Wednesday the 5th of November 2014

Paula & Millie

There was a little competition at the door when Paula came in, to see who had the shorter skirt.
It is a bit hard to tell because of the different leg lengths but I think Paula still wins.
It was good to see Joanne back with us after quite a long break. It appears she has been unwell but is now a lot better and raring to get out and about again.
Nikki, on the right of the picture has changed her wig and I had difficulty recognising her when I came to look at these pictures the following day.

Joanne, Michelle and Nikki


I was pleased to see Sky come in this evening as we haven't seen her since we were at NewYork NewYork. She is now living and working full time as Sky, working as a nurse looking after babies and really enjoys the privelege of being able to do this. You can see it in her eyes when she talks about it.
It was great to see Katie again as she only manages to get here at rare intervals. She brought along some more clothes to donate to the club.
Erica, who came to the club last week brought along some shoes this week to donate to the club and last week we agreed that she would bring some clothes and shoes along on the 26th of November and we will then hold a clothes sale so Katies clothes will be included in this event.



Helen, Heather and Gillian

Frances and Vanessa





Rebecca & Lola

Carole & Rachel


Next wednesday the 12th of November we had planned to have Linda and Haley with us but sadly Linda has damaged a ligament in her leg and at present is unable to drive. So we wish her a speedy recovery and hope we will be able to have her and Haley with again in the new year. Meanwhile the 12th will be a normal club evening.
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