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Wednesday 20th May 2009

Purple Dress Night


Another super evening, the number of members that are coming along to support the club is just fantastic. At one time we could hardly move for purple outfits. We were unable to go outside to get a group photo so I have included two taken inside and then lots of individual photos. I am sorry that I have missed quite a few people as I didn't manage to take everyone individually. If there are any more photos that people would like to be included here then please email them to me.



Frances and Jenny


Trixie and Jane Maybe

Janine and Julie


Elaine H and Lisa

Mary and Paula


Miranda and Sarah Louise

Sarah, Julie and Jayne




I am sorry but I haven't got the names of the ladies in the final picture on the right except for Jayne on the far right. I am sure someone will write in and tell me.
It is obviously not possible for everyone to follow the evening theme for various reasons and as you can see not everyone managed it. I just wanted to say please dont let that stop you coming along on these evenings, it is great to also have a bit of variety.
Also I was delighted to welcome our first, after a long gap, M to F visitor Andy. It was great to see how welcome he was made to feel with several people really looking after him, so thank you all.

Five other people joined the club as well this evening so we are continuing to grow at a steady pace. Welcome to you all.
Please dont forget that next week we are having a partners evening when we are hoping that as many of you as possible will encourage your partners to come along and meet.

Soon after I posted the blog I got this letter from Georgina, so thanks Georgina and for your permission to publish the letter.



Hiya Mary

Once again you made us ever so welcome, what a wonderful evening, such a great experience. Love the group photo's of all the girls in their purple outfits. I have enclosed two photo's that I hope you can please include on website.

Take care and hope to see you soon.

Georgina xxxx

Samantha, Julia, Emily and Georgina




Wednesday 13th May 2009



The picture here shows a general view of the bar where we meet. It was a very busy night but it is difficult to show the whole area because the pillars effectively hide a lot of people who are sitting in the bay window area.
In fact it was so busy that we ran out of chairs and I have now asked Lee, the manager, if he can please try to provide more chairs for our wednesday evenings to make it more comfortable. If there are insufficient chairs people will start to go elsewhere.
I was delighted to welcome back Christine, who is shown standing in the picture, who came along with Debbie and Shirley. Christine now lives in Scotland so is only able to visit us occasionally on a wednesday, whereas Shirley and Debbie are regular attenders.

On Saturday three of your committee, myself, Frances and Alison attended an LGBT get together in Manchester Town Hall that had been arranged by Manchester Council staff. LGBT is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered, and it is now recognised that the Transgender part has not been given as much emphasis in the past as the other groups. The council wish to fully understand how any services they provide, including Police Social Services Housing etc, can be made as user friendly and relevant to us as possible. It was a very interesting day and we made a number of contacts which could well prove beneficial in the future.
We made friends with two people from a group run under the auspisces of Trafford Council which is set up to help young people from the age of 13 upwards who identify themselves as part of the LGBT.
I am hoping that they will visit us soon to see how we run and whether we can help them in any way.



One of them is a very cheerful Indian lady who said she would be delighted to help us with our proposed Indian Sari night in August. She said she was willing to come along a few weeks before then and show us how to wear the clothes and how they are made.

Please dont forget that next wednesday the 20th of May we are having our PURPLE DRESS NIGHT
and the following week on the 27th we are having a PARTNERS night where we hope as many people as possible will encourage their "Wives, Partners, Friends" to come along for the evening.

Finally we have to have a bit of glamour on this page each week and Paula never lets us down so here she is.


Wednesday 6th May 2009




I am really pleased to see Claire, shown here, coming out of her shell wearing bright colours. She is becoming a regular at the club and making new friends each time.
Incidentally the flags showing in the windows are there because the Rembrandt had just hosted a "Bears" weekend in the village and many of them had come a long way to attend in Manchester. The Bears are all big lads.
We had nothing special arranged for this evening and it started quietly but by halfway through the evening it had filled up and there was a real buzz about the place.



