Wednesday the 30th of July 2014

This evening we again had members of the COSPLAY group visit us for a bit of fun. Here you can see that they do enjoy themselves getting much pleasure from creating the costumes they are wearing and then role playing to get into their characters.
Luna. the lady in white and red, is playing a Japanese anime character and had managed to get a very authentic look, getting as near to the comic book drawings as possible.
I am sorry but I cant remember the names of Catwoman or the wonderful Blue hair girl but it was a pleasure to have them among us this evening as they each posed for sketches and photos.





With Donna outside


Vanessa and Frances

It was also pleasure to see Vanessa and Frances taking part as their alter egos Dr Violet Kettel and Dame Gertrude
Pricilla Blacke.
Lynn and Michaela also came in costumes that were popular with the photographers and artists.
It was a pleasure to have all the extra people at the meeting as it gave us much more of a buzz than we have been having lately.



Judith and Mica



We were also visited again by Melissa from Ireland and she was very appreciative of the club and gave a donation of £10 before she left. So thank you Melissa we are always glad to see you and enjoy your company.
Next week is a normal club week but the following week on the 13th of August we will definitely have Linda and Haley with us having now sorted out the mis-communication we had about the 23rd of July.
Then the week after that, on the 20th of August, we will hold an Asian dress theme evening so if any of you have such outfits this is your chance to give them an airing.
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