Wednesday the 27th of April 2016


This week it was good to meet Jenni, who came along to the club for the first time, feeling a bit nervous, but very quickly felt at home.
She met Fay this evening who had only been a couple of times before and they got talking and later on went for a walk round the village together just for the experience.
They came back later on as Fay had to go early to be ready for work in the morning but Jenni stayed on and we had an enjoyable chat till the end of the evening.

Jenni and Fay


Lynn, Paula, Danni and Paula

Danni, shown here on the left with Lynn and the two Paulas used to be a very regular attender at the club so it was good to see her back here again having arranged to have a night out with Paula on the right of the picture.

Gillian on the right only gets out very rarely now but she managed to come out this evening to meet up with Kerry, so welcome to you both.


Kerry & Gillian




Helen, Heather & Lisa

For various reasons the group of girls on the left have not managed to be here all at the same time for some weeks, so it was good to seem them together again as they have become good friends since they met here at the club quite some time ago now.

Next week we will be holding a "STAR WARS" theme evening, which is something we have not done before, so it will be interesting to see who will appear.

I hope to see you there.

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