Wednesday the 8th of October 2014


This week it was good to have Millie back with us after an absence of three weeks while she went galavanting off on a cruise in the mediteranean. She appears to have had an excellent time as she showed us plenty of pictures with all the friends she made on the cruise including one with the captain. They even made her a birthday cake so she must have got to know many people. Sadly I cant show those pictures here as we dont have permissions.
It was also good to see Peta back with us again but it turns out that she only gets the time off work when things go wrong. She is apparently on gardening leave at present because the bus she normally drives is faulty in some way.


Judith, Emma? and Kristina

The girl in the middle on the left was new this evening and I think her name was Emma but I cannot be sure now. I really must get get back in the habit of writing down the names of new people.
Kristina, on her left, has just returned from a sailing holiday in Greece and is looking very well after a week in the sun.
In the other picture Anna was also with us for the first time this evening. I spent an enjoyable time talking with her and she tells me that she is planning to return for our Halloween week on the 29th of October, possibly with her wife and daughter as visitors which is great.


Tina, Susan, Sue, Lisa and Anna


It was good to see Steffie who came in after a long break as she is now finding it much more difficult to get about due to her Sciatica which is very debilitating. She still seems to manage to keep cheerful even though she is in a lot of pain. I wish you well Steffie and hope that things will get better.
Next week we will have a "BLUE DRESS" theme so it will be interesting to see what that brings forth.


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