Karen, on the left, is the secretary of the National Trans Police Association NTPA several of whose members visited us a few weeks ago. She was unable to attend on that evening and came along tonight to introduce herself again, as we have met some years ago now. She is a delightful very enthusiastic person and I hope we see a lot more of her.
Lance on the right has been a member of Concord for many years and is one of our more unusual members. He sees himself as a Man in a skirt rather than a transvestite and is very actively engaged in trying to encourage other like minded men to wear skirts as a normal part of their attire. He has been running a clothing company called Midas for several years now and is slowly building up a good sized client base all over the world. His website is





Elaine H                           Milli

Liz above is a rare visitor but has started dropping in more often recently. Lisa is one of our regulars, here almost every week and has made some good friends. Elaine is coming more regularly now and I think she looks really good in this dress. Milli is a local girl and get here when she can which is not as often as she would like but we are glad to see her when she can make it.




I may have got Amanda's name wrong as I didn't write it down so please accept my apologies if it is wrong. She is fairly new to the club and I did want to include the photo of this confident looking lady.

And finally what can I say, Jenny you look stunning.


Wednesday 29th April 2009




Tina, one of our most regular members, is now taking a more active part in running the club since the election in march. All the new committee members have started helping on the door, Alison, Pauline and Michaela, as well as Tina and Francis. Alison and Pauline were not here this week as Alison was redecorating part of Pauline's House. Pauline is not the most practical of people so it is better if Alison does it.
The pictures here of Tina show that as long as a girl dresses smartly she can look really good whatever her size. I know Tina wont mind me saying this as she has no illusions about her size.

Early in the evening a new visitor came in dressed as a man but introduced himself as Mica. This is quite a common occurance as around half of the newcomers


come as a man on their first night. Mica stayed the whole evening talking to a number of different people and signed on a member before she left. I notice that she has already registered on the Forum and introduced herself. We would like more of our members to do this as it is a much quicker way for many other members to get to know you.



Peta also joined tonight having come along for the first the previous week but was not yet ready to appear here. Finally Sarah Jane Hilary has also joined but I was unable to take a photo as, at that point of the evening, I had lost my camera. For a while I thought it had been stolen but it turned out that Michaela had mistakenly picked it up thinking it was hers.
I took J's photo early in the evening after spending some time talking to her and then rather curiously we met up again at the meal in the village on Saturday evening where I found myself sitting next to her. These extra events are very enjoyable as it gives us a better chance to get to know each other. J and myself appear to have lived in several of the same parts of england over the years but at different times.


Sarah, Kerry and Jane shown on the right all manage to look good no matter what they are wearing. I showed Kerry last week all glammed up but she looks just as good in this photo.

I have put a post on the forum asking for volunteers to take part in a "Volley Ball" competition on the Sparkle Saturday the 11th of July. No one has yet answerd the post volunteering to play, so I thought I should put a request here as well, to see if people who dont look at the forum might be interested. This evening Micheala told me that she used to be in a Volleyball team so she is willing to take part but we need at least three others.

Sarah Kerry and Jane



Wednesday 22nd April 2009



Brydie and Sarah Louise

Both Brydie and Sarah Louise took me a little by surprise this week both looking a lot more demure than usual, whereas Jessica on the right decided to try out the PVC look for a change. They all look good so it is nice to have a change of style occasionally.


I was really pleased to welcome Paula and Dawn again. They have been on the scene for at least as long as me but many years ago started going on holiday to Benidorm where they are made most welcome in many of the bars there. They now go several times a year and really know how to enjoy themselves. Paula says she is going to start coming back to the village more often so hopefully we will see a lot more of them. Maybe they will find a few new friends who might also venture to Spain occasionally with them.
Below are a few more pictures of people that caught my eye.


Frances and Kerry

Frances, our secretary and Kerry are very regular attenders at the club. Cheryl usually comes with Jessica but today was on her own, looking very elegant.
Danni came a few weeks ago after a long absence. Life is just too busy for her these days.
Julia is an independent girl but still pops in occasionally to meet her friends.


