Wednesday the 28th of September 2016

Mary & Paula

This evening was designated as POSH FROCKS NIGHT. so I thought I would surprise everyone by wearing a long dress.
I hadn't realised how long it was until it was suggested that Paula and I should be photographed together just to show the contrast to her normal skirt length, which is not much different from my normal length of skirt.
I hope my dress was Posh enough and Michaela's on the right certainly was.




Judith & Lynn

Group photo


Hannah & Nikki

Helen, Lisa & Heather

This proved to be quite a successful theme evening with many posh frocks making an appearance.
For Lisa, in the middle of the photo on the left, it is a very special day as she went to work for the first time as Lisa and had a good day. Congratulations Lisa long may it continue.
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