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Wed 15th October 2008

Wendy Cheryl Zara Lisa& Giselle sitting down

This evening we had all the girls, Wendy, Cheryl, Zara & Lisa from TransfiXed visiting us to show off their wares and their skills.
The other girl in the photo, Giselle, had her makeup done during the evening and finished up looking really glamorous.
They came at the beginning of the evening, bringing with them loads of sandwiches for us all as well, just to help the evening go with a swing. It was a fabulous spread.
They worked hard all evening and stayed till nearly 11:30 to help some of the girls from Angels who came in at around 10:30 after they had had a meal at Eden.


Mary & Cheryl

During the evening they did lots of people's nails, including a manicure which was very luxurious, plus a number of makeovers and lots of advice and titivating on wigs.
Their business is going to open shortly in Ashton and we are all invited to their opening week. I will let you know the exact dates when they are fixed.

Penelope & Wendy


Gill, on the left, has had a week off work and has been visiting Blackpool for a few days. She is passing through Manchester and staying over before heading back to her home in the Cambridge area. She gets up here whenever she can but the next time may be after christmas.
We had a number of newcomers in during the evening and after we had finished at about 11:15 I escorted two of them to Napoleons to show them where to go as it was their first time out. They helped me carry my bags back to my car where we were approached by the doorman of NewYork NewYork who told me that a "Yobbo" had been arrested for kicking large dents into both the passenger side doors of my car. It had apparently all been quite exciting as there were several witnesses, the police had been called and the man was caught by a police dog handler after he was spotted by one of the CCTV operators, still in the village.
The damage looked quite bad and was very annoying as I had only just got my car back from being repaired after the accident 5 weeks ago.
There was a small note tucked under the winscreen wiper asking me to call at Bootle street police station as soon as possible

While this talk was going on the other two girls went back to Napoleons by themselves, so I decided to go and check that they were OK before going to the station. In Napoleons I also met Andrea, who had not had time to dress this evening, so she offered to come with me to the police as an escort. This was just as well because when we got there, it was impossible to park anywhere but on double yellow lines. Andrea went into the station to ask what we should do and was told that as long as she stayed in the car while I was inside it would be OK. I am very grateful to her because it took around 45mins to get the statement written and a photo taken of the damage.
The chap spent the night in the cells and was charged and fined £80 the following morning. He had been ejected from a taxi in Bloom street because he was drunk and arguing with his girlfriend and he had assumed that my car was a taxi so he kicked out at it. Later on thursday I took my car to the body shop I have used a few times before and the proprietor looked at the car, then wandered off and came back with two large rubber suckers and proceeded to pull the bumps straight back out again. We couldn't even see any scratches in the paintwork, so I was very lucky. He wouldn't even take any money for doing it, so if you want a good body shop I know where one is.
Wed 8th October 2008
Before going in to the Rembrandt this evening to pay for our changing room and get changed I decided to call in to AXM to check on the state of the changing room. Having not seen the thread on the forum about it, I was a little taken aback to find it well boarded up and a notice saying that it had been taken back by the landlords as the rent was unpaid for several months. This is not good news as it seems likely that it may not reopen again and if it does what are the chances that the new owners will keep the changing room facility open? Also, what will happen to the fittings that actually belong to the TV community as a whole, if it ceases to be available in the future? We will attempt to find out as things progress.
Meanwhile our changing room on wednesday evenings is available for people to use from a 2 pm till 11 pm. If you wish to use it before we open at 7 pm then come along to the club and have a word with me and I will tell you what you have to do.
It started off as a quiet evening, but, as has been happening for many weeks now, it built up to another busy night with 8 more people joining. Rachel, lottie and Alison came along early with a collection of clothes that they no longer needed which they were giving away in exchange for a donation to a children's charity. Lottie is also doing a Bungie Flight for this charity a week on saturday and was collecting donations and signatures to support her in this. She collected some generous donations to get her going so good luck with this Lottie. If anyone else wishes to donate then I will pass on any donations given to me.
Below are some pictures I took during the evening showing three of the tables in the bar.