Cheryl, Danni and Julia

The tickets for the Sparkle buffet, we are running here at the Rem, are now available. Please see the Sparkle page on this website for details of how to pay.
Linda is again running a clothing sale on the Sparkle Saturday and we have agreed to help collect the clothes for it. The management of the Rembrandt have set up two cupboards in their basement which we can use for storage of any clothes that people bring to donate to the sale. So we are now able to start accepting these clothes, but please make sure they are clean before you bring them. Any money raised will be donated to Charity.
Finally, I have set up a thread on the Forum asking for volunteers who would be willing to enter the "Volleyball" competition that is going to be run on the Saturday of the Sparkle weekend in an area in the park across the road. We would like to set up at least one team of four people to represent Manchester Concord. So far at least 26 people have read the thread but no-one has yet volunteered to play. I hope we can do better than that.

Wednesday 15th April 2009


We had our Easter Bonnet competition this week with not as many entries as we had hoped but even so, seven people entered the competition, which was judged for us by Crystal who runs a shopping service for TVs. The best Easter Bonnet was won by Millie and the most imaginative and original was won by Susie. As you can see the winners each got a bottle of wine so it was worth their effort.



Susie and Millie

Easter bonnet contestants


Susie is one of our stalwarts who comes along most weeks and takes part in everything. Millie is fairly new to the club but is also someone who enjoys taking part. Before joining the club she went to many other social events where she was the only TV and found that she was accepted very well and was able to take a full part in the events. She is a good role model for many of us.
This evening started off quietly but we then built up throughout the evening, finishing up very busy.

I was pleased to see Rachael again. She visited us from Kent three weeks ago and now she has come back on a holiday visit to the area and was happy to come again this week. I was also delighted to meet Rachael Hamond again who came in with a TV friend in male mode who used to come many years ago. He was another person who had been wondering why the NC meetings had stopped and had been disappointed at not knowing where to go. Rachael is a very successful TS and is happy to offer image consultancy advice to other TS's or TV's. I have her number if anyone is interested.
Four more people joined the club this evening, Heather, Vanessa, Debbie and Nicola so welcome to them.

Last week there was "Ladies" day at Aintree and our adventurous member Paula went along for the full experience with her partner and a friend for company. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves as can be seen in the following photos and Paula tells me that she even appeared fleetingly on the six o'clock News that evening.



Wednesday 8th April 2009


The club is continuing to go from strength to strength with four new people coming in this evening. We had Rachel who was up here from Oxford and Amanda who was out for the very first time in her life from Buxton. She was staying overnight in the Village Rooms across the road and had ventured out having done her own makeup and come into the club on her own. Well done amanda you looked terrific. We may have a photo next week. Then there was Tim who is trangender but wishes to use a male name. He stayed the whole evening and I received a letter of thanks the following day saying how much he had enjoyed the evening. Finally there was louise who had only popped in with a friend, still dressed as a man, to see what the club was like and they stayed most of the evening as well. Both Amanda and Louise have signed on as members.



Pauline and Alison

Pauline and Alison shown on the left are now settling in to their new role as members of the committee, sharing the job of looking after the door with Tina who is always here by 7 pm but has to go around 9 pm. They do the job between them most evenings now.

Lisa on the right, who is one of our most regular members is sitting comfortably before she goes out around the village with Paula and others.


Sarah and Jeanette

Sarah and Jeanette just happened to meet at the bar this evening but they make a very attractive pair. They are both very good looking. Jeanette has now been living and working as a girl for quite a long time.

Dee and Misha on the right, who run the TV shop "Dee Selecta" in Bolton had brought along Maria with them after she had spent several pleasurable hours in the shop having her make up done and trying on a selection of clothes. She highly recommends the experience.

Maria, Dee and Misha

Michaela on the right is one of our new committee members. She tells me that she bought this very elegant suit as one of a pair where the deal was buy one get one free. As the other suit also looked great I think she did alright.


