Wednesday the 28th of May 2014


Linda, Frances, Judith and Lynn




This was a normal club week with nothing special arranged so here are a few pictures of regular club members and on the left, Nikita who came for the first time this evening. I think she enjoyed her evening and hope she will be back very soon. ( I hope I have got her name right.)
Below Genevieve tried on two different outfits and also wished to highlight the new red shoes she was wearing.




The two ladies on the right and left above both gave me their names but I am sorry to say I have mislaid the notebook I used and have now forgotten them. I do apologise.
I got a chance to have a long chat with Amanda, in the middle and we found we had a lot in common from working in the IT industry.


Paula and Lisa


Sue Cee

Sue came in later in the evening and asked if we could have a chat. It appears that she has now done quite a lot of dress designing and making and has already put on a fashion show where she comes from. She wanted to know if we would like to have a fashion show here using our members as models. I said certainly, that would be a great idea so she is going to come back to me to fix a date later in the summer.

It should be fun, I look forward to that evening.

Meanwhile, next week we will have Linda and victoria with us again selling their wigs, jewellery and make up so if there is anything you need in those lines do come along and take advantage of their expertese and prices.

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