My eye had got no better by Monday morning and the itching had spread to the other one so I went back to the doctor and he now suggested that I see a specialist in Stepping Hill Hospital. He quickly arranged this for 2:30 pm that afternoon, which really amazed me, the speed that the NHS can offer. I went along that afternoon and was very carefully examined to check that nothing else was wrong with my eyes and they were found to be AOK, so I was quite relieved. He questioned me in detail about the symptoms and came to the conclusion that I have Viral conjunctivitis which is not affected by antibiotic drugs so the pills are a bit pointless and he has put me on a regime of eyedrops several times a day. I go back to see him on wednesday morning after they have screened the swabs they took.
I have told you all this just to account for my lethargy in producing this blog. I have sat at this computer several times but not felt like doing anything. It is only when we are ill that we understand how fantastic it is to feel well.



Alison and Frances

Tarnia, who took all the photos the week before, had emailed me just after I left for Manchester, to say that she had had her injections for her impending trip to Africa and she felt ill, so she would not be bringing the photos along this evening.
She has assured me that she will come along with them on the 9th.

Cindy, shown below with Kate and Saima from REM is one of the organisers of an event that now runs in Leeds on the first Friday of every month. I will put details of this event on our other TG events page.



Kate, Saima and Cindy



Laura, Zoe and Karen



Susan, on the left, joined the club this week but will not be able to come very often, although she says she will be attending the Christmas party next week. I hope she makes it.

Jessica, on the right has be saying that her job up here will finish very soon, for at least the last eighteen months, but she now assures me that it is really almost over and then she will have to return to distant pastures. We really have enjoyed having you around Jessica, you do add colour to the scene in Manchester and have befriended a lot of people. We will miss you.

I have now run out of steam so am going to bed. Mary





Wednesday 25th Nov 2009



Tarnia & Jo

First of all I would like to wish Brydie many happy returns of the day as she tells me she will be 70 this week.             Congratulations Brydie.
This week we were joined by two lovely girls who are photography students at Manchester University, Tarnia and Jo. All the students in their course had been set a project this term to go and take some portrait photos of whoever they liked to show off their skills. Tarnia was in one of the bars on Canal street and got talking to some of our girls and told them that she would like to take some portraits of "T" girls. They suggested that she wrote to me



to ask if they could come along to the club one evening. They did this and came along a few weeks ago to spend an evening with us, when we arranged that they would come along a few weeks later bringing their equipment with them to set up a mini studio, so that they could take good photos. They came in to the Rembrandt this afternoon and set up a back screen and lighting so that they would be ready for the evening. Their college is the building at the side of Sackville park so they did not have to carry their stuff too far. They had two forms of lighting. One the usual sort reflecting off a silver umbrella and the other was the ring of light you can see in the picture. This was all soft lighting designed to hide blemishes so they were hopefully going to get some good pictures. The evening started quite slowly for them, but as it progressed they started to get quite a list and they eventually finished up taking sets of pictures of 19 different people, including our newest member Sarah, shown below, who only came along for the first time this evening. Quite a baptism of fire for her but she finished up l0ving it.



They took everyone's email addresses so they could send a subset of the pictures to each of the participants. Tarnia has promised to bring the full set over to the club next week, on disc, so that we can give copies to each of you that had them taken.
Suzie, on the right, comes down to us from just outside Glasgow a few times a year and joined the club this evening, after having had her photos taken by the girls.
I suggested that it would be great to have an evening when we had a photography make up artist with us as well as Tarnia and Jo, so that people could be made to look their best before have the pictures taken. Tarnia told me she knew a girl who would possibly do this for us so, fingers crossed, we may be able to set that up in the new year.



Mariaeanne, Vida and Alex

Both Lisa on the left and Vida on the right are wearing different outfits from their usual so I couldn't resist showing them along with the three above sitting having a chat.



Both Zoe on the left and Trixie on the right dont manage to get to the club as often as they would like but when they do they make the most of it. They both had a photo session with the girls this evening and I am sure the results will be impressive.
On everyone's behalf, I would like to thank Tarnia and Jo for all the work they put in today and we all look forward to seeing the results next week.

