Wednesday the 2nd of July 2014

Jane, Melanie and Melanie

Very early in the evening I was pleased to welcome Melanie, shown in the middle of the picture on the left. She is now a rare visitor as she has moved back to her roots in Liverpool from Manchester.
She had brought a friend with her, also called Melanie, shown in the picture along with Jane.
It was her friends first visit so I hope we see her again soon.

Tina, Paula, Paula and Millie


As we are now in the warmest time of the year Tina decided to give this backless outfit an airing

And Michaela did the same thing with this off the shoulder number.





Lisa and Paula

Judith and Rachel


Nikki and Hannah

Nikki and Hannah both came to the Ladyboys show last week and here they are together again chatting like old friends.

We will have a normal get together next week and then after that is the Sparkle weekend when we hope to meet up with many people from across the country and abroad, so I hope to see many of you there on the Saturday AND the Sunday.
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