Wednesday the 6th of January 2016

Frances, Judith ,Lynn, Vanessa & Pauline

Wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
This week we started off with a Pantomime theme and here are two pictures of those wearing the longest outfits early in the evening.

Frances, Judith, Lynn & Vanessa

Vanessa, Michaela & Frances




Michaela came along later so here she is with our two entertainers and also on her own. I think her wig really suits her and she looks great in this princess outfit so she deserved a picture on her own.
Corina also came along a bit later in her Schoolgirl outfit and she enjoyed taking pictures of most of the other girls in the club.

Anna, Brenda, Judith & Joanne

It was really nice to welcome Anna back into the club as she doesn't get out as much as she used to. She had attended a meeting at the LGF during the afternoon and then met Lynn at Butterflies. They decided to go and have a meal together and then Anna decided that she might as well lengthen her day and visit us as well. We tried to persuade her to try to make it more often and you never know, she is thinking about it as she enjoyed her evening.


Cate & Joanne


Linda went and stayed with her sister for a few days over the christmas break and I was really pleased to hear that most of the staff in the home where she lives had given her female items as presents so she was very happy with this.

Heather & Ruby

Ruby had to dash off to catch her train home and I just managed to get a photo of her and Heather before she left. They now actually live fairly near each other and it is good to hear that they meet up occasionally and do things together as they are both full time in their female roles.
Finally a bit of good news, Millie who has been absent from the club for some months due to ill health is now fully recovered and this Thursday the 7th of January she was given the OP which she has been waiting a long time for. I am glad to say that she has just texted me from her hospital bed saying that she is now all done and is sitting up and eating her evening meal so that sounds good to me.
We look forward to seeing her back at the club when she has recovered enough to drive.


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