On saturday the 5th we are having our Christmas dinner at Villaggio's and there are still places available if anyone else would like to come. I must know by next wednesday.
The buffet is now all arranged for our party on the 16th. We are catering for up to 80 people so do make a note of the date and come along to enjoy yourself.




Wednesday 18th Nov 2009




This evening we had arranged for Marieanne to play a couple of sets between 9 and 11 pm. This made a very enjoyable evening for all the people that came along, so thank you Marieanne for offering to entertain us. It added a very enjoyable extra atmosphere to the evening. We are looking forward to more of the same with some others at Christmas.
We had a few new people come to join us this evening and the first ones I bumped into in the upstairs corridor were Donna and her partner coming out of their room where they were staying the night. They spent the whole evening with us and hopefully we will see them again shortly.



A bit later in the evening a new girl, Julia on the left, came in who then told me that she last came to the club about 15 years ago when we were meeting in this same bar before it had the bay window added. She told me she remembered me from way back then but had stopped coming for various family reasons. Her life has now settled and she is able to come along and be Julia again. She seemed very happy to be back so welcome Julia, I hope you stay longer this time.
I would also like to welcome back Sonia, on the right, who has not been for some time but comes when she can.


Natalie, Sally, Miranda,Petra and Alix

Sally, who has been coming for some time now, told me that she had met Natalie on TVchix and had persuaded her to join her for and evening at the club, so this is Natalie's first visit. It was also a first visit for Alix but I didn't get a chance to talk to her so am not sure about her circumstances. The others in the picture are Miranda and Petra who are old hands, having been coming to the club for some time now, especially Miranda who has been coming for many years and has made many friends.
I just put myself in here to show off the tights which a number of people noticed.


Penny and Millie

Later on in the evening after Tina had gone, Millie was on her own looking after the door table, so I asked Penny who was nearby if she would take a turn to keep her company. It was only then that we realised that the material of the dresses they were wearing was almost indentical. We couldn't resist taking these photos to show them off.


Much later in the evening Lucy and Rhonda, shown on the right, came in for the very first time to find out what the club was like. I understand that this is only the second time they have been in Manchester, having last visited for Sparkle in July. They are spending a few days here and are greatly enjoying Manchester. I offered to take their photo and they agreed to let me put it on this blog. I am sending them each a full size copy.


Lucy and Rhonda
Rhianna and Louise came in at that time and started talking to Lucy and Rhonda to we couldn't resist including their photo as well.

Rhianna and Louise



Finally, a different Julia from the girl up above came in, in yet another outfit. She always manages to find something different however often she comes. I cant imagine the size of her wardrobe but she obviously enjoys shopping and we enjoy the result.


Please dont forget that next week we have a new student Tarnia, coming in to take some portrait photos for her college project. She will give copies to anyone that takes part.





Wednesday 11th Nov 2009






Before the start of the evening in the club at 7 pm a varying group of us go down to Eden bar for a bite to eat. We were delighted to welcome Wanda, shown here third from the left, into the group this week especially as it is her last visit to the club for an unknown length of time as she is returning to New York after a 3 week visit to the UK. She sent me this picture taken by the waiter in Eden. It will no doubt also appear on wanda's website which is here. She sent me the following letter


The picture at dinner last Wednesday night. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the warm reception I received at the Wednesday night meetings. I am going to miss it.


We have greatly enjoyed her company, wish her well and hope to see her again one day. If you look at her website you will see that she is well travelled.


Lana had promised to bring stock from the Thai Gift shop and had then rung me on Tuesday to say that she probably would not be able to make it, so I was very pleased to see Caroline and Mei come struggling up the stairs early in the evening to set up the stall.


They set it all up along with Lana's Mum, shown in the purple and green top, to provide the service they had promised and Lana managed to get here at about 9 pm after she finished the unexpected work she had to do. So thanks to all of you for making the effort to not let us down.



Lisa, on the left, came in this stunning black and white outfit this week as she was unable to come last week for our theme night and didn't want to waste it. I dont blame her, it is exactly what I was hoping for.
Tina, on the right is always pleased when she can create a complete outfit with everything matching.
Katie, shown below, always manages to look great with outfits using a corset that manage to give her a really impressive figure. We are delighted to see her back again after a long absence.
Dee, shown below, has finally decided to change her name as too many people got confused when she told them her name was Dave. I think that Dee is better and is a good compromise.








