Wednesday the 23rd of December 2015

Brenda, Diane, Carole, Roli & Rachel

Two days before Christmas and here we have people enjoying themselves. I really would like to thank all the loyal members who come along to the club as often as they can and continue to enjoy each others company in this way.
Judith had been shopping recently and come up with this fabulous outfit at a bargain price, which made her very happy. I can see why.
Paula, one of our most loyal members, looking as glamorous as ever, along with Rachael who came along for the first time this evening looking just as fab. Welcome Rachael, I hope we see a lot more of you in the future.


Paula & Rachael

Lynn & Frances




Damsel & Dominique

Milli & Julia

Julia & Mary

Judy & Pamela

It was great to welcome back Damsel, Dominique and Julia who are all long term members of the club but can only rarely get here.
An even bigger surprise for me was to meet Judy, shown here with her "New" husband, Pamela. They have been together for many years now but she tells me they finally got married only a few weeks ago, so congratulations to you both.
Judy used to live in Manchester but has now moved south. She was dressmaker to many Concord girls, including myself for several years so we missed her when she moved away. It was great to see you again and she has invited me to visit them in the near future.
The club is meeting on the 30th of Dec so I hope to see some of you there.

Judy's fabulous coat

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