Wednesday the 7th January 2015

Dolores as the Big Bad Wolf from Red Riding Hood

We started the year off with a pantomime theme. You didn't! Oh yes we did!!

In spite of the weather being not particularly good we had a good attendance, everyone being in good spirit after the Christmas break. I think we got photos of everyone who managed a panto costume. Special mentions go to Lucy who was wearing a really nice fascinator with a crown and Dolores who had a Wolf’s head costume & we did not recognize her from her voice at first.

We had one new potential member who was looking to transition and several members helped with advice. Between us there's an awful lot of practical knowledge of the subject and what we don't know we can point to sources of information.

Michaela as Snow White from Snow White

Millie as Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

"Off with her head" Millie and Lucy as rival Queens of Hearts with Snow White

Lynn as Maid Marion from Babes in the Woods


Richard Fox who is chairperson of Sparkle came in and had a chat with Genevieve.

Next week we have Gill Springay coming down to give advice on makeup - always a popular subject. We are also planning to arrange another Cosplay sketchoff event whereby members get the chance to pose for artists. So keep an eye on coming events

As you may know Mary is many miles away on what has become an annual holiday, and we wish her well. So Genevieve and I have put together this blog to keep it on the one site. Please send any queries or requests for photos to me: while Mary is away.


Lisa and Heather

Joanne and Dolores


Roli, Diane, Brenda, Carole and Rachael

Pauline and Sonya

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