Wednesday the 26th of August 2015


Judith, Lisa & Heather



The weather this evening was pretty miserable but we still managed to have an ejoyable evening with good company.
It is good to see Whitney, our member from Belgium , becoming a regular visitor to Manchester and we were pleased to see Tina and her partner return again to go to the Pride weekend, having last been here at Sparkle.
We haven't seen Joanne for a while but here she is again looking as good as ever.



Milli & Mary

Roli and Paula

Ami & Ami

I think I owe an apology to Roli as I appear to have taken her with her eyes shut. I will be more careful in future.
It was good to see the two Ami's back together here again after Ami in pink is recovering from a serious eye operation and she seems to be making very good progress.
While talking to her she told me about a new service that is available over the internet for transsexuals called I dont normally offer any information in this field but having had a look at this website it does seem to be offering a very useful service for people that need it as many do have difficulty finding a local doctor that has the relevant knowledge to help them.

Next wednesday the 2nd of September we are holding another "Open Mike" evening so we hope more people will be able to contribute.

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