Kirsty, Rachel, Alison & Teresa

Stella, Fay, Kerry & Pauline

Emma, Lisa, Diana, Lynette & Kay Denise

Teresa on the right of the first table has rejoined us after a long absence as has Emma on the third table, so welcome back to you both and I hope you come back a lot sooner this time. The group on the right hand table are also members of the Angels who come in to the club after having a meal out in the village. Lisa is the active organiser of this group who we regularly see in Eden where we eat before starting here at 7 pm.
I was also delighted to welcome back Laura who I haven't seen for about two years, when she used to come along with her partner Monica. They have been very busy setting up a home and now Monica is about to have their first child, so congratulations to you both and I hope we see you again soon.
Dont forget that next week we have the girls from RefleXion coming along and the following week is our "Little Black Dress" evening.
Wed 1st October 2008


First of all I was delighted to welcome Selena who was visiting Manchester on business from down south and was very happy to find a place where she could meet people and make some friends. I introduced her to Fiona who was sitting by herself in the window and they both seemed to hit it off very well. When I went back to see how she was getting on they were deep in conversation so I quickly left them to it. Later in the evening Fiona took Selena out to show her around the village before Fiona had to go. Selena came back in afterwards to say thank you and assured me that she would be back when she was next up here.

Lisa on the right told me that this evening was her first anniversary of visiting Concord and she had bought a new dress to celebrate, very nice it looked too.


Not long after that, Gwen and Linda came in which was fantastic as we have not seen them since March and I was beginning to wonder if they were alright. Gwen has not been well but she assures me that they will return very soon and join Manchester Concord.


                            Gwen                   Debbie

Debbie on the left came in early in the evening to ask about the club as she had come along with her new partner, who was waiting downstairs, while she found out where she could get changed and could we keep her partner company while she got ready.
She went and fetched her and then went off to get her bag before changing.
Her partner was a very chatty lady who was comfortable in the club talking to new friends while Debbie got changed. Debbie told me that she had first met me when she came to Concord while we we meeting in Bloom's Hotel just after we first left the Rembrandt. She had only come a few times during that year before she had to stop as her then partner was not very happy with this activity. Since then they are divorced and she met her new partner only a few months ago. She has encouraged her to to come out again which is very good as she can see how much it means to Debbie. I hope we see a lot more of them in the coming months. It later turned out that Gwen had also joined Concord at around that time so I introduced Debbie to her, but they didn't remember each other.


Stella on the left joined Manchester Concord some time ago now and manages to get here when she can. It is the number of people like her who can only get here occasionally who help to add to the colour of the club as we always have a different mix each evening.

Brydie, on the right had got dressed up for an evening out on the town, so we had to have a photo.  I'm jealous of those tights.


Wed 24th September 2008
Debbie and Shirley have been coming at regular intervals for some time now and I was really pleased to see Shirley come in this evening looking so Glamorous and really back to her old self. It is also really good to see them both getting on so well with many of the newcomers to the club and helping to add continuity to the group.

Debbie and Shirley

This evening we had a welcome visit from Vicky and Margaret from Max Factor at Boots in Market street. They came with samples of their new make up ranges to show people and were also willing to give make up advice. During the evening several people, including myself, had their make up done by them, which was an enjoyable and enlightening experience. I was up in the changing room along with Estelle earlier in the evening when Estelle suddenly found that she had left all her make up at home. Disaster, but no, I suggested that she took the opportunity offered this evening, to have her make up done by Vicky, so this she did and was very happy with the outcome and the advice she got.
Thank you both, Vicky and Margaret, for giving us your time and expertise, Mary


This evening Elaine was unable to attend for personal reasons but we were lucky to have a very competent stand in, in the shape of Jan who has decided to start visiting us again at intervals to keep up with friends she has missed since she stopped coming when she got her new flat. She quickly agreed to step in and take the money during the evening which was a great help.



Jeanette on the left came in early in the evening for a quick drink and to donate some shoes that she no longer needs, to the club. (These will be available next week to anyone that wants them. We would appreciate a small donation). She was dressed very appropriately, ready to go to work at Napoleon's as a barmaid where she now does several evenings a week.

