Wednesday the 9th of December 2015

Linda with stall

This evening we had Linda with us again, selling wigs and a rack full of clothes.
The wigs proved popular as usual but there was little interest in the clothes as most were too small for the girls here this evening. It is unlikely that she will bring them again as it is a lot of effort for little reward. Even so she has booked to come again on the 10th of February and will be selling wigs for £20 each so make a date as they are excellent value.


Linda & Mary

Cheryl with coat




Both Cheryl and Debbie shown above joined the club recently and they came back this evening with another new girl who was not yet ready to be shown here but enjoyed her evening. Cheryl had been out shopping and was happy to show off her new outfit here. It is great to see people enjoying being themselves.

Jessica & Henrietta

Later in the evening Dee, from Dee Selecta , came in with two new friends all dressed up in pink so here they are on the left. Jessica is now blind but still enjoys all aspects of dressing up and is a very jolly person. It was great to have them around, thanks Dee for bringing them down to see us.

Next week we will hold our Christmas party with a free buffet laid on for all to enjoy, so do come along and make it a great evening.

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