Wednesday the 4th of June 2014

Linda and Haley

This week we had Linda and Haley come along selling make up and jewellery. Victoria was unfortunately not able to come with Linda this time, but her friend Haley came instead and she brought along a rack of dresses which are shown below with Vanessa. These were very colourful summer dresses and she did manage to sell a few.



Kristina, Lisa, Joanne, Millie and Mary



It was lovely to see Jane come in after a long gap, looking very well. She has recently had a hip replacement and is now enjoying a new pain free life. She is very active socially, meeting friends and going to concerts etc. It is great to see her looking so happy, get the most out of life as she gets older. I hope you keep it up for many years to come Jane.
On the right we have Michelle who has now decided to try to expand her social life by getting out more and meeting new people. To this end she has now joined Concord and plans to come along much more often, when she can.


Christine and Wendy

Cindy and Paula


Mel and Michaela

Judith, Genevieve and Millie


Michaela, shown above with Mel came along for the first time with her partner, and seemed to enjoy her evening having long chats with Mel and others. She says she wants to meet new people so this is the way to do it.
Mel has not been for some time and was lucky enough to win this weeks raffle.

Next week we will be welcoming the "COSPLAY" group with some of their artists so this should be a fun evening.

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