Wednesday the 23rd of July 2014

Alice and Kirsty

This week we were meant to have Linda and Victoria with us but due to a miscommunication they didn't appear. No matter they will be with us again on the 3rd of September.
On the left we have Alice, who comes from the south coast and was up here on a visit to her dressmaker. This was her first visit to Concord and she assures me that it wont be her last.
Shown with her is Kirsty, from Norway, who came for the first time a few weeks ago and is now back in the region again, on her canal boat for a few weeks. This time she dressed at the club but next time she tells me she is going to get dressed on her barge and venture out as Kirsty. She should have no problems with that.
On the right we have Joanne, who was also a first timer this evening but she was very impressed with the club and is now a member.


Mary and Roli

This really was the hottest evening we have had here at the club for several years so cool clothing was called for and here are a few examples.
Tina's dress was mostly backless as was Millie's.
All the others were in summer outfits, so, with the windows open it wasn't too bad here in the upstairs bar.


Tim, Danni and Julia




Judith and Lynn


Frances, Judith and Lynn






Tim was so impressed with my Summer outfit that she decided to take another photo of me on my own and I cant resist showing it again.

Next week we will have people from COSPLAY here with us again so it should be another enjoyable evening and some people will get more sketches done that they can take home.

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