Wednesday the 29th of July 2015


We had planned to have Datsa, a make up artist, with us this evening, but unfortunately she could not make it, so we just had to amuse ourselves, which we manage to do pretty well most wednesday evenings.
Everyone who comes along to the club has their own ideas about what to wear and this blog tries to show a good range.
These two ladies always manage to look smart and elegant and could go anywhere and not feel out of place.
I am always impressed with the effort they make to look the part, which is why I have put them here first, they deserve it.


Amber, Amy and Shannon


Amber came along this week after a very long gap, bringing Shannon with her on her first visit, so thank you Amber, it is always good to see members return, especially when they bring someone new as well.
Amy is also fairly new to us but is already becoming a regular member, which is great as she is very sociable and good at getting other people to talk.
It was great to see Cathryn come in with a friend as she has been with the club a long time but we only see her occasionally.
I managed to catch Paula for this picture just as she was leaving for another wednesday night adventure.
If you want to know what she gets up to some of the time, then have a look at her restaurant critiques on our forum, they are always amusing and show just how many eating places there are that welcome girls like us.


Cathryn, Friend & Paula



General view

Genevieve & Joanna

Nikki & Hannah

Tina & Frances

Clarissa, Genevieve, Joanna & Lynn

Next wednesday will be a normal club evening and the following one, on the 12th of August we will have Linda with us again selling her wares. Wigs, jewellery etc.
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