Wednesday the 26th of November 2014


This evening we had a clothes sale arranged by Erica to help raise a bit of money for the club.
We also added some clothes and shoes that had been donated on previous occasions.
A few items were sold but not enough to really justify the effort involved. Our thanks go to Erica for her help and enthusiasm but I am sorry that the response does not justify the effort.
We also had Gill Springay with us again after a long gap while she was busy with other things. It was good to see her back, full of her usual enthusiasm. She has now arranged to visit us about every 6 weeks so we will see her again early in the new year.


Gill and Nicky


Gill, Helen and Heather


Erica, Linda & Millie

Judith & Rachel

Carole & Ruby




Carole, Hannah & Rachel


Lisa, Paula & Lynn


All in all, another good evening with many of us looking forward to having our Christmas meal together downstairs on Saturday evening.
Below I have included several photos taken on Saturday. I am sorry some of them are a bit dark. I have not included names with the pictures so I leave it up to you to identify who they all are.
We had 22 of us sitting down for the meal. Unfortunately Rachel and her friend Ann were unwell so were unable to attend. I hope they are now fully recovered.






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