Wednesday the 7th of May 2014


This evening started off very quietly with very few people there. Even Sonia and Pauline hadn't appeared by 8 pm and I was beginning to wonder what was going on.
I then got a phone call from Pauline who said it had just taken her two hours to drive from Warrington to Manchester which normally takes about 25 minutes.

It appears there was a football match taking place plus possibly an accident on the m60 motorway as all the roads into the city were clogged up solid. Pauline and Sonia managed to get here about 45 minutes later and Sonia immediately set up to produce her hand.

Tina and Millie

Painted cards which she has been doing since she came to college here in Manchester to help raise money for charity.
Other people started drifting in after 8pm and it really did appear that the roads were clogged in almost all directions around Manchester. I am not aware of it being this bad for a very long time now.
We had a new girl Christine join us this evening and here she is shown with Lisa. She is very local so I hope we will see a lot more of her in the future.

Lisa and Christine


Early in the evening Pauline came in with Daniella bringing a bag of clothes which she donated to the club. These were put out for sale to the members and at least one item got sold as Fernanda shown here took a fancy to the long dress she has added to her outfit on the right.
The remaining items will be available again next week.
Fernanda was planning to return home to Mexico next month but she now tells me that she has extended her visa and will be with us till much later in the year.


Cindy and Mary


Paula and Lynn

Mary, Paula and Lynn



Julia and Tim

Julia and Tim came along this evening to buy tickets for the Sparkle Crystal Ball that is being run this year in the Britannia Hotel on Saturday the 12th of July. The tickets are £25 each and I still have some available at the club for anyone that wants one.
Next week we will have Gill Springay, the "Makeover Girl" with us again. I believe she is planning to also run a make up quiz to add an extra interest to the evening.