Wednesday the 9th of September 2015


This evening we had our "Asian Dress" theme night and I was pleased to see that both Judith and Mica had gone out and spent an ejoyable afternoon buying their new outfits.
In fact Judith was so pleased with the low prices of these dresses and jewellery that she bought two outfits, which is why she is here in two different dresses this evening. She couldn't resist showing them both off tonight, and I dont blame her, they looked really good.

Judith, Mica, Lynn & Mary

Heather, Judith, Pamela, Lynn & Mary

Later in the evening Heather and Pamela came along so we took another picture to include them.
We also had the pleasure of a visitor from Adelaide in Australia this evening. Jessica, on the right is over here visiting her family in the UK and took the opportunity to pay us a visit. So, welcome Jessica, it was a pleasure to have you with us and to hear about the group you are part of at home.
When I get my act together I will add a link to their website so that we can all see what is going on down under as well.



Danni & Julia


Lisa & Helen

Guess who



I couldn't resist taking this rear view picture of Paula as she looks just as good from the back as she does from the front. I hope she takes that as a compliment.
Next week, the 16th of September, we will have Michelle Mullany a Personal Stylist with us for the first time so do come along and see what good advise she can give each of us.
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