Wednesday the 2nd of March 2016

Dolores, Michaela, Caitlin, Mary & Lynn

This evening we had a yellow dress theme and a few people managed to fit the bill.
I was very pleased to see that Caitlin came along in a full yellow dress with a collection box for the Macmillan nurses along with their daffodil badges. Thanks Caitlin, that was a good idea.

Caitlin, Diane. Carole, Lisa & Whitney






Diane & Carole



Tina, Lynn, Dolores, Pauline, Michaela & Frances

I am still recovering from the cold I got after I came back from my holiday, so it is difficult for me to keep up my energy level, but it is good to see people enjoying meeting like minded friends and being themselves.
I was really pleased to see Whitney, our member from Belgium, on her monthly visit to the UK making the effort to keep with us. Thanks Whitney we appreciate your support.
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