Wednesday the 30th of December 2015


It was very pleasing to see Lisa come back into the club after a long absence. We miss her. She came every week for many years but earlier this year she enjoyed a visit to Canada for a family wedding and this broke the spell of coming out every week on wednesdays. She tells me that she still gets out on weekends but wednesdays are harder so we will only see her occasionally now.
It was a pleasure to welcome back Claire again with her new partner Paula, I hope I have got her name right.
Claire is one of the new Sparkle Trustees and she is already proving her worth by getting involved with the necessary finances of Sparkle. Thanks Claire it is a pleasure to work with you.

Paula & Claire


Nikki, Sarah & Rachel



That is it for another year. We had hoped that perhaps more people would come out in the break between Christmas and new year, but as this was the day before New Year's Eve maybe people were planning to come out tomorrow evening instead.
We still had an enjoyable evening even with fewer numbers.
Next week, to start the new year off we are holding a "Pantomime" theme evening as we did last year so I hope to see you there.

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