Wednesday the 3rd of December 2014

Karen, Penny, Katie & Joan

This evening we had a visit by Penny and Katie from the "LASER HAIR REMOVAL CENTRE" in Bolton. Penny, who owns the clinic stood up and gave a very interesting short talk on the pros and cons of Laser hair removal which was well received by the members present.
She was asked a lot of questions and was able to give good answers but she did emphasise that lasers do only work on hair with colour in it, so if you are going grey you stand little chance of getting rid of all your unwanted hair. To get rid of grey hair you will need to use electrolysis and for this you need a very competent person.


It was lovely to have Joan with us again this evening as she can only rarely get here now. She also brought along Karen as a first time visitor and she enjoyed the evening and has promised to return very soon.



It was good to see Danielle return again as she came last week for the first time and a quick return is a good sign that she enjoyed her visit.
She and Carole seemed to hit it off as they spent much of the evening talking together. I love it when people make the effort to circulate among different people so that they get to know more friends at the club.
Danielle comes along with a male friend who is very supportive and this does help people very much as they are coming out.

Joanne, Helen & Heather

Paula & Genevieve

Lynn & Lisa



Millie, shown here, is a very loyal member of the club, who comes along almost every week and gives her time freely to looking after the door and taking the money. We all owe her a debt of gratitude for the willing effort she has put in for so many years now.
Thanks Millie your loyalty is greatly appreciated.
Next week the 10th of December we will hold our Christmas Buffet so I hope to see many of you with us then.
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