Wednesday 4th Nov 2009



Wanda and Mary

This evening was our "Black and White" or Black or White theme night and quite a significant number of people managed to find something suitable. I had a rummage through my wardrobe and managed to come up with this little number plus the tights which I remember buying some years ago now in the Gallerie Lafayette in Paris. If you have never been there I do recommend it as it has several floors full of clothes with most of the upper floors being galleries leaving a huge atrium in the middle. A very unusual building.
I am shown with Wanda, our member from Los Angeles and on the right are a lovely couple Mandy and Carole who will also be at our Christmas meal on the 5th of December. I so far have 31 names for this meal so if anyone else wishes to come they had better let me know very soon.

Mandy and Carole


Cindy        and       Milli and Elaine




Hazel and Jessica

Emily and Rosemary

Elaine H and Pauline


Jackie and Daniella

Mary and Leanne

Paula and Petra

As you can see there was quite a variety of outfits with most people, but not all, managing to fit in with the theme. I was delighted to welcome back Paula shown on the left with Petra who first came two weeks ago after writing to our forum saying she would like to meet some crossdressers. She signed herself Betty, but it turns out her real name is Paula.
I was also very pleased to see Joanna who has not been to the club for about 18 years so, like a lot of our members, I have often wondered what had happened to her. She transitioned all those years ago and is now leading a normal life as Joanna and is obviously enjoying every minute of it. It is great to hear success stories when we hear of so many who hide themselves away after changing over.
Finally, next week Lana is coming back with her stall selling items that are from the old THAI GIFT SHOP, so come along and get something for yourself or presents for others.
Also Tarnia will be here taking photographs for her project. (Only with permission from the sitters)


Wednesday 28th Oct 2009



Abby and Mary

I came in early this afternoon and picked up Abby, who is visiting the UK for a week, and took her along to see Lisa and Zara at Transfixed, to have a makeover. We were both made welcome over a cup of tea and I waited while abby had an excellent makeover from Lisa, before bringing her back to eat with us in Eden.

Lisa and Zara from TRANSFIXED

Abby and a different Lisa


Abby was delighted with the result and later spent some quality time with Lisa and Zara when they came to the club later in the evening.


Millie in Witch mode

It is Halloween in a couple of days so I was expecting a few people to come in costume, but in the end the only one who came was Millie, so here she is in all her glory. She tells me that she was out earlier in the week as a Devil, all in red, so she really does make an effort.
Having got one visitor from America, in the shape of Abby, we then soon had another, namely Wanda, who is over here for about four weeks on business so we can expect to see a lot more of her. Unfortunately she had real difficulty finding us and finished up parking her car quite a long way away and walking here. Emma and Pauline gave her a lift, hopefully back to her car, so I hope she got home alright


Kate and Paula

This evening the bar started to fill up, quite early and I was delighted to see quite a few people from the past coming in to meet old friends. We had Debbie come in with Helen who I have not seen for over a year. It was good to be able to have a long chat with Helen after all this time.
Then we had Kate and Paula, shown on the left who have decided to come out more often into the village, supporting us and still looking as good as ever.
Sadly, Elaine on the right, is having a very trying time at the moment, with her mother having had a stroke and going in and out of hospital. Just to top things off a motorist backed his car hard into the front of her car this afternoon and did quite a lot of damage, so she was not feeling too cheerful this evening. We are thinking of you Elaine, please keep going, things will get better.


Tanya and Debbie


It is difficult to get an overall picture of the bar but here is a general view I did manage to take to try to show how busy it was, plus a few pictures of some of our regulars.





Caroline and Luke

Towards the end of the evening I noticed this very attractive young couple come in and go and sit on the sofa at the far end of the room under the white screen. When I went over to talk to them a bit later on I found out their names were Caroline and Luke and what they were really looking for was anywhere for much younger T girls to meet up and have fun together. Caroline is really into the idea of dressing up and she would love, for instance to get involved with running T girl fashion shows etc. They have already spoken to the people in LGBT and felt rebuffed as no one appeared to be interested in helping young T girls. They both said that if they could help to start such a group then they would be willing to put a lot of energy into it. I said that if there was any way we could help them then just ask us as I would very much like to encourage them.

