Wednesday the 25th of March 2015



This week we held our Annual General Meeting, which we try to do on the last meeting before the end of each year.
The club started at the beginning of April 2008 so we are now just starting our 7th year.
Frances has been our secretary since we began but has now decided that she needs a break, so has resigned from the committe this evening. I would like to thank her very much for her support during all that time and the club gave her a bottle of wine as a small thank you for all her efforts.
She leaves a space on the committee and Carole, shown in the middle of the picture on the right, has agreed to join us, so welcome Carole, we look forward to working with you to help keep the club an enjoyable place to meet our friends. We will decide at our next committee meeting who takes on the role of Secretary.

Diane, Brenda, Carole, Judith & Bev

Lynn, presented our account for the year, which were accepted after some debate and I would like to thank Ruth, for once again carrying out the audit of them. She has told me that she has decided to stop doing this kind of work so next year we will have to find someone else to carry out this function.
I presented a summary list of all the special evenings we have organised over the last year and was pleasantly surprised to find that we have had something arranged for a bit over half our regular meetings. The meeting felt that this was a reasonable percentage so we will continue to try to keep going as we are.

Hannah, Kate, Milli & Helen

Irene and Lynn

Lynn, our treasurer, is an active member of the trans community, attending many other events througout the year. We started this AGM later that originally planned because she was also attending a meeting, on behalf of Manchester Concord, at the LGF which is soon to be renamed the LGBT Foundation to further include Trans people in their remit. She is an active member of the committee advising the LGF on what their role could be.
Shown with Lynn on the left is Irene, who came for the second time this evening and has now joined the club. So welcome Irene it is good to have you with us.

Helen and Mary




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