Wednesday the 5th of August 2015

Paula & Paula

I take a lot of pictures for this blog but still dont understand how my camera works. These two pictures were taken using different settings on the camera wheel on the top.
For the one on the right the setting had got accidentally changed while the one on the left was using my normal setting.
They are both good pictures but the colour difference is very significant which makes it difficult to believe what you see. It leaves me very unsure which settings I should use normally.


Paula & Paula

Lynn, Judith & Mary

The picture on the left is another example of how cameras can lie. As a joke we decided to take this pictue with us standing in the order red/amber/green. Judith's jacket is actually quite a bright yellow but this is not showing up well here so it doesn't really work as we intended.
The three ladies in the picture on the right have been coming to the club for many months and are now firm friends. What is great is to see how their confidence has grown. I am sure that regular outings and encouragement of friends has helped them enormously.

Helen, Lisa & Heather




Linda, has been coming to the club for many year now and I am delighted to wish her many happy returns of the day as it was her 60th birthday today.


Iris & Clarissa


Maz, above left, came along for the first time this evening. She is a confident sociable person who it was a delight to welcome and we hope she can now make this a regular evening.
Both Iris and Clarissa in the middle are fairly new to us and it is a great to see them coming back to socialize.
Whitney has now joined Manchester Concord as well, as she comes over from Belgium on a fairly regular basis so will be able to visit us each time she comes here. Welcome Whitney, it is great for us to have members from other European countries and to hear what is happening where you are.

Linda, has now had to postpone her visit to us till the 19th as she cannot make it here next week on the 12th of August.
So the 12th will be a normal club evening.

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