Wednesday the1st of April 2015


Lola has been having a break from the club for a few weeks but I am glad to see that she is back again. She tells me that today she had the day off work and that gave her time to get ready in a relaxed way and then spend part of the day shopping before getting here. She enjoyed it more that having to rush to get here after work.
I was delighted to see Kate, on the right, come into the changing room early in the evening, as I haven't seen her for about 5 years, since we were in the Rembrandt. She was planning a meal out with her two best friends Dawn and Paula who I have known since I was a little girl.
Sadly Paula was not able to make it but Dawn eventually turned up and they were able to go out and eat later on in the evening. It was great to remember old times with them both and I found I even had a picture of Kate and I together in my photo book in my bag taken many moons ago when we first met in the Rembrandt.




While we were having our meal in Villaggios at around 6:30pm a lovely lady called Maria came in and asked for Mary. I was expecting her later on in the evening and she apologised for interupting our meal, but as she had managed to get here early she came and joined us. She had written to me a few times saying she would like to come and meet some of our members as she was thinking of offering a service to help the girls with their shopping and advising them on colour and style etc.
I said that I thought there would be some of our members who would like to use such a service and she was welcome to come along and meet everyone.
She is a very friendly chatty lady who was able to get on well with everyone she spoke to and she stayed at the club much longer than she intended as do many of our visitors. When she left she assured me that she would be back very soon.



Paula & Milli

I had also had an email from Hannah, shown on the right with Fiona. They are working on a project at university that involves interviewing as many Trans people as they can to gather their views on the word TRANS that is now much in use these days. She had asked if they could come along with their camera etc and possibly do some interviews on the night if they found anyone willing to take part. I said of course they can provided they are careful to only film people that have agreed.
They came at about 8pm and as Paula was still with us at that time I asked her if she was willing. As you can see she was, as was milli so they took part together.
I think Judith and Lynn also had a go and possibly some others but I was busy so did not see it all happening.
They stayed the whole evening and really enjoyed the experience. They have promised to give us a copy of their final film plus all the footage they actually took so we can see what it looked like.

Hannah & Fiona


Milli-Fiona-Hannah-Paula & Mary





Nikki,Hannah, Judith & Suzanne

Heather, in the group on the right, had just returned from her fortnight at a convention in America which she thoroughly enjoyed so she had many photos to show and tales to tell. Hopefully we will get a full report at a later date.

Next week will have Andrea and Nate with us giving a talk about dress styles suitable for us ladies so it should be interesting and fun.

Judith, Heather, Helen & Lisa

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