On the other side Jessica was dressed to kill, ready for a night out on the town. It is great to see people able to relax and enjoy who they are.



A small group were playing with my camera during the evening and these last two pictures came from those efforts.
Bella on the left is a very regular member of the club and is now a very confident T-girl.
Emma on the right is a TS who is growing in confidence every day. This week she started work as Emma for the first time having told her work colleagues the previous week. She is very pleased with the reaction of her friends at work who have all been very supportive. This has been a very big step for her.

Finally, this week I had an email from Milli who is one of our occasional members. She wanted people to know that she works at the Thistle Hotel Haydock and joins us when she can!


Wed 17th September 2008

This evening we had our first musical entertainment evening that was set up by Hazel, with three musicians from the club to entertain us and Alison as the commere. The singing and playing was expertly provided by Vida, Gigi and Marianne who each gave us a great show. Thank you all very much. This email from Vida the following day I think says it all:-

Yes it was a great evening. Whatís nice is that we all contributed in our ways to make it happen Ė I think thatís a strength of Concord and Iím sure weíll all carry on inspiring ourselves and others with our special blend of support and fun! Everyone seemed to have a good evening, which is what counts, and there will be many more to follow.

Thank you Hazel for having the vision, and guiding us all along!
Thanks to all
Vida x





The evening was very well attended with standing room only right up to after 11 pm. Among others I was delighted to welcome Paula and Dawn from way back when I first came out and who came along tonight and joined the club to show their support.
Below are photos of some of the people who came this evening. I am only sorry that there isn't room for everyone.

Paula & Dawn


Ashley                Tina

             Hazel & Paula                   Ivy




            Holly and J                             Estelle,Sue,Emma & Alison


During the evening I spoke to Tracy who recommended a Light Therapy lady called Claire who runs a clinic in Cheadle doing hair removal and is offering a significant discount to T-girls and also to Sarah who went along to Tintz and Tongz and had her own hair cut in a feminine style and was delighted with the service she got. She left feeling on top of the world. Details of both these will appear on our recommendations page.
Finally, we have now fixed the dates for our Christmas party and all the entertainers this evening have agreed to come along on wednesday the 17th of December and give us another rousing evening along with some Karaoke and disco from Alison. We hope to make it a longer evening and include a free buffet for all our members.
Wed 10th September 2008


Back from my Holiday, refreshed and ready for the fray. My thanks to Elaine for holding the fort on her own last week, she is a star. I was delighted to see Alison and Jeanette come in early in the evening, they are good friends and often appear together. Jeanette had brought along a number of items such as shoes,boots and wigs etc that she no longer needs and was offering them all to anyone that wanted in return for a small donation to the club. She raised over £26 during the evening and made a number of people very happy, so thank you very much Jeanette. The lady on the right is Michelle who got one of Jeanette's wigs and it looks superb on her, so she was very pleased and gave a generous donation.




It was a busy evening again tonight with a lot of people here who only come occasionally so here are a few that took my fancy. Rachel above always comes with her partner Lottie and is becoming quite a regular which is very encouraging. We had the girls from Totally Transformed here as well selling their jewelry and that went very well as they bring a great variety with them.




Towards the end of the evening Shaffire and Trixie came in for the first time just to see what the club is like. As you can see from the picture on the left Shaffire has a way of getting noticed with that fantastic hair style that she created herself. Wow! If any of you saw the Gay Pride parade Shaffire took part dressed up as Amy Winehouse in a totally over the top outfit looking really glam.
They had another girl with them whose name I now cant remember. I had assumed she was a born girl but it turned out she was a TS. It is amazing how good looking they can be, I was very impressed.

Trixie, Mary & Shaffire

Finally dont forget that next week we are having some musical entertainment from Gigi, Marianne and Vida with Alison as Commere so do come along and enjoy the evening, Mary

PS, Eight more people joined the club during the evening so we are now up to 144 members.

