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Wednesday 10th Dec 2008


This evening we had a visit from the three ladies who between them run TVcomplete in Huddersfield. Pictured on the right are Margaret, Julie and Sally. They have only just started the business so were delighted to be able to meet up with so many TV's and TS's all in one place and get the chance to spend time with us. During the evening they managed to have long conversations with many of our members present. It was very enjoyable for us.
They are going to come again soon in January when they have offered to do a demonstration makeover explaining the whole process as it is done. The date will be on the coming events page when it is arranged. We will arrange better lighting for this.


Margaret, Julie and Sally


It was a very cold night outside but this never deters Paula on the left from keeping to the fashions she loves to wear and always manages to look stunning.
Brydie on the right has started coming much more regularly now as she enjoys the social aspects of the club. I suspect the very smart outfit she is wearing is much more suitable for this weather.

Brydie now regularly goes into one of the Chinese casinos in Chinatown where she gets no hassle, is made very welcome and she can get refreshments there without spending a fortune.
Finally, dont forget that next week is our Christmas party where there will be a free buffet and entertainment will go on till late. There are also some prizes to be won for various categories of outfit.


See the coming events page for the details. The judges will be two of our regular female visitors Liz and Dawn who will be deciding who deserves them during the course of the evening, so see what you can do to add some colour to the evening.


Saturday 6th Dec 2008

Photos from the Christmas meal in Eden


Ami and Mary

Davinia, Vanessa, Elaine H and Lisa

Elaine and Tanya

Jane and Steffie

Julia, Vida, Kirsty and Estelle

Lisa and Hazel

Mary and Ami

Miranda, Kathryn Pauline and Alana

Sarah and Elaine H


Susie and Stephanie



Wednesday 3rd Dec 2008



The weather was cold and miserable and snow and ice were threatened over the Penines so the girls from TV Complete in Huddersfield had cried off this morning. They are still hoping that the weather will be a bit kinder next week, in which case they will be here. We are crossing our fingers.
But, even though the weather was bad and there were two football matches being played in Manchester, we still had a good crowd in. The evening passed very quickly before I realised that I had not taken many photos but here are the three I managed to take towards the end of the evening.





Samantha and Jessica

Jessica and Cheryl are good friends now and they usually come to the club together with Cheryl changing in Jessicas flat. This whole process is an added part of the fun of being a TV. Samantha on the right with Jessica is one of our newer members and has only missed one evening since she first came.


Finally. we had ordered some new lockers to put into Taurus for use of people who wish to change during the rest of the week and they arrived at my house yesterday. I had sorted out labels and keys etc and had the lockers in my car ready to deliver tomorrow morning before Taurus opened to the public at midday. I also had all the remaining light fittings ready to put into room 1 on thursday, so I was in for a busy day tomorrow.


On thursday I managed to deliver the lockers to Taurus and was very impressed with the help I received. I carried them into the entrance from my car but the Barman then carried each of them down the long flight of stairs by himself. I was very grateful. The six lockers are now bolted together and ready for use. Vida used one of them on Saturday before coming to the Christmas dinner.
I also managed to complete the light fittings in room 1 which did make a great difference for the people, including myself, that used in on Saturday evening.

Wednesday 26th Nov 2008

Our Uniform Night


First of all I would like to say welcome back to Gemma who has been missing for some weeks now due to overwork and ill health. We have missed you. Many thanks to Elaine who has nobly held the fort during her absence. Also welcome to Jan who has now decided to visit us on a monthly basis so we should now see a lot more of her and to Simon who did the bar on his first week working for the Rembrandt.

At present I only have the photos taken with my camera. But it was a very busy night with well over 50 people attending so if there are any other photos people would like to see here then please send them to me and I will put them up.



Trixie Emily and Rosemary

Brydie, friend,Andrea,Samantha

Susie and Mary


Amy and Kirsty               Lee and Susie

Brydie and Michela


Estelle and Nikki


This was a really busy night with lots of people making the effort to dress up in some sort of uniform, so thank you all for your efforts, it does help the evening to go with a swing. I was delighted to meet up with Nikki (in the middle above) who I haven't seen since the early nineties when we used to attend rubber fetish parties dressed as she was tonight. She last came to Concord around 1989, whereas Clare on the left below had come to the village for an evening out to show her friend Cora, who was not dressed so no photo. They knew nothing of Manchester Concord but were sitting having a drink in the downstairs bar of the Rembrandt and noticed several girls coming up the stairs, so they followed to see what was going on. They were agreeably surprised to find such a welcoming crowd and then spent most of the evening with us. Clare comes from north London but Cora is more local so we should be seeing a lot more of her. I have since had a super letter from Clare thanking us for the evening, saying very complimentary things about us for organising these regular weekly meetings.




