Wednesday the 25th of February 2015

This week we had Gill Springay with us doing a make up demonstration using Heather as a model.
She had suggested that it would be interesting if one of our members followed the demo as it was going on by doing the make up of another volunteer, but no one seemed willing to give this a go so we went ahead without this extra activity.

Demo in progress

Heather and Gill

Gill and Heather

We had quite a large audience who watched the demo with great interest. I took these final pictures at the end. We were all very impressed and Heather was very pleased with the result. I did take some more pictures of the audience but I am sorry to say that I had made a mistake with my camera and they all came out too dark to be worth showing so they are not here.
Later on Gill also did Layla's make up and here she is below.
Our thanks go to Gill for doing an excellent demo and we hope to see her here again sometime in April.


Cathryn and Paula



Cathryn, above with Paula, is a rare visitor these days so it was great to see her again and have a long chat. She is happy with her compromise lifestyle enjoying the rewards of her family life.
I was delighted to see Chloe with us again after another long break and she tells me that she has resigned from the arduous duties she had taken on so hopefully we will now see more of her. She has agreed to do at least another year on our committee.
Michaela was wearing yet another new outfit and she was pleased with the flare at the back although I dont think I have shown it very well.



Julie, Lynn and Rachel




It was good to see Julie with us again although it is sad that her reason for visiting Manchester now is her mother's ill health. Even so we may see her more often in the future as she comes to visit her mother in her new home.
Rachel, shown above is self employed and finds it difficult to get here very often as work keeps getting in the way. She told me that in order to get here today, she turned off her mobile phone in the morning and just enjoyed herself getting ready. Even so, she had to return home reasonably early as she has work to do in the morning. It makes me very pleased to now be retired, without this pressure.
Tia-Anna, runs a monthly group at the LGF for transgender people on the Autistic Spectrum, so she called in after the end of their meeting. If anyone would like to get in touch with her then please email me and I will forward your letter on to her.




Brenda, Diane, Tia-Anna, Gill, Carole & Hannah




At the end of the evening Paula, above, came in, having been round many of the bars in the village. She asked me if I would take her picture and we decided to do it with her coat on, to be different.
Seeing this, Hannah then asked for the same thing and then the group of people above joined in so here they all are ready to venture out into the cold.
Genevieve and I are just here to end this blog with pictures.


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