Wed 3rd September 2008

Julie from Frillys

First of all I would just like to remind everybody that Mary and myself meet at Eden for a meal between 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday evenings. If any of you would like to eat at this time or just want a drink then you are most welcome to join us. Apart from Lisa who has become one of the regular 'early birds' it was also nice to have Lucy join us for a meal. Lucy had travelled up from the Midlands to spend some part of the evening with us and to help to promote the 7th Annual Midland Tranny Get together held on 10th and 11th October at Walsall. If anybody is interested in this event then please see me (Elaine) for more details.

It was nice to see Julie once again from Frillys. For those of you who don't know Julie, she runs a shop and dressing service for TV's in Droylesdon.

Lucy & Julie

Finally, I think everybody noticed that somebody was missing! It was one of those very rare evenings when Mary was absent but 'with leave' on a weeks' holiday in France. Wednesdays are never the same without Mary but she will be back with us on the 10th suitably refreshed and hopefully having a bit more sun than we have had here! Elaine.  
Wed 27th August 2008
I had a bad start to this evening when someone decided to do a U turn from a parked position just before I was about to pass them. There was nowhere for me to go to so we finished up with two crunched cars. My airbags went off very effectively and luckily no one was hurt, so I was able to get my car taken to a garage and then carried on to the club only about an hour and a half later than usual.
Lisa, who runs the Angel's meals in the village, very kindly, offered to run me home at the end of the evening so in the end I was still able to enjoy the rest of the night.
We had Suzy and Julie from visiting us this evening showing a very wide range of jewelry at reasonable prices. They enjoyed themselves so much they are coming back in two weeks time on wed september the 10th so come along and get some really nice stuff.

Julie and Suzy

It was quite a busy night again with several new people visiting us for the first time and by the end of the evening 7 more people had joined Manchester Concord bringing our numbers up to 135 in just 5 months.
Wed 20th August 2008
I was delighted to welcome Raymond back again but this time as Shirley. This is the first time she has been out as Shirley in Manchester for over 10 years, welcome back. She came in with her friend Debbie and they sat by themselves at the end table in the bay window. A bit later on Marie and Donna came in, got themselves drinks and went and sat at a table in the middle of the bay. I could see both these pairs sitting by themselves so thought it would be a good idea to introduce them to each other. I asked Shirley and Debbie if they would mind and they said, of course not, so I went and asked Marie and Donna if they would like to join the others. They said OK so they then joined them at the corner table. About an hour later Marie spoke to me as they were leaving to go round the village and said thank you for introducing them, they had had a lovely conversation and had exchanged phone numbers and they were going to visit Shirley at her home some time soon. I do like it when people click with one another. Raymond spoke to me later and said they had thoroughly enjoyed their conversation.



Abi on the left has been coming to the club for a few years now as an occasional member who always manages to look elegant. It is always a pleasure to talk to her.
Shirley on the right has been coming to Concord for many years now but only a few times a year. She was last here on the 2nd of January when we first came back to the Rem and is included in the group photo we took then, so here he is again ready for a night out in Manchester. She also joined the club and is member number 128.



Lisa, who is running a business called "transfixed" came in with three friends and they introduced themselves before asking if they could come along one evening to offer services such as makeovers, nails, wigs etc and show people what they can do. I said of course they can and we decided to fix a date in mid october on the 15th. So put that date in your diary, it will appear on the events page when I have more details of exactly what they will do.

Dont forget that next week the 27th of August Suzy and Gloria from "totally transformed" will be selling jewelry here.

Wed 13th August 2008


It was quiet at the very start of the evening so we thought we would use the time for a few photos. I took four of Lisa and here is the one she liked best. As I was wearing something different I had myself taken as well. Lucy was with us for our evening meal and Paula came in very early on so here are the three girls Paula Lisa and Lucy together.

    Paula had come in with a very serious look on her face and handed me a letter addressed to miss Legs Mary. When I opened it I found it was from her wife asking permission for Paula to be absent from the club while she takes a holiday. I really dont think we should allow this sort of skiving off but I suppose we will have to let her go, just this once.


