Wednesday the 3rd of June 2015


I got into the club a litle bit late this evening as I had spent longer on my meal than I intended, but how could I fail to be cheered up when I almost bumped into this really bright outfit being sported by Paula. She never fails to amaze us so thanks Paula for being such a wonderful extrovert.
The other good news is that we now have a new lady looking after the bar for us each wednesday in the shape of Colleen shown here with me. She is going to do her best to be here each wednesday so lets hope she manages to stay with us. Welcome Colleen and thanks to Mary at Villaggios for making the effort to find you.

Colleen & Mary

Jade & Elaine


I had met Elaine and Jade earlier in the evening when I went up to Taurus to see what was going to happen about the changing facility up there. Elaine is one of our original members helping to start up Manchester Concord but has recently backed away from the transgender scene as other interests in her life took precedence. I was delighted to see her again and she also told me that she would be along to the club later bringing a potential new member, Jane, with her.
They duly arrived soon after 8pm and new girl Jane went up straight away to get changed.
It was also great to see Jade again as she used to be a regular at Concord and was proud to be our first born female member of the club. She tells me that her life is now more settled and she is happier for it. Welcome back to you both, I hope this is the first of many visits.
Jane thoroughly enjoyed her visit and sent me a letter of thanks afterwards as a token of her appreciation.




Angelina, Heather, Mica, Judith & Carole

Lynn & Heather

Pauline, Sonia & Vanessa

Chloe, Yvonne & Kelly

Denise & Angelina


Judith & Carole

Penny & Genevieve


This was an excellent week at the club with more people attending and staying, which greatly improves the atmosphere, so thanks to all those who came along.
Next week we will have Linda with us selling wigs at very reasonable prices, plus jewellery, make up, etc so I hope many of you will come along to see her to make the most of what she has available.
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