Finally next week we are having out "Easter Bonnet" competition and I hope some of you are working on taking part as I have been disappointed by the small number of free hats we had to give away that were taken. I just hope that some of you have already got your own hats. I am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.



Wednesday 1st April 2009



Team from the National Trans Police Association

We had a visit today from the members of the National Trans Police Association, NTPA, who were up in Manchester for a conference and were interested in meeting members of the Trans community like ourselves.
The photo on the left shows, from left to right Bernie, our local police contact for all trans related problems, Dru, Steph, Martha and Alison. They are from all over the country, including Scotland, here to collectively discuss the processes the police need to use to enable them to properly deal with all trans people when they come in contact with the police. This includes members of the public and people who are being questioned, etc.


I was able to have a long conversation with Steph who is herself a trans person and has been involved with the police, first as a civilian employee and later as an officer for several years now. She has been very encouraged by the attitude of the senior people at the Met who have enabled her to get involved with helping to devise and specify the rules and training needed for the police, to ensure that they handle trans people properly, as the law now demands. Groups, such as the one visiting us today, are an extension of the work she has been doing in London where they are trying to ensure that all police forces round the country work to the same standards. We wish them all every success. Thank you Bernie for bringing them along.



Mary and Julie

Julie on the left, with Mary, only joined the club a few weeks ago and I am glad to say that we have seen her here most weeks since then. It is very encouraging when people keep coming back for more, even when it takes a lot of effort to get here each time.


Brydie, on the far right, was pleased to tell me that she has now been selected to do jury service in Manchester.



Jayne, on the left, is one of the original members of Northern Concord, way back 23 years ago, who left the club soon after it started and has now decided to come back on the scene after all this time. We are delighted to see her and there has been a lot of reminiscing going on especially between her and Bev who does the Ladies who lunch on Saturdays in the village.

Kirsty, on the right, is now back working again, fully recovered, after her surgery in Thailand. As you can see she is looking superb and is very happy with the outcome. It is great to see such confidence after going through so much to get to where she is now.



I would like to welcome both Sarah, on the left and Kelly, on the right, who joined us for the first time tonight and have signed up to be members straight away. Thank you both.
Kelly was encouraged to come along by Dee who had talked to her quite a lot on TVchix beforehand.
Dee takes great pleasure in trying to encourage new people to come along and enjoy themselves.


Finally can I remind you that we are having an Easter Bonnet competition in two weeks time on April 15. Please see the coming events page for details.


Wednesday 25th Mar 2009



Tonight was a normal evening with nothing special laid on, following our AGM last week. Tina and Alison were looking after the door tonight. Alison being a new committee member taking her responsibilities seriously right from the start. When Tina left, Pauline took over from her. It is great to see new people taking a real active role in the club.
This proved to be a busy evening again so they were kept busy.



Jessica or Jezz

Jezz on the left came into the club quite early looking really good in a new blonde wig and PVC outfit. This is the first time she has tried a blonde wig and I think it really suits her. Jezz is starting to become quite a regular, enjoying trying out new outfits and wigs.
She was agreeably surprised later on to see Cindy on the left come in wearing a very similar outfit, so I couldn't resist taking the second photo.
Cindy is our International traveller, often dashing off to exotic places for her job, or so she tells us. I think maybe she is just a playgirl.

Jessica and Cindy


Rachael is a visitor from Kent who joined us for the first time this evening. She has been venturing out now for about 18 months and is really enjoying herself.
Millie on the right joined us a few weeks ago now and has quickly got into a visiting routine. She is a very adventurous girl attending lots of events all dressed up as the only TV there and being accepted wherever she goes. I was very impressed when she showed me all her photos.



Stella & Mary 


Sarah Louise & Karen

Stella was looking really ladylike this evening in her floral dress, it really suited her. I dont know how Mary slipped in here, it must be a mistake. Sarah Louise was all pink and shiny and Karen was comfortable, just like Mary. Incidentally Karen has now set up a Facebook Group called Manchester Concord so people can get together for a chat on there, so give it a try.







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