The Northern Concord
An occasional diary of wednesday evenings

Introduction to Mary's Blog

As an experiment we have decided to keep a log of events at the weekly meetings. We may also refer to other social happenings that we get involved in. So watch this space if you wish to know what we have been doing.


As a start I will now include some lines about our involvement with the Sparkle weekend and any other things of note up to the 15th August 2007.

After that please see the relevant dated Blog pages as they happen.
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Kim Angel

Right, let's begin with the Sparkle Weekend.

This is organised in the Manchester Gay Village by Kim Angel with assistance from many others but especially Bella Jay from Repartee. As we meet every Wednesday I suggested to Bella that we could provide a good opportunity for selling the wristbands that are available to help raise money for Sparkle. So she sent us a quantity and we did manage to sell a number each week right up to the event.


One of the events planned for that weekend was a netball match arranged by Miffy and Leanne so I thought we should try to enter a team. I rather tentatively asked Marolyn if she would be interested in organising a team for Concord and she readily agreed.

She very quickly came back with seven people willing to play and the club agreed we would pay for their numbered sports vests and a long practice session at Sugden's sports centre on the Wednesday evening before Sparkle.

This practice obviously paid off as there were 4 teams involved in the tournament and the Concord team won in the end after a needle last game.



As this tournament was going to take place, a few of us decided to go along and support them dressed as cheerleaders. These were Gillian, Mary, Bev and Michaela.
We managed to acquire some red vests which we had printed with our CORDETTE name and some pom-poms. Bev produced some short chants and songs for us to use and a great time was had by all.


The other main activity that we organised was a meal on the Saturday evening at Eden Bar, the bar over the bridge on the canal. This was advertised in the club and on the website and we finished up with 30 people sitting down for their evening meal dressed up to the nines ready for an enjoyable evening.

It was great to meet Anne-Marie again after about 16 years who came along having seen the ad on our website. also Kirsty and Augustine visiting Manchester again from their place in France. The meal laid on by Eden was excellent and our thanks go to Liz and her team for that.


A few of us attended the meal laid on by Jenny-Anne Bishop in a Chinese restaurant on the Friday evening which was also well attended and very good value for money.


The whole weekend was great fun involving several changes of outfit. I was very pleased with a white suit and long ball gown that I had had made by Lorraine of Hide and sleek in Scotland. It is amazing what she can do remotely, having already taken my measurements at Bollington.

As a result of selling the wrist bands and a contribution from each of the people who attended our meal at Eden, we were able to sent a donation of £220 to Sparkle. Thanks to all concerned and especially to Marolyn for her efforts with the netball team.


Some Wednesday Evenings

On Wednesday the 20th of June, just before Sparkle, Sue and her friends who used to run YNOTBU came along to the club and had a successful evening selling off some of their remaining stock. Wigs, Corsets, Make-up etc. Hopefully they will be back again in the autumn. We will let you know when.

Wed 4th July By this time I had committed to taking a group to see the Ladyboys show at Trafford.
On Saturday 21st ten of us sat down for a meal in Eden as the others had opted to meet us at the show.
We finished our meal and went over in three cars to the Manchester United football ground at Old Trafford, where the show was being held. We met up with the others in the car park and went in to see a very enjoyable show. Some of us then went back to the village to finish off our evening.


On Wed 25th July
we had an interesting visitor, a lady who is now offering an escorted shopping service and is proposing to start a dressing service somewhere in central Manchester when she can find suitable premises. She is called Crystal and her phone is 07788 781181 or email her at
Now that both Krystina and YNOTBU are no longer in business there is a need for more services like this.

On Wed 1st of august I was delighted to welcome back Hazel who has now rejoined after about 10 years absence.

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