Lisa Abby and Zara


So we will have to wait and see if they really do have the energy to make things happen, but I wish them luck.
Finally, dont forget that next week we have our BLACK and WHITE or BLACK or WHITE evening for which I am sure everyone could find something to suit so I am hoping for a great turn out. See you all next week.


Wednesday 21st Oct 2009




First of all can I congratulate Hazel and Anita for organising a fabulous weekend away in Blackpool for a large group of girls to have a great night out with a chinese meal followed by a visit to Funny Girls. From all the reports and photos I have seen, everyone had a very enjoyable time.


Hazel and Amber

Ami and Naomi

Now, back to wednesday evening. I was delighted to see Amy again, shown on the left with Naomi. Amy has had a number of family health problems recently so it is good to see her now slowly getting back into the swing of thing after a lot of stress.
It was also nice to see Dee again after a long gap, but when she does appear she always manages to look stunning.
Alison and Susie on the door. I'm afraid I have caught Alison in full flow but she was giving good advice.


Petra and Betty

During the previous week we had an entry on the Forum from a genuine girl called Betty who said that she loved dressing up and, having chanced upon our website, would really like to meet some T girls but was too shy to approach any in the village. She got some very welcoming replies on the forum and arranged to meet Paula in the village this evening. Paula went out at the arranged time and met up for a drink and a chat and then pursuaded her to come back with her to the club.
We had a long chat and I then introduced her to some other girls among whom was Petra who happened to be one of the people who had written on the forum so Betty immediately felt at home. Here they are shown on the left.
I told Betty she was welcome to come any time and she has promised to return suitably dressed on our Black and White evening in a couple of weeks.


Kerry and Fay

Kerry, shown here with Fay, was the girl who came two weeks ago dressed up as a man so here she is back this time dressed in her more normal attire.
Vida, on the right, is recovering from an operation so has been absent for a few weeks. I am glad to see she is on the mend but is still having some time off work to recover properly.
Our computer and projector is now all fully wired in to the building and the Wi-Fi link to the Hotel's computer system fully working so now we have full access to the internet each wednesday evening with the ability to display the computer screen so all can see. I would like to thank the Staff at the Rembrandt for being so helpful, especially Bob who has done nearly all the work so willingly. I would also like to thank Vanessa for all her technical guidance.

Finally dont forget that we have our Black & White/Black or White theme evening in two weeks time on Wednesday the 4th of November.





Wednesday 14th Oct 2009




This evening turned out to be quite interesting for me as we had several people came along who had not been for some time. First of all Janice emailed me to say that she had not been to the club for about 13 years, which is just before we had to move from the Rembrandt, while they built the big bay window on this bar area. She said that life had moved on for her and she was now in a position to start coming again and could she come on wednesday bringing her daughter as a companion. They duly came along quite early in the evening and stayed for most of the time. Janice has now joined Manchester Concord and plans to visit a lot more often now.




Then who should turn up, but Gwen and Linda, who have not been for about a year. I have been wondering what had happened, as when we were at the Hollywood they used to come almost every week. Gwen's health has been keeping them away, but she has made it this evening and I hope this is the start of a road to recovery for Gwen and we see a lot more of her.
Then, soon afterwards, Chloe comes in, who also hasn't been since we left the Hollywood. Hers is a complicated story, which I wont repeat here, but we do now hope to see her on a more regular basis in the future. We also had Paula and Kate come along, who I have known since the early days of Northern Concord. They are planning to put in more regular appearances in the future.



Then, on top of this flurry of members from the past, we also had about 4 other new people come along, some of whom had never been out dressed in their lives before, so this was a real first time adventure for them. There was Karen, Polly and Kate, who all got dressed here and later joined Manchester Concord. The 4th person was introduced by Dee, of Dee Selecta, who brought him down to see what the club was like but, regretably he had not brought any clothes with him so he was unable to change. I think he was very happy with the atmosphere of the club and we will see him/her back shortly. I am sorry but I have forgotten his name. I took photographs of some of the newcomers but they were not ready to have them put on this website so will not appear here. So below I have now put some photos of more well known members to add some glamour and break up this page.





