Wednesday the 5th of October 2016

Carole, Brenda & Sophie

This evening our committee member Carole brought along her friend Caroline who runs a skin care/beauty business in Sandbach, Cheshire.
Caroline gave a very interesting run down of many of the possible skin care processes that are available, most, but not all, of which she can provide.
She also has a laser machine that can be used for hair removal so she provides quite a full range of services.

After her talk she spent the rest of the evening answering many questions from the members present.

Her website is at if you would like to see the full range of treatments available.


Caroline, Joanna, Diane & Brenda

We were pleased to see Rosie and Jennifer join us again this evening after a long gap.
It appears that Jennifer's employer had made a number of people redundant and this had meant lots of extra work for the remaining employees.
Surprise surprise.

Diane, Brenda, Carole, Rosie and Jennifer

Lisa & Heather

Frances & Vanessa


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