Wednesday the 25th of January 2017


This week we held a quiz with Roli, shown here on the left as the Quiz Mistress. It also happened to be Burns night so we added to the evening by making it a Scottish theme, which was well supported by quite a few members, as can be seen here.

Roli gave us an interesting quiz involving various puzzles, called Dingbats, some very obscure words which we had to give the meanings of and twenty general knowledge questions.

It was interesting and gave us plenty to talk about.

The winning team, shown below, managed to do well because one of their members speaks portuguese, which is a latin based language, and this helped with the meanings of several of the words we didn't know.

Roli, Judith & Lynn

Megan, Zoe, Heather & Lisa

Winning Team

Gina, Vanessa & Gabrielle

Carole, Judith, Mica & Rachel

Roli & Lynn




Carole & Rachel





Vanessa & Gabrielle

It was only when I took this photo of Vanessa & Gabriella that I realised there was something wrong with my cellphone camera. The original photo had a bluish glow coming in from the left hand side and Vanessa suggested that it may be an effect from the external camera case affecting the flash. So I removed the case and then this picture came out much better.

You can see the effect on some of the earlier picture above so I was glad to have solved the problem.

Next week is a normal club week followed by an Open Mike evening the week after on the 8th of February, organised by Vanessa.

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