Wednesday the 3rd of March 2015


Carol, on the left, came along early in the evening after a gap of around a year because her life is so busy helping other people that she doesn't get much free time to herself. When she was here before I apparently put her picture up but with the wrong name, so please accept my appologies Carol, I think I have now got it right. I do hope you manage to get out a bit more often. Perhaps it is time you said no to people asking you to do things.
It is always a pleasure to see Paula come in through the door wearing a different outfit almost every time.
Tina suggested that perhaps we should have a competitive theme night one week to see who can wear a shorter dress than Paula. I think it would be quite difficult to win.



Linda, Judith and Carole


Julia & Tim


Tim's stockings

Lisa & Helen

We were visited by a new couple Andrea and Nate, who came along to introduce themselves, as they are interested in offering many services to transgender people like ourselves. They spoke to most of the members present and stayed much longer than they had planned so I think they enjoyed their evening.
They are going to return on the 8th of April when Andrea will give a "Style" presentation to help our members pick the right sort of outfits to make the best of themselves. I look forward to seeing this and I hope many people will come along and hear what she can tell us.
Lastly, we found a large handbag in the changing room last week belonging to Rebecca. Her card was inside plus some money.This is just to let her know that it is safely locked up in the cupboard and will be there for her to collect next time she comes.

Helen & Vanessa

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