Sarah Louise and Billie


Finally I was glad to see Michelle, above on the left, again. She has not been for several months and I was wondering what had happened to her. She had been unable to come for several weeks since before we decided to separate our organisation from Northern Concord. It seems that she had looked at the Northern Concord site and seen that the meetings in Manchester are no longer held. This has had the effect of preventing her from coming out to enjoy herself until she recently found a reference to this site which confirmed that the meetings are still taking place, just under another name. I am very saddened by the fact that Jenny Baker, who has sole control of the Northern Concord site, still feels that she cannot continue to help the TG community by putting a reference to Manchester Concord meetings on the "What is Concord" page. Michelle is not the only one, many other people who look at that site are missing out by not being told that the wednesday evening meetings are alive and well. We now have 185 members, of whom, every one except one, has joined by coming to the club on a wednesday evening. We have not canvassed in any way to get new members.


Wednesday 19th Nov 2008


The evening started for Elaine and myself when we were joined in Eden by an American who had been in contact with Elaine having seen her entry in Tvchix. He was a charming gentleman but very nervous as this was his first meeting with other tv's. I wont identify him but he is moving to England to work and expects to be able to visit us perhaps once a month. He spent the whole evening with us and thoroughly enjoyed the experience meeting lots of new people during his stay. We look forward to seeing him back soon in femme mode.



Emily & Georgina

Soon after 7 o'clock Emily and Georgina came in and introduced themselves as visitors from the the North East, Newcastle and Sunderland. They had come to Manchester for an evening out and were staying in the Annex of the Rembrandt. They stayed all evening and assured us that we would see them again very soon having really enjoyed their welcome here and the relaxed atmosphere.

A bit later on Leslie and Julie came in. These two girls have been running parties down in the Birmingham area for over five years now but sadly have decided to take a break and let someone else have a go. I was really pleased when they told me that they first met each other at a Concord meeting in the Hollywood showbar back in 2000. They have been living together for some time now and plan to get married next year

Leslie & Julie


Jane Maybe


Some time later Crystal came in accompanied by a girl that I had introduced her to a few weeks before when she came to the club for the first time. Crystal has met up with her a few times since then and taken her shopping to help her select suitable clothes etc which she has really enjoyed. This is a wonderful service for new girls to help give them confidence. See our recommendations page for more details.
Soon after that another newcomer joined us who has been writing to us for some time now but kept putting off coming to the club. I finally wrote to her to suggest that she came along dressed as man just to see what we are like, rather than trying to get her look perfect before joining us. The point is that once anyone has visited us, all their anxiety evaporates away and they can then relax and start to enjoy the whole experience with our help. He spent the rest of the evening with us and is now looking forward to coming back with some clothes next time without all the worry that was there before.

For any other people wishing to come out who are reading this, please just come along as you normally are and spend an evening with us, you will never regret it and the mental relief of getting over the initial meeting will be enormous. I promise you, that you will also enjoy the experience, very soon after you first come through the door.


Finally I decided to spend the night in the hotel so that I could start to install some lights over the mirrors in the bedroom we use to change in. I managed to complete one set over the tall mirror before I ran out of time in the morning, so there are still some more to do, but it will be useful to see if they work well enough before doing the others.

There are still places available for the Christmas meal on the 6th of December so dont hesitate to book if you would like to come and dont forget next wednesday is our UNIFORM evening so get your outfits ready.



Wednesday 12th Nov 2008



First, I should let you know that we are now reported in a news entry on the Canal Street website. Do go and have a look and see what else you might like to get involved with. The site is supported by Taurus who are now providing changing facilities in place of AXM for 7 days a week. See this link for details.

We were delighted to welcome Bella Jay from Repartee magazine who came along this week to talk to as many members as she could with a view to writing an article for her magazine. I received this letter the following day.

Hi Mary, Many thanks for your hospitality last night - and always a pleasure to have a chat with you. Don't know if you will mention me on the Blog - but if so could you please thank all the girls for me and say how much I enjoyed my visit and the chance to chat with everyone. The article will be in the January issue of Repartee, Bella Jay

Michela and Bella Jay



It was an incredibly busy evening with well over 50 people coming through the doors and four more people joining taking us up to 179 members. We now have membership cards available for next year so you can renew your membership to take you to the end of 2009 any time from now on. We would prefer you to come along on a wednesday to pay, but if you cannot do this then please see the instructions on the How it runs page for alternative methods.
It was great to welcome Abby again who was over from America for a week, but she only arrived this morning and had spent part of the Afternoon at Tintz and Tongz having her make up done but was rather jetlagged so was not able to stay and talk to Bella Jay. We went to the Rotherham weekend together, but that is another story. She is here for a few more days so we will see her here again next week.






Sarah Louise


I took a few photos myself during the evening, but I am sorry to say that I didn't write down all the names and some of them I have forgotten.

On the left is Jessica and a girl I cannot name and on the right are three girls of whom I cannot name the first one. The other two are Heather and Tina. I am sure that someone will let me know their names very quickly.



Wednesday 5th Nov 2008



STOP PRESS During this evening J brought along her friend Dan who took some photos for a project he is doing and she has just told me they are ready for people to see at this link.

