Wednesday the 23rd of March 2016

Judith, Lynn & Mary

This evening had been advertised as an Easter Bonnets theme night, but either the message didn't get out or nobody has a bonnet any more as these three were the only ones that appeared. No matter, we enjoyed wearing them.

Frances & Paula

Helen & Heather




On thursday evening Lynn and I attended the first National Transgender Awards ceremony at the Palace Hotel that had been organised by The Sparkle Charity.
Manchester Concord had been nominated for the Group award but it was very justifiably won by Mermaids who do a fantastic job helping young Transgender people.

I took a picture of Paula, who was there, to show you all that she does sometimes wear something long. Likewise myself taken with Devon who later sent me this picture.

Next week the 30th of March we will be holding our AGM

Mary & Devon

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