Wednesday the 27th of May 2015

Judith & Mica

It is always good to see Mica and Judith come in together as they are such good friends. Judith is not really that tall, but this photo with Mica does rather show up the difference between the two of them. The one with Genevieve makes you realise that Mica is quite tiny. We are all a little jealous of her as it is much easier to pass when you are her size.
I was pleased to see Tanni come in this evening along with Christine, as we haven't seen her for many months now. It appears that life has been catching up with her so she just hasn't had the opportunity to get here. I hope things get easier for her and she gets out more.
It was also good to see Bev, in the picture below, who tells me that she came along in response to my email to the members asking how they could support us better as our numbers have been dropping lately. Thanks Bev, you always manage to be good company to all around you.

Genevieve & Judith

Christine & Tanni


Bev, Frances & Vanessa




Heather with coat

Helen & Lisa

Heather without coat


Roli came in this evening after having been out shopping for dresses, as she does. She was very pleased with what she had managed to find, so here she is, shown in what she had already decided to wear and then what she bought today. It is a very expensive dress that had been reduced significantly so she got a bargain.
When I asked Heather if she would like a picture, she said did I want it with or without her coat, so we decided to take two pics. She looks good either way and is now very confident when she goes out into the wide world.





Michaela, only came along this evening at the last minute as she had been expecting to have to do something else, so this dress is just the first thing she could quickly lay her hands on. Not bad for an impulse visit, she should be pleased with it.
It is only when I look at the picture of myself that I realised how odd it looks with me standing like that. My tights are actually half red and half black but does look odd from this angle.
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