Wednesday the 4th of May 2016


This evening was the 4th of May so we decided to celebrate the STAR WARS films with a theme of "MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU"
A small number of people took part but they made a real effort, so thanks to all concerned.

Sophie, Mary & Michaela










Nikki, Debbie & Claire

Tammy & Melanie

Claire, shown above in the middle, with her partner Nikki and Debbie, is one of the new Sparkle Trustees and was here this evening as part of her role helping to collect support for Sparkle from many of the businesses in the village.
Tammy, shown on the right along with Melanie, was here for her very first visit to the club and she was pleased to be able to relax with like minded people and feel comfortable with her new friends. She and Melanie found common ground to talk about and they both stayed the whole evening and joined a few of us in "The Molly House" afterwards.

Next week we are holding a computer advice evening so any members looking for some help in getting the best out of their laptops/notepads etc should bring them along and hopefully we will be able to help them.

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