Wednesday the 25th of June 2014


The theme we had set for this week's meeting was "MIDSUMMER MADNESS" so we had no idea what to expect..
These two large photos give a good idea of what we got.
It was certainly a bit of fun and added significant colour to our evening.

I think Michaela takes the biscuit with her yellow shorts, stripey top and sunglasses.












Nancy, Jennifer, Rosie, Milli and Lynn


Debbie, Denise and Amy


Genevieve, Linda, Vanessa, Frances, Tina and Millie




Nancy and Dee

Nancy, shown here with Dee had come along for the first time this evening and immediately joined the club, so welcome Nancy.
She had been talking with Dee on the internet who later came in to meet her and then took her out for a first tour of the village.
Tina, on the right, was happily showing off lots of bling this evening so a close up picture was called for.

Later that evening, as we were leaving we came across some leaflet vouchers for half price tickets to see the Ladyboys show in Manchester which had its last night on saturday.



A few of us were talking about it later on in Paddy's Goose and Nikki and I decided that we would go to the last show on saturday evening.
The following day I went online and booked two seats for the show, but as I was doing this I could see that there were still 8 seats available on the next table along.
I therefore decided to email all the club members to see if anyone else would like to join us and very quickly got replies asking for exactly 8 tickets so I bought these as well to make up a party of 10 people going to the show.
We met up around 7 pm on the saturday at Villaggio's where 7 of us had a meal and waited for the other three who came along later. We then all walked up to the venue in Oxford road as it was near enough not to be worth taking cars.
It was a very enjoyable evening and below I have included a few pictures.




The first two are at Villaggio's followed by three taken at the show, with the finale on the right but it does not photograph well.
Finally the one at the bottom is taken on the stage with 4 of the ladyboys.

The next two weeks are normal club nights leading up to the Sparkle weekend, after which we have some more special nights. See Coming Events on this website.

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