We have now got our computer working and linked to the internet so it is available for any members to access during wednesday evenings. We also have a projector, which is permenantly attached to the ceiling and a white screen which can be pulled down for use when wanted. One of the things we are now able to do is to have this system displaying any photos from our files that have been put into this computer. So. if we have nothing else special to show we just let the computer scan slowly through our files creating a moving wall of pictures through the evening.
Astrid, one of our committee members, had come in after having a meal out and was casually looking at these pictures when she noticed one which showed a pair of glasses in a case that had been left in the club last November and I had photographed to put into this blog in the hope that someone would claim them. It would seem that Astrid doesn't read the blog every week and had missed this report. The glasses were still in the club bag, so she has finally got them back. But it really was pure chance that she happened to see this picture which was only shown for a few seconds.
Earlier this evening Vanessa and I had come in to install a new wire from the computer to the loudspeaker system in the bar. This enable us to show the odd video with sound if we wish, but I was interested to see that after I had cleared away the computer, at the end of the evening, the Barman had hit on the idea of plugging this wire into his MP3 player, which enabled him to listen to his own music while he cleared up the room and layed the tables for breakfast. So, I am glad someone else was able to take advantage of it as well as us.

Finally please dont forget that Anne and Michelle will be here next week selling Anne's jewellery and offering make up advice if asked.






Wednesday 7th Oct 2009



Emily, Georgina and Julia

As I came back from our evening meal in Eden I came across the three girls on the left being video interviewed by some students while standing in the entrance to the Rembrandt. The students were carrying out a project for their course and they were happy to be interviewed.
They were less happy, on arriving in Manchester, to find that their booking to stay the night in Eazysleep, across the road had been cancelled without them being informed. Luckily they were able to get a late booking in the Britannia in a very grand room which could accommodate all three of them.



We haven't seen Michaela, on the left, for a few weeks now. It seems that she has been managing to pull or strain muscles in various parts of her body rendering her, for instance, incapable of lifting her arms above her head. She now seems to be on the mend so I hope she manages to avoid these problems from now on. I was impressed by her smart suit for this evening, as I was with Kerry on the right who turned up looking very dapper in the outfit shown here on the right. She tells me that she had decided to crossdress as a man for the evening but it wasn't that convincing.


Sarah Louise from the front and the back

Sarah Louise, on the left, had bought this wedding dress in Linda's sale over the Sparkle weekend, but it was too tight round the middle so she managed to get a tailor friend to alter it for only £20. She made a really good job of it as it still looks good even from the back.
Julia's dress is also very unusual but looks really good on her.



I always find it very difficult to resist showing Paula's outfit as she always manages to look the business, never failing to look smart.
The two girls on the right, Kate and Diane, came in later on in the evening along with several other members who had all been out for a meal at Taurus. Both their outfits were well worthy of a photograph so here they are.
Today was the last day for taking bookings for the visit to the Rocky Horror show being run by Susie. She has seven people going at present. If anyone else does want to go then they will have to buy their own tickets and chance being able to get them near the others. See details on the coming events page if you are interested.

Kate and Diane



Wednesday 30th Sept 2009

Our Chinese/Oriental Evening


Mary, Caroline,Lana and Mei

As you can see we were well supported this evening by Lana and her friend Mei from the Thai Gift Shop which used to be open at the end of Sackville street. The shop has now closed and Lana has her Flat filled up with some of the stock from the shop which she is selling at half price. There is clothing, jewellery, make up, fans etc so there are plenty of bargains to be had. Lana is willing to return at a later date to offer more of the stock for sale.
She also is a hairdresser and did up my wig with coloured chopsticks and other ornaments on monday afternoon ready for this evening

Caroline, Lana and Mei


Back View and Dancing with Lana's Mum



Bev with Parasol

Pam & Bev with Fan




Mischa, Dee and Elaine


Thank you to all those you managed to support our theme. We are only trying to give people more opportunities to be different and experiment with clothing from other cultures. We will repeat these more exotic themes next year so I hope we can encourage more of you to find these clothes and wear them on special occasions. It is now possible to buy clothes on Ebay from Asia at very reasonable prices. My dress was made to measure and delivered quickly for under £60 all in. I will now find other times to wear it.








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