Wednesday the 30th of March 2016



Sonia & Pauline



This was a normal club evening with no special theme. People were amused to see these 18th birthday balloons hanging around the ceiling from a party that had been held here over the weekend. Sonia started playing with them to see how much they could lift and eventually tied one of them to her hair which it did manage to lift. It is not very easy to see in these pictures but was amusing at the time.



Alison & Joanne




It was good to see a few new people here this evening along with some others who only manage to get here very rarely because they come from such a long way away. ie places like Doncaster and Chesterfield which are a fair distance.

Judith & Sally

Heather & Lisa



Brenda & Diane







Debbie, shown above, on the left is now a regular visitor to Manchester as she is a Sparkle trustee and she has also started working as the DJ at Centre Stage in Bloom street, so we expect to see her quite often in the future.

Next week we will have Gill Springay with us along with Sydney Brook who Gill will make up before Sydney gives us some songs from her repertoire.



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