Wednesday the 8th of April 2015

Joanne, Katie, Carole & Judith

This evening we had an interesting talk from Andrea and Nate. They discussed Style and body image with a view to helping us all to project as good an image of ourselves as possible.
The talks provoked much interested discussion and many questions for them both. They suggested that it would be better for each person as an individual to have a one to one with them so that they could suggest areas that would be most effective for each of us
I saw many people talking to them afterwards so I hope this process has got started. They offered to come back often to the club and possibly to help organise a fashion event using our members as models.

Lynn & Joanne


With their permission, Andrea used several members as examples of how things could be improved by small changes to perhaps the way hair was styled or clothes made to fit more to the body to show off good shape.
Andrea is also a great believer in good foundation garments that can be used sensibly to improve body shape and smooth out unwanted wrinkles.
Nate is a personal trainer and gave a talk on posture and how it can be used to make everyone look confident. For instance, dont be afraid to look tall if that is what you are.
We hope to see them again in the near future but we can put you in touch with them beforehand if anyone wishes to.
Katie, on the right, came along to the club for the first time after many years gap, as she now lives in Leeds. It was lovely to see her again and I hope she doesn't leave it so long next time.



Jane & Rachel

Joanna & Genevieve

Gabriela, Damsel & Gina

Vanessa & Frances

Gabriela, shown above in the middle picture, is originally from Portugal, but now lives in the UK. She came to Pride 2 years ago and met a number of or members at that time and spent an evening with them, so she was happy to come back and join Manchester Concord now that she has the chance. She tells me that she ran a club similar to Concord in Portugal so she should be a very good asset to the club. We look forward to getting to know her better.
Damsel, in the same picture, brought Gina along for her first night out, so I hope this is one of many visits from her now that she has taken the plunge.
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