Wednesday the 3rd of August 2016


The two shown here, Paula and Tina, are among some of our most loyal members.
Paula has probably attended more meetings than I have and most weeks she is out there also sampling various eating or entertainment places around this area and writing a report of her visit into our forum.
Our Forum is not much used these days but if you click onto it and then look for Paulas reports you will see how many she has written. They are all entertaining so I do recommend that you go and have a look at them. You dont need to be a member to read them.

Tina has been on our committee from the start and is available most weeks at the club helping to take the door money, but also dispensing Legal advice which she is always willing to do while she is there.



Joan, Fay & Sarah



We had a quiet time this week after the much busier time we had at my party last week. But it was very good to welcome Kaily as a newcomer. She is living in Manchester now but originates from Portugal. She was not ready to be photographed yet so I have not included her here but I hope she continues to come as she added a lively spice to our evening.
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