Wednesday the 8th of June 2016

This evening we were visited by two Ladies and a chap who are looking for people to take part in the Channel 4 program advertised on the left. I am sorry but I didn't take a note of their names.
They emphasised that they were trying to find as diverse a mix of people as they could so they were very interested in finding some from the trans community if at all possible.
If any of you are interested then please get in touch with them using one of the methods at the bottom of the leaflet.
They would prefer phone calls as their time scale is short and they plan to start filming fairly soon.
They think that many problems in the world are caused by people not talking enough in an honest way, so what they really want isn't understood properly.

This is a television program so do make sure you are prepared for any publicity you will get before volunteering to take part.

Paula & Lynn

Carole, Nikki & Nicola




Megan, Milli & Pauline

This week started off very quietly but picked up as the evening went on. We had nothing special arranged but our visitors mentioned above made an impact and got people talking so that was good.

Next week we will have Gill Springay The Makeover Girl with us. This is specially useful for newcomers as plenty of free good advice will be given so do make the effort to get here if you can.

Sarah and Faye

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