Wednesday the 25th of May 2016


This week we had a quiz organised by Emma with her usual flair with five teams of people taking part.
We also had a visit from Leighanne, shown here on the right. Leighanne is a Fashion Styling and Wardrobe Consultant who came along to introduce herself and offer her services for anyone of our members who are interested. She left us some cards and will also come along again at a later date to show what she can do for us.
She was persuaded to stay and take part in the quiz and finished up part of the winning team so really enjoyed her evening.


The winning Team



Melanie, Roli & Leighanne


Irene, Rebecca & Joanna

Frances & Bev

Mica, Judith, Friend & Carole


Frances and Bev took part in the quiz along with a new girl who did not yet want to be included in the photo, so I left her out.

Michaela, came along after the quiz had started so she took part on her own and finished up in second place which was good going as it had such a range of questions.




Sarah and Faye

I would like to thank Emma for laying on an enjoyable quiz. Activities like this gives a good opportunity for people to get talking about different things and enables them to relax with people they do not usually sit with. It created a buzz or conversation that continued well after the quiz was over.

Next week we will hold a RED DRESS theme evening.

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