Tracy & Elaine


Pauline Alison & Estelle

Elaine in the top left picture only joined us about two weeks ago and this week came along with her wife and they both enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the evening meeting and talking to several new people.
Pauline, Alison and Estelle above are long time regulars at the club so it is time they had a picture in this blog.
Trixie in the top right picture had the op about a month ago as is now back in great form feeling marvelous. Rachel is an occasional visitor but this week has joined Manchester Concord. Molly is a regular member who gives us all the support she can, visiting about one a month.

Trixie Rachel & Molly


Rosemary above has been a member from the beginning but can only get to the club occasionally. Paula above on the right is a relative newcomer who is wearing a very striking outfit which looks great on her. Later in the evening Suzy and Gloria, two genuine girls who run a business called "Totally Transformed" came in. They had some samples of costume jewelry with them and asked if they could come along one evening to sell items like this at the club. We agreed that they could and have arranged for them to come in two weeks time on the 27th of August. See coming events for details.
Wed 6th August 2008

Following our White Dress theme night last week and Debbie with Virgin Vie the week before, I was expecting a quiet week; but no, it was as busy as ever, from early evening till 11 :30, long after we usually finish it was still busy. I really can't thank you all enough for the encouragement it gives the committee to keep going.
We welcomed back Tina, on the left, who had been away on holiday for the last two weeks so she missed the white dress evening. She decided to wear her white dress this evening instead.

The first people in were Nic and her partner who had not been for a few months as Nic works away a lot. About an hour later a new couple Rebecca and her partner came in for the first time and it was good to be able to introduce the two couples so that the new people could quickly feel comfortable. They stayed all evening and Rebecca joined the club before they left.


I was pleased to see Raymond again, along with Debbie and Christine who was visiting from Scotland. It turns out that Christine and Debbie used to live in the same street in Northwich 20 years ago and they haven't met since then until they both came to the club a few weeks ago.
I was pleased to see Ruth, who has been on the scene longer than I have, having a good old reminisce with Raymond about the people who were around in the 70s and 80s.
Raymond told me that the next time he comes Chrissy, his partner, is going to come with him, with a stock of large size shoes that they have to sell, at very reasonable prices. I will put it on the events page as soon as I know when that will be, so that anyone looking for shoes can try and make it that evening.

Later in the evening Estelle gave me an envelope and said have a look at this when you have a moment. It contained a list of 50 different suggestions for theme evenings here at the club that she had put together as a brainstorming exercise. It is very comprehensive and as we really do want to carry on these type of evenings every few weeks, just to add a bit of extra interest, I think I will start a new thread in the forum with this list and get your comments about them. We will then try to use the most popular ideas. This will also be a channel where you can input your own ideas as well. We would like to have a theme evening about every 6 weeks so we would need say 8 a year. Thank you very much Estelle, you are a gem, you have actively supported each special evening we have run so far. Any group would be pleased to have you as a member.

The next special evening being planned will be a live entertainment from some of the members of the club on the 17th of September. Watch the events page for details.

Wed 30th July 2008

I had a letter earlier this week from a new girl called Elaine who had been out in Manchester for the first time last Saturday. She had found out about Manchester Concord and was writing to say that she was looking forward to coming along with her wife in their white dresses. Unfortunately they couldn't manage the white dresses but here they are on the left in fantastic matching outfits all ready to join us. They spent the whole evening making new friends and before they left Elaine became a member of the club. So welcome Elaine life is just starting for you, have fun.

This evening was our white dress and Hat theme night so here below are as many pictures that I have been able to get hold of. This time we didn't take a group picture so these are mostly individual photos.



Elaine & Mary




Kathy & Sarah

Bella, Fay, Jenny & Molly








I was very pleased with the number of you that made the effort to find a white outfit but I am sorry that we didn't manage to take a group photo. It was such a busy night that it got left out. Another 8 people joined the club bringing our numbers up to 118 people.
Dont forget that we now have a Forum on this website just for you, the members, so do join, have your say and find out a lot more about the other members.
The website now has a section that is intended to contain articles written by our members for help or amusement. I put up the first article by Abby two weeks ago and have just put up another by her.
I am hoping that some more of you will now come up with articles that you think would be of interest to the other members, good luck, Mary



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