This was bonfire night so we were not sure how many people would turn up. But we needn't have worried as we still had a good mixed crowd, including a few new people and some others who crept out of the woodwork. ie had not been for some considerable time, but it is always pleasant to greet old friends and catch up with their lives again. As it is now only two months till the end of the year anyone that joins now is being offered the chance to join for £6 till the end of next year. Five people joined tonight making our numbers now 175 members. As we now have next years cards available any existing members have from now until the end of January to renew their membership.
Many of you will know that AXM bar has closed, which means that at present the changing room in there is not available for use at any time. We have now approached Taurus Bar at the far end of the village and tonight they agreed to provide as near an equivalent service as possible to allow people to change and leave their clothes there at any time while they are open. The space they have in the basement is also used by other people at times, so we will have to be tolerant and considerate to the other users, but the Taurus management are willing to help us as part of their service to the village community. See the Taurus changing room link for full details of what is available.





At the start of the evening Paula came in looking her usual stunning self and handed me a set of photos showing her, along with four other real girls, running a charity stall collecting for a Breast Cancer charity outside Boots in her home town. They apparently raised over £300 over the day so congratulations.
The other girls didn't want their photos to appear here so Paula will just have to appear on her own. I dont think she really minds.



Susie on the left is an occasional member who gets here when she can whereas Tanya on the right is one of our most regular members who often makes use of the changing room to stay overnight. This allows her to have a real night out in the village without having to worry about driving home afterwards.

Samantha came along to the club for the first time this evening accompanied by a friend to give her moral support. She tells me that she has two other TV friends who live quite near her and they said they would come with her next time, once she had sussed us out. I think we have probably passed the test as she joind the club this evening.

Tanya & Samantha




So we look forward to seeing her again very soon along with her other friends.

Finally, two weeks ago someone left the glasses shown on the right lying on the table at the end of the bar where Elaine usually sits. So if you have lost them we have them in the club bag


Wednesday 29nd Oct 2008


Early in the evening we had a visit from Ronnie from Edinburgh who was on a rare visit to Manchester. I first met him here in the Rembrandt many years ago at one of the Northern Concord parties. Today he wasn't dressed en Femme but was here to introduce his Fantasy Shapes products to help TV's to get a more female torso shape. I have put a link to on our links page where you can go to get futher details if you are interested.



Elaine H

Elaine on the left joined us for the first time last week and has already caught the bug, being back again so quickly this week.
Kirsty on the right was doing a practise run for Halloween on Friday. She is a driving instructor and had promised to turn up to work in full witches outfit so here she is testing it out. I am not sure how she is going to fit the hat into the car but no doubt she will find a way. She tells me that she also has the witches broom so maybe she is going to start teaching her pupils how to drive that as well.




I was pleased to see Tulip again after a long gap. She normally has another engagment on wednesday evenings so it is difficult for her to get along but when she does make it, it is hard to miss her. She is always very colourful and it cheers us up so thank you Tulip.
I was walking past the group on the right when they took this photo so I asked for a copy and it duly arrived by email so thank you Kathy. I do like to see the girls getting together and forming friendships.

Kathy, Sarah, J and Amy

Three more Girls joined the club this evening bringing our numbers up to 170. The christmas dinner bookings are starting to pick up so please get them in early if you want to come. If necessary you can now pay over the internet using paypal and then just send me an email with you selections. See the coming events page for details.



Wednesday 22nd Oct 2008
Last Saturday the 18th was the first regular meal out organised by Bev and Lisa which I hear was a great success in Villagio's with around 18 people attending. It was arranged through the Forum so all you members who have not yet joined are missing out by not being part of it. You just have to click on the link at the top of most pages of this website and then, when the forum appears, click on "Register" in the top left hand corner to become a member. At present you do have to be a member of Manchester Concord to join, as it is the club's forum, but the checking process is fairly quick and then you can take part.


This evening was our "Little Black Dress " evening and it was obviously a good theme as a very significant number of you came along in a great variety of little black dresses, some very little. I have now included as many as possible of the people who wished to be photographed so there now follows a lot of pictures.
If any of you would like full size copies of any of the pictures please just email mary telling me which ones you want and I will forward them to you.



Lisa Jenny Paula & Molly

Marolyn, Bella, Fay & Kerry

Debs & Stella

Elaine & Jenny


            Jules & Mary                        Pauline & Hazel

Estelle, Brydie & Leslie


             Johanna                            Marianne                          Nadine


Sue & Rachel


Sarah                             Paula

Shirley & Debbie


Our next theme will be on wednesday the 26th Nov when we will have a "Uniform" evening. It can be any sort of uniform so there is plenty of scope to use your imagination.



Finally Debbie and Christine, neither of whom have easy access to the internet so they have not yet joined the forum, have asked me to say that they will be out this Saturday evening the 1st of Nov and will be in Paddy's Goose between 10 & 10:30 pm. If anyone else would like to join them for the rest of the evening they plan to visit a number of venues in the village. They have suggested that this time and place, 10-10:30 in Paddy's Goose could be used as a known meeting point on all Saturday evenings for people who are on their own and would like some other TV's for company.

I will put this suggestion on the forum as well, but thought it would perhaps get more attention here first.













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