Wednesday the 6th of May 2015


I have known Gina, on the left, for many years now so it was great to meet her again this evening, even though I failed to recognise her when she came in, as she has changed since I last saw her. She lives up near John 'O Groats so it is not easy for her to get here, but when in Manchester she always pops in to say hello and renew her membership.
Gina has always been very active in supporting the transgender scene wherever she lives so it is always interesting to talk to her about her experiences.
I introduced her to Frances, who had been on a holiday in Northern Scotland quite recently and visited the Orkneys as well, so they had a lot of knowledge in common about places she had been to, which makes for an easy and interesting conversation.
Vicky, on the right with Lynn, is not able to get here very often but when she does she enjoys being able to talk with other girls. She says she will try to get back here sooner next time.

Lynn and Vicky



Frances, Vanessa & Sam




Sue Cee with friend

Sue, on the left, came in later in the evening, with her friend who told me his name and I am sorry but I have forgotten it already. Sue lives over in the Leeds area so she cannot get to Manchester very often. If you remember we held a fashion show here at the club last summer which was organised by Sue and was very enjoyable. This evening she brought in a scarf which was taken by mistake at that time. She did email me straight away but for some reason I failed to answer it.
The scarf is pictured on the right so if it is yours please let me know and we will either keep it for you or can post it if you wish to provide an address.

Next week Beckie Canon will be giving a short talk on using Social Media which may help some of us get more comfortable with using